Get smart - iPhone apps for lawyers - Sep 2011


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Get smart - iPhone apps for lawyers - Sep 2011

  1. 1. iPhone Basics How did you get that image?
  2. 2. Folders?Folders?How???
  3. 3. Closing Apps
  4. 4. Mobile Enhanced Websites
  5. 5. QR Scanners
  6. 6. Hawaii DCCA
  7. 7. Casemaker
  8. 8. Westlaw Next
  9. 9. LEXISYou need a subscription, but thisis an APP rather than a mobileenhanced site.
  10. 10. Productivity Apps
  11. 11. Dropbox Get a free account on and take your files with you.
  12. 12. Evernote Remember everything. Similar to Dropbox; access these items from any computer or mobile device. Clip web pages; Store pdfs; Photos; Add tags
  13. 13. PomodoroTime Management. $2.99,but worth it if you have ADDor are often interrupted.Each pomodoro (a unit ofwork based on a tomatotimer) is made up of 25minutes of focused work and5 minutes of rest. Every 4pomodoros, you take alonger break of 15 minutes.
  14. 14. iPunchclockTrack Work/Project Time ($4.99)• Assign to particular matters/clients• Export as a spreadsheet, report, summary, current task• Preview, Email, Google, Print, Air Server
  15. 15. Court DaysReminder for upcoming court dates.($0.99)• Includes a preset for Hawaii Courts• Insert customized court holidays• Email the list of dates
  16. 16. Documents to GoEdit MS Office documents onyour iPhone ($9.99 & $14.99)• Truly an AWESOME app for editing Word, Excel, Powerpoint docs• Includes a desktop application that syncs your files• Edit files from Google Docs, Dropbox,, iDisk or SugarSync• View and edit email attachments
  17. 17. Dragon DictationProductivity. FREE Click here to Click here to bring up the bring up this• If you can talk, you can type. keyboard. menu.
  18. 18. Legal PadLegalPad is a quick, persistent, note-taking utility for attorneys.
  19. 19. Square2.75% per swipe for all cardsOne simple rate, including AmericanExpress.Next-day payoutAutomatic direct deposits to your bankaccount.Free reader, free appFor iPhone, iPad and Android.
  20. 20. Check ListsCreate a check list for anything.• Duplicate lists• Email the list• Sort the list A-Z• Make Master Lists and duplicate them
  21. 21. Days Until. . . Days Since
  22. 22. Legal Research Apps
  23. 23. Black’s Law $54.99
  24. 24. NOLO LawDictionary
  25. 25. The
  26. 26. The Free DictionaryIncludes pronunciations andLatin terms.
  27. 27. U.S. Constitution
  28. 28. U.S. Codeby Prof. Shawn BayernIt is a memory hog.
  29. 29. Fed. R. Civ. Pro. This one is Free.Cliff Maier of WaffleTurtle Softwarehas written several iPhone apps thatgive you the text of commonly usedparts of the U.S. Code and the FRCP.This is NOT one of his apps. His FRCPapp costs about $3.00 and he hasseveral other apps as well.
  30. 30. Fed. R. Evidence
  31. 31. PocketJusticeU.S. Supreme Court DecisionsPocketJustice is one of the best appsavailable as an informative referenceto a history of well-documented courtcases. It includes all of the 5 Ws (who,what, when, where, why), oralarguments, court opinions, pictures,and anything else of relevance in therespective court cases. Its interface isvery well organized and interactive.
  32. 32. Law LibeLawLibe is a free app that comespreloaded with the U.S. Constitution.Then you can download additionallegal content directly into the app,including the U.S. Code, Code ofFederal Regulations, State Statutes,the Manual of Patent ExaminingProcedure for a price.
  33. 33. Law StackLawstack serves as your legal historybook. It includes accessible documentssuch as the U.S. Constitution and theFederal Rules of Criminal Procedure, but italso allows you to download and embedother documents and access themthrough this application.
  34. 34. ABA Journal
  35. 35. Travel Apps
  36. 36. Trip AdvisorReviews and advice on hotels, resorts,flights, vacation rentals, vacationpackages, travel guides, etc. Also has awebsite:
  37. 37. Trip ItAll your travel arrangements inone place, plus maps!If you give it your emailaddress, it will monitor for anyconfirmation emails.
  38. 38. Airport Status
  39. 39. iParkingCan’t remember whereyou parked?Set a pin when you doand this app will get youthere when you return.
  40. 40. Gate Guru
  41. 41. FlightAwareTrack flights in real time.
  42. 42. Point InsideMaps of airport terminals.A real lifesaver when you have tochange terminals and don’t know theairport.
  43. 43. Sit or SquatFind bathroomswherever you are.
  44. 44. Taxi MagicGet a cab wherever you are.
  45. 45. Find the speed traps! Great on the mainland. But it can be a battery drain.
  46. 46. Quake Feed
  47. 47. Earthquake
  48. 48. Quakes
  49. 49. Music/Radio Apps
  50. 50. SoundHoundIt even identifies a song by humming.
  51. 51. StitcherPodcasts without going intoiTunes.My favs: Bits: Tech Talk (NY Times) The Moth Podcast Fresh Air This American Life
  52. 52. Pandora RadioThe music genome – let it findmusic for you based onsomething you like.
  53. 53. Fitness Apps
  54. 54. iMapMy…•Run•Walk•Ride•FitnessTrack your fitness; map yourworkouts, find routes,calculate the pace.
  55. 55. EndomondoSpeed and distance tracking
  56. 56.• Find health articles;• Find races;• Register for races.
  57. 57. Make your front door on a Smart Phone.
  58. 58. MacRobertsScottish firmIncludes a lot of information on humanresources law.
  59. 59. Suite 450
  60. 60. Linehan
  61. 61. Buchanan Law
  62. 62. Ongur & Ergan
  63. 63.
  64. 64. Questions?Roberta
  65. 65. West CLE
  66. 66. LinkedIn