Psy301 uf children and violence - m8 a2


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Psy301 uf children and violence - m8 a2

  1. 1. Running head: FINAL PROJECT – WEEK 8 Final Project – Week 8 Roberta Simpkin PSY301 UF - Children and Violence Argosy University Dr. Kimberly Harlan
  2. 2. FinalA group of parents decided it was time to change their community. They were tired ofgang wars, of drug peddling, and violence in the area. The parents realized no one wasgoing to change the neighborhood for them and they needed to make the effort. Theybegan to have weekly meetings and invited other parents in the area to attend. One parentsuggested that everyone invest a few dollars to invite a community intervention specialistto speak to them about developing a plan to make their neighborhood safe (ArgosyUniversity, 2011).Prepare a presentation for parents, providing pertinent information on how they mightbegin to make the necessary changes in their community. Suggest intervention programsfor parents as well as children. Address how parents can work together to improve thecommunity and how children can be encouraged to join also to improve the area. Explorethe issues of gender, diversity, and ethics in your presentation (Argosy University, 2011).
  3. 3. Final Presentation To Parents On Combating Violence in the NeighborhoodLadies and Gentlemen: Today I would like to present to you a program on how you can make somechanges in your neighborhood. There is a prevalence of violence today with gang wars,drug peddling, and other unsafe practices and it is destroying our neighborhoods. We arenot comfortable walking in our own town. You have asked me to show you how you canbegin to make the necessary changes in your community. There are many psychologicaleffects stemming from community violence but let’s examine the relatedpsychoeducational and intervention strategies that are available to us (Argosy University,2011). To begin, I would suggest that in order to have an effective intervention program,the following strategies should be used. You need to involve the schools, the community,the parents, educators, administrators, healthcare professionals, and the children in orderto change behaviors. These strategies should also include open dialog about violence andits consequences, writing workshops, and frequent parent-teacher meetings. Thenmeasures should be put in place to begin a violence prevention program with the schoolsand the community in developing and performing violence prevention and response plans(Argosy University, 2011).
  4. 4. Final By coming together as a community, you will be able to share in the betterment ofyour lives and that of your community as a whole. Violence in the community threatensthe shared enjoyment you have and leaves everyone feeling frightened and isolated(Argosy University, 2011). You need to keep the lines of communication among yourselves and give eachother support. Next we need to enroll everyone in your community intervention programto develop the necessary skills to protect you from victimization. The interventionstrategies that could be used would include developing self-esteem and confidence inhandling situations that you will encounter every day. You need to be confident enoughto effectively manage the situation without resorting to violence. An added feature wouldbe to enroll in a self-defense class where you can develop self-protective skills (ArgosyUniversity, 2011). We need to foster resiliency as part of the community-intervention plan. To fosterresilience, you need to encourage learning and participation in extracurricular activities,teach communication, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, get the communityinvolved, and develop a sense of positive self worth (Argosy University, 2011). The community-intervention plan would be for all ages, both genders, and alldiverse groups. There are no gender differences in instances of violence (ArgosyUniversity, 2011).
  5. 5. Final I would stress that everyone have the knowledge, understanding, and training forthe different genders, diversities, and ethnicities in order to effectively deliver a fairnessin diversity and ethics to establish an effective plan with violence (Argosy University,2011). We are the greatest nation in the world, yet the United States has the highest rateof violence with community violence, homicide, suicide, and firearm-related deathsamong all the industrialized countries (Argosy University, 2011). We need to take action now. Thank you and I hope this presentation has beenbeneficial and helpful to you.
  6. 6. Final ReferenceArgosy University (2011). PSY301 UF: Children and Violence: Module 8 Online Lecture, Retrieved on February 28, 2011 from: