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Amateur Rocket Construction


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This is a quick DIY tutorial on amateur rocket construction. This rocket is built and flown for my Level II N.A.R. certification.

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Amateur Rocket Construction

  1. 1. Rocket Construction By Robert Barnes
  2. 2. My FUN Hobby!
  3. 3. This is a very quick tutorial documenting the construction of my Level II rocket for N.A.R. certification.
  4. 4. In the Beginning…
  5. 5. After planning, the real work starts at a friends machine shop.
  6. 6. A CNC mill is used to cut the aft centering ring from ¾” oak.
  7. 7. I cut a 5.5° taper on the centering ring.
  8. 8. The motor tube, aft centering ring and motor retainer are tested for proper fit.
  9. 9. The lower airframe is now tested for proper fit.
  10. 10. The fin slots are now widened 0.010” to allow the fins to fit inside the airframe.
  11. 11. The recovery harness attachment point is installed and proper fit is verified.
  12. 12. This CAD screenshot shows the location of epoxy fillets inside the airframe.
  13. 13. The first fin is now aligned.
  14. 14. The forward fins are aligned from the rear fins and the right angle aluminum channel.
  15. 15. Tape is applied to prepare for the external epoxy fillets.
  16. 16. It now looks like a rocket!
  17. 17. My Greyhound is curious about the smell of primer.
  18. 18. After I pass the written test, the rocket will then be inspected for safety and build quality.
  19. 19. My rocket looks natural in the sky!