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Discover the path to mastery


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Robert Van de Walle is a charismatic & legendary sportsman (8th Dan Judo)
took part in 5 Olympic games, where he won gold & bronze, as well as many European & world Championship medals. Worldwide ambassador for judo as a sport and as a philosophy, involved in its social responsibility by promoting the values of martial arts. Head of Mission for the Belgian Team at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 contributed in many articles, workshops and documentaries.

He created in 1995 the Resourcement Centre, with a special an unique concept: "The Path to Mastery". Since 25 years coach and mentor for people, teams and organizations who aim at high performance whilst maintaining the energy in balance.

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Discover the path to mastery

  1. 1. DISCOVER THE PATH TO MASTERY© The Spirit to Win The Pursuit of Excellence Strong Partnerships Keep body & mind in balance Inspirational & motivational coaching for individuals, teams and leaders. 1 1
  2. 2. THE PATH TO MASTERY- What, why, how ? How to add quality to life and work? Parallel to top performance at Olympic level, mindsets and behaviour can make the difference. Engaging on the Path to Mastery means doing things better tomorrow than today. Mastery is a process of continuous improvement, where the journey is as important as the destination. Discover the Path to Mastery. What ? More than a training, this programme is a holistic experience, a refreshing event for heart, body and soul. Participants embrace this opportunity for growth because they can see the meaning and gain insights on how they can add quality to life and work. Why ? Because winning spirit, passion for excellence and strong partnerships are key success factors for organisations today. Because people will unleash their full potential of body, mind, and competencies. How ? By channelling the energy within yourself, in your team and organisation towards efficiency and convert it into a way of being and a way of doing. The format and unique working method (experiencing rather than understanding, using simple and hands-on principles) create a strong and long lasting impact. 2
  3. 3. VISION AND MISSION Do you ask yourself some of these questions: How to perform better without getting out of balance? How to be resilient facing the waves of change? How to install accountability, synergy and happiness in my team? How to create real partnerships and team spirit in my organisation? How to really live our corporate culture in day-to-day situations? How to be(come) an authentic leader? How to boost the energy of body and mind? How to improve my personal effectiveness? How and what can we do with less? How to get up after falling down? We support organisations in creating a working and living environment where people are happy, feel free and willing to give their best. We inspire to change non-efficient habits, mentally and physically. We show how to turn energy drains into sources of energy, develop purposeful collaboration and visionary leadership. We speak to the heart, appealing on internal motivation, and create a lot of free space allowing people to find their own best way. We anchor and follow up. We support people in adding quality to their lives and work from a holistic point of view and go to the heart of the matter. If yes, we will explore with you the best possible way to get the answers. 3
  4. 4. BENEFITS How will you benefit from engaging on the Path To Mastery? Growing towards mastery is a journey that starts from within. Let Olympic Champion Robert Van de Walle guide you on your path with insights you can apply in all aspects of both your private and professional life. Our modern life is abundant, as are the challenges and changes that come along our path every day. You will benefit from developing mastery because you will be able to unleash your full potential of body, mind and abilities. As a person, as a team, as a leader. Discover how your body can grow stronger, how your mental attitudes influence your behaviour and relationships. Experience how passion and inspiration become the basis of performing at the top of your potential, no matter what the circumstances are. Take a step back, learn about yourself, on how you treat yourself and the people around you. Starting from a balanced inner life, you will develop a state of mind and charisma that appeals to others. And see how your messages get through without losing your honest and upright attitude by shifting from winning-or-loosing tactics to a way of being and doing inspired by mutual well-being. Let your team grow to a better performing unit(y), through confidence and faith, openness and respect, agility and support. Engaging on the Path to Mastery will lead you towards success, fulfilment and ultimately happiness. 4 KEY MESSAGES • • • • • • • • • • turn energy drains into sources of energy cherish purposeful collaboration be an authentic and inspiring leader discipline, concentration and patience : a must for achievements change non-efficient habits be what you say, say what you do and do what you say leave your ego with your shoes passion is the key to growth live a healthy lifestyle and many more...
  6. 6. PATH TO MASTERY – The essentials Discover t h e Pa t h To M a st er y Van de Walle Resourcement Centre Mastery is a way of BEING and a way of DOING by applying the following principles : • Achieving a maximum of efficiency of body and mind with a minimum of effort. • Striving for mutual benefit and welfare. • Gentleness controlling hardness. THE SPIRIT JUDO as a martial art shows how mindsets influence behaviour and social interaction. People gain insights into values, resilience and channel their mental and physical energy. 17|10|2012 Lamot Mechelen THE ACTION PARALLELS WITH OLYMPIC ACHIEVEMENTS give evidence of character development, mental alertness and physical fitness, in addition to discipline and technique. THE INTERACTION CREATING STRONG PARTNERSHIPS means belonging to a values based community of sharing and learning and taking responsibility. 6
  8. 8. SEMINARS, TRAINING, WORKSHOPS, INSPIRATIONA L SPEECHES, SPECIAL PROGRAMMES SELF MASTERY Participants connect with themselves, gain insights into channelling the energy of body and mind and learn how to engage their full potential without getting out of balance. TEAM MASTERY Team members gain a better understanding of their performance dynamics from a holistic perspective. They align with synergy and efficiency in their collaboration. LEADERSHIP MASTERY Leaders are provided with a valuable stimulus for responsibility, authenticity and personal aura. They become clear about their ambition, their passion, how to empower and how to take people along and develop masters . CORPORATE MASTERY The concept of the Path to Mastery is an excellent tool for getting associates actively involved in the spirit to win, the pursuit of excellence and the creation of strong partnerships. Please contact us for more information on how we can support you in bringing to life a value-based culture in your organisation. 8
  9. 9. OUR PROGRAMMES, SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS 5-STEP JOURNEY (3 – 6 – 12 months) WORKSHOPS AND TRAINING Self mastery – Team mastery Leadership mastery WORKSHOP : 2 to 3 hours initiation to Mastery Inspiration, motivation, and insights on how body, mind, and actions are related. Active and interactive session. 1. INITIATION 90’ inspirational speech to open up and create enthusiasm. 2.INDUCTION ½ day active and interactive session. WORKSHOP : 4 hours induction for Mastery Experience the lessons from the tatami and learn how to add quality to life and work. 1/1 day active and interactive session. TRAINING: 1 day experience to become a master Lessons from the tatami, special exercises, personal and group insights anchored and ready to be practised in private and professional life. 3. ENGAGE ON THE PATH TO EXPLORE THE NEXT LEVEL 4. WALK INTO THE FUTURE TO KEEP ON EVOLVING 1/1 day active and interactive session. 5. CONSOLIDATION AND FOLLOW UP ½ day session. TRAINING: 24 hours engaging on the Path to Mastery 4 modules, including ‘lessons from the tatami’ and a well-balanced mix of indoor and outdoor experiences, personal and group reflections. Leading to concrete action. SEMINAR : 2 or 2,5 days immersion for Mastery Round-the-clock programme with great impact for the individual, team, leaders. Tailored. 9 SPECIAL PROGRAMMES Please contact us if you are looking for something really special : coaching, larger groups, corporate culture, projects, concepts… BLACK BELT RESPONSIBILITY Develop yourself and your team for high impact in transforming your life, your work, your organisation. INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER Book Robert Van de Walle for a 90’ inspirational and motivational session. Speaking to the heart and soul of your audience.
  10. 10. INITIATION INTO THE PATH TO MASTERY Book Robert Van de Walle for a 90-minute strong impact performance, speaking to the heart of your audience. A pragmatic approach, a lot of recognisable metaphors that capture the essence of things. Robert Van de Walle Olympic champion, coach and mentor for companies, teams and leaders striving for excellence. Developing the spirit for excellence, Robert illustrates how the concept of unity and balance of body and mind, character development, living according to values and passion. Fundamental elements for top performances are amongst others: optimal use of potential and energy, focus, discipline and patience in addition to working together, ongoing learning, and the enthusiasm of the “Master”. 10
  11. 11. METHODOLOGY Methodology We go beyond the classical concept of training. Each seminar or workshop has its specific flow and scenario from start to finish in a well-balanced mix of experimentation, action and interaction, inspiration, reflection, exchange and anchoring. We work on the basis of experience-based learning, (70 % is doing, rather than thinking or listening), activities take place indoors as well as outdoors, on the tatami with everybody in kimono, or in any other setting. The experience Activities are chosen carefully so that they are suitable as a metaphor for day-to-day situations. We do not go down the adventure path, everybody can participate and do not demand specific physical conditions. The process Reflections proceed on through connecting conversations. We use relevant tools and models in the background when helpful for the learning process. We flexibly adapt form and content to support the on-going process. The atmosphere Open, flexible, respectful, to-the-point with a high energy level. The facilitation We apply a friendly no-nonsense style, use clear language, ask great questions and listen well. We create a lot of free space for the participants to gain insights and identify whatever is helpful on their Path to Mastery. 11
  12. 12. HOW COULD IT LOOK LIKE ? 12
  13. 13. BVBA Zenith Concepts IJzerdijk 92 – B 8600 Diksmuide – Belgium Tel.: +32 51 55 55 25 – Fax: +32 51 55 55 19 - Follow us on @robertvdwalle : resourcementcentre