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WordPress in Business


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Presentation at WordCamp NL about the role of (WordPress) blogs in a marketingstrategy. The presentation also covers Digital versus Social Strategies as outlined in Harvard Business Review (nov 2011).

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WordPress in Business

  1. 1. WordPress in Business Robert van Eekhout @robertvane
  2. 2. Agenda• Digital versus Social Strategies• Examples – WordPress for Branding – WordPress for Research/Innovation – WordPress for 4 p’s• Introduction PayPress
  3. 3. Digital versus Social StrategiesArticle by Mikotaj Jan Piskorski a.k.a Misiek Harvard Business Review, nov 2011
  4. 4. Photo: Pandrina, Flickr
  5. 5. Photo: Pandrina, Flickr
  6. 6. Hi, may I introduce you to someone? Photo: Pandrina, Flickr
  7. 7. That’s Digital versus Social!
  8. 8. Needs of people online…1. Meet new people2. Strengthen existing relationships
  9. 9. So, if you fulfill those needs, then you have a successful social strategy!
  10. 10. Goals of the company1. Reduce costs2. Increase willingness to pay
  11. 11. Creating a Social Strategy• Brainstorm on four possible Social Strategies• Eliminate strategies until you keep one – Social Utility Test – Social Solution Test (hard-to-copy?) – Business Value TestWhat works is what fits!
  12. 12. How a WordPress Website (Social Strategy)has impact on different organizational levels
  13. 13. A little fresh-up
  14. 14. Marketing Strategy { Segmenting Targetting Positioning
  15. 15. Marketing Tactics { Price Place Promotion Product
  16. 16. Marketing StrategyMarketing Tactics
  17. 17. Marketing StrategyMarketing Tactics
  18. 18. ROI# of visits, likes, tweets is NOT a metric It gives you a clouBut it does not tell you the whole story
  19. 19. ROI• Metrics could be: – # of ideas for innovation – Associations with or awareness of the brand before and after the blog (Yourhosting) – Increase in sales (compare before and after)
  20. 20. WordPress in Business … what you can do
  21. 21. Summary• Determine what of the four Social Strategies your WordPress project fits in• Determine the impact on the organizational level• Determine the right metrics (ROI)• Check out PayPress ;)
  22. 22. Thank you!www.van-ons.nlwww.robertvaneekhout.nlTwitter: @robertvane