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SEO, Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Digital Marketing Presentation


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SEO, Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Digital Marketing Presentation. Discover the insider secrets in this SEO and Digital Marketing client presentation.

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SEO, Google AdWords & Facebook Ads Digital Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Creating Customers On-Demand Google AdWords,SEO & Facebook Ads Develop Leads & Sales
  2. 2. Problem: • Barriers to Growth: – Low User Interaction – Poor Local Search Visibility – Sporadic Lead Generation – Expensive Cadillac Marketing Programs – ‘Noisy’ Traditional Methods – Reluctance to Adapt The cause of these problems rests with the tools and strategy you are using… You can fix these individually and then wait for effect, or…
  3. 3. Solution: • Leverage Paid Traffic: 1) Use Any Number Of Traffic Sources 2) On Demand Local Customers 3) Hyper-Targeted (Location & Context) 4) Custom Campaigns For Key Customers PPC Advertising Pays For Itself Many Times Over And Is Repeatable…
  4. 4. Define The Customers Profile: • Develop The Profile Of Your Best Customer – Who Are They? – Why Did They Buy In The Past? – What Online Spaces Do They Use? – What Is Their Core Desire? Understanding Your Best Customers And Why They Buy From You Is KEY! They Will Tell You What Your Paid Traffic Campaigns Need To Say…
  5. 5. Website Requirements: • Your Website – Hosts Your Landing Pages – Makes Contact Easy – Promotes Client Testimonials – Blog With Authoritative Original Content Each Campaign Has It’s Own Landing Page, And Direct Call-To-Action
  6. 6. Recommended Platforms: • Social Media – Facebook Offers the Relationship Opportunity • Near-Real Time Interaction • Significant Local Reach – Advertising Factors • Unprecedented Audience Targeting • Low Cost of Entry • High Local Reach • Relatable and Meaningful Offers
  7. 7. Recommended Platforms: • Google AdWords – Offers the Greatest Local Search Opportunity • Site visitors locate your business profile, which is matched based on their search text and location – Advertising Factors: • Significant for Local Reach • Medium to High Cost • Reliable (Best Advertising You Can Buy)
  8. 8. Recommended Vehicles: • Search Engine Optimization – Target the keywords used by local consumers; • Searching for what your business provides – Campaign Goals • Run for one to three months+ • Local position page 1, upper page placement • Cross promote Facebook and offers specific landing pages • Place visitors into funnel to receive consultation or related info/products.
  9. 9. Next Steps: • Pilot Advertising Campaign • Deployment In As Little As Seven Days • Proven Methods & Tactics • Cost-Effective Lead Generation We Only Needs One Quick Meeting Or Phone Call To Get Started. 1. Create The Customer Profile 2. Select Optimum Traffic Source 3. Set Monthly Ad Budget
  10. 10. Fee Schedule: You will deploy and manage your advertising campaign.. My primary goal is results.. My competitive rates are guaranteed to fit your bottom line.. My results speak for themselves.. Base hourly rate is $125 per hour. Setup & Deployment: • Customer Profile $300 – Analyze Your Customer Base • Facebook Ad Setup $200 – Base Fan Page Setup • Google AdWords Setup $350 – Account Setup • Search Engine Optimization $500 – Priced per Month Power Bundle $1,200 – Setup All Systems As Above Management & Budgets: Client Choses Monthly Advertising Budget Paid Advertisement Management 20% of Budget
  11. 11. CONTACT – Robert Stein – Connecticut SEO Experts – Glastonbury, CT – 860.659.7135 – – <