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How to upload your powerpoint slides to slideshare

  1. How to upload your Powerpoint slides to Slideshare, for embedding in your e-Portfolio (Wiki) By Mr Sisson
  2. 1. Create your account • Go to and signup
  3. 1. Create your account • Enter your email and choose a username and password:
  4. 2. Upload your slideshow • Hit the Upload button
  5. 2. Upload your slideshow • Select your Powerpoint file from your computer
  6. 2. Upload your slideshow • When the file has uploaded, select “My Uploads”
  7. 2. Upload your slideshow • Click on the icon for the slideshow you have just uploaded
  8. 2. Upload your slideshow • Once your slideshow is displayed hit the “Embed” button and then the “Copy” button to copy the embedding code
  9. 3. Embed your slides in your Wiki • In edit mode in your Wiki, select the “Widget” icon Select “Other HTML”
  10. 3. Embed your slides in your Wiki • Paste the embedding text into the text box and hit “Save”
  11. 3. Embed your slides in your Wiki • The slideshow should now be embedded in your Wiki