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HEOR/ HTA/ PRO and Clinical Regulatory


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Simons' HEOR/ HTA/ PRO QOL/ Clinical Regulatory Work

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HEOR/ HTA/ PRO and Clinical Regulatory

  1. 1. SELECTED LIST OF DRUGS: HEOR VALUE PROPOSITION STUDIES/ HTA GLOBAL AND LOCAL PREPARATIONS/ PATIENT REPORTED OUTCOMES/ QOL AND CLINICAL /REGULATORY WORK Company Drug HEOR Value Propositions HTA Submissions Patient Reported Outcomes/ Quality of Life NDA/ Regulatory CSR CNS Ortho-McNeil Tapentadol US HCUP/ Premier PRO Janssen-Cilag Risperidone Australia/ published Canada/ Australia Health State Utilities Janssen-Cilag Risperidone Contra Australia Australia AstraZeneca Quetiapine Canada/ UK Canada Health State Utilities QUEST Trial Eisai Perampanel Global Global Health State Utilities GSK Lamotrigine US BMS Aripiprazole US/ Pharmerit data Cardiovascular Sankyo Olmesartan US/ Managed care data US-AMCP CS866-306 Daichii-Sankyo Olmesartan US/ Germany/ EU-5 CS866-411 BMS Irbesartan Global Global Multiple Trials Sanofi/BMS Irbesartan Europe Nycomed Olmesartan Norway Sanofi Ramapril Australia Abbott Niacin Australia Daichii-Sankyo Colesavelam US US AMCP Servier Ivabradine Global Australia Atherosclerosis Sanofi/ BMS Clopidogrel Global Global CAPRIE Sanofi/ BMS Clopidogrel Australia (ACS)
  2. 2. Endocrinology Sanofi Insulin Glargine Australia Australia/ US Sanofi U300 US/ UK Daichii-Sankyo Colesavelam US WEL 301, 302, 303 Oncology AstraZeneca Anastrozole Canada/ UK EORTC/ Health State Utilities AstraZeneca Zoladex Canada/ UK EORTC/ Health State Utilities AstraZeneca Faslodex Global EORTC BMS Dasatinib US Merck Pembrolizumab Global Eisai Eribulin Global Global EORTC FDA/ EMA Eisai Lenvatinib Global Eisai Farlatuzamab EORTC FDA/ EMA Sanofi Taxotere Australia Health State Utilities Rheumatology BMS Abatacept US Indirect Economics Respiratory AstraZeneca Zafirlukast Canada ASUI