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Groupe Launch Brochure_English


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Brochure outlining services of Groupe Launch

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Groupe Launch Brochure_English

  1. 1. COMMUNICATE WITH IMPACT Videos | Magazines | Web | Print and more! Groupe Launch
  2. 2. G roupe Launch Inc. is a vertically-integrated communica- tions firm, offering a full range of services including: video, web, e-learning, magazines, events, specific solutions for the healthcare and medical sectors, and public relations. We believe in making an impression on the audience, using innovative approaches with complementary media Groupe Launch OUR SERVICES
  4. 4. Groupe Launch LAUNCH! VIDEO T he moving image is the dominant communicator of our age. The reason for that – it is potent. It is the essential messenger that influences and makes an impression. We are experts in video production, from storyboarding through shooting and post-production. For stand-alone use, broadcast, Web cast or other interactive digital applications. Need a video? From promotional spots to corporate messaging that really sticks, we produce experiences that engage and inspire consumers, employees and entrepreneurs. And we can answer all your needs: customer/client testimo- nials, sales force motivation, new product launches, specialized programming, our 25 years of award-winning experience will ensure that the project you envision becomes a reality on screen!
  5. 5. CONCEPT – CREATION – PRODUCTION ON TIME – ON TARGET – ON BUDGET Original creative focused on business goals, business strategy, and brand image on time and on target Launch! Video offers a full turnkey operation, including concept and script creation, production, graphics, animation design, narrative and professional post-production.
  6. 6. Groupe Launch LAUNCH! MAGAZINE C ombining articles on business, culture, sports, innovation, and the environ- ment, Launch! Magazine is a practical source of information while engaging readers to create links and foster business ideas. Launch! Magazine is published quarterly, distributed to more than 2 000 out- lets in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick by Messageries Dynamiques, a sub- sidiary of Quebecor World. We are also distributed through business channels and through our advertisers Information takes precedence at Launch! Magazine - with a ratio of 70% con- tent and 30% advertising Groupe Launch Inc. can provide your organization, your clients or your partners with personalized magazines or brochures with relevant features and informa- tion, a reliable and efficient sales and information tool. Our reach is quite exten- sive in the market – from events to immigration, health and manufacturing, we can provide multilingual magazines and printed brochures that enhance your corporate goals and relationships. Ask us for a quote!
  7. 7. EDITING – PRODUCTION – PRINTING – CONTENT MANAGEMENT - TRANSLATION Promoting your company or product in Launch! Magazine makes good Multilingual content creation at your business sense service to write, produce and print your Launch! Magazine is published seasonally: brochures, magazines and to answer all of your business needs! Spring - Winter - Summer - Fall Readership Profile Men (52%) / Female (48%) Age: 35 years and older Median income estimated at $ 80,000 and more
  8. 8. B usiness audiences, whether business professionals, customers or partners, seek information that is accurate, credible and documented. Our Web design will enhance the presentation of your content, so that people find the information they need with assurance. Launch! Web production is geared to real-world budgets and responsive to our clients’ needs and production time- lines. (Minimum 5 day turn-around). Launch! Web offers all types of web support from simple to more complex inte- grated logistics, dynamic or static Web sites. optimization techniques, newsletter and other e-services, strategic on- line business and marketing concepts, and more. Groupe Launch LAUNCH! WEB
  9. 9. COMMUNICATE IN REAL TIME! • A dynamic tool to broaden our clients’ offers, update their products or services and meet their objectives. • A virtual link with Launch! Magazine, Launch! Events and Launch! Video to accelerate our client’s visibility online. • Provides business opportunities, and helps to expand target markets. • Reflects market changes with up-to-the-minute offers and updates. • An additional platform to publicize, inform and promote our clients’ products.
  10. 10. W e are dedicated to helping clients promote health and wellness through effective communications. Our media strategies enlist resources and technologies that fit your audience and are carefully designed with you to improve outcomes. From concept development to storyboards, from content creation to printing, we add value to your operation. Our knowledge network is experienced in the design and execution of programs in: Change Management - Sales Force Effectiveness - Leadership Development - Coaching Cultures - Competency Models – Healthcare Reform - Customer Insight Launch Healthcare Solutions features all the products and services of Groupe Launch Inc. Groupe Launch LAUNCH! HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS
  11. 11. SPECIFIC TOOLS • Medical “tradeshow” videos • Patient education and professional training • Live and distance simulation video, e-learning • Streaming video to optimize websites and promote healthy lifestyles, and disease prevention, while enhancing our clients’ marketing strategies.
  12. 12. Groupe Launch LAUNCH! BUSINESS SOLUTIONS G roupe Launch Inc. in close association with Solutionpointcom, offers a wide range of services and business solutions for entrepre- neurs, policy makers, spokespersons and stakeholders working in the private and public sectors
  13. 13. SERVICES INCLUDE: • Copy writing and editing • Press Relations • Training in public speaking • Special events animation • Intervention • Graphic Design (print, online, corporate image, etc.). • Corporate Communications • Studio rentals • Business and Crisis management • Translation Service
  14. 14. For more specific information, please call:: Launch! Magazine / Web / Events: Ms. Chloé Roumagère Email: Telephone: (514) 927-1158 Launch! Videos / Launch! Healthcare Solutions Mr. Robert D. Ostiguy Mr. Stuart Campbell Email: Telephone: (514) 983-4972 Launch! Business Solutions Mr. Marius S. Brisson Email: Telephone: (514) 972-2154 Administration Email: Telephone: (514) 914-1511 Fax: (514) 847-1268 WWW.GROUPELAUNCH.COM