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Loan Officers Personality Types

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  • Aptitude; a natural tendency to do something well, especially one that can be further developed
  • Loan officer type_slideshare

    1. 1. Loan Officer Personalities According to Myers Briggs Type Indicator IvyStone Sales and Personality Assessments LLC
    2. 2. The MBTI Is… An assessment or indicator, not a test, of our individual preferences and how we use them in: Relationships Communications Gathering Information and Decision Making
    3. 3. MBTI Does NOT Assess aptitudes, stress, illness, intelligence, or “normalcy” Measure whether one type is better than another Measure abilities Excellence or Maturity
    4. 4. Recognizing Your Type: Extravert or Introvert What describes you best? A go-getter or people–person Comfortable working in a group Sometimes act before reflecting Or: Calm, centered and reserved Comfortable being alone Sometimes take too much time reflecting
    5. 5. Behavioral Clues: Extroverts  Prefer to learn by doing and they like to talk in order to think things out.  They enjoy stimulation and handling as many things as they can at once.
    6. 6. Clues con’t Energetic and highly animated Openly expressive through body language Multi Taskers Easily Distracted 75% of the population
    7. 7. Behavioral Clues Introverts  Tend to learn by reading and thinking.  They participate in conversations but need time to process the information internally before coming to a decision
    8. 8. Clues con’t More reserved (body language) Not interested in large crowds and noise may drive them into their quiet zone Task focused – one thing at a time. 25% of the population
    9. 9. Which descriptions fit you the best? Extraverted Or Introverted
    10. 10. Recognizing Your Type: S or N What describes you best? Interested in the facts Work from the facts to the big picture Focus too much on the facts and miss possibilities Or: Interested in the possibilities Work from big picture to the facts Focus too much on possibilities and miss new possibilities or opportunities
    11. 11. Behavior Clues Sensors  Practical and Realistic  Listen for step by step directions  Interested in the: “What” and “How” especially past experiences and successes  Specifics, no beating around the bush  65 -75% of the population
    12. 12. Behavior Clues iNtuitives  All about big ideas, theories and ideas  Hooked on projects  Want to know “Why”  Interested in general conversations and tend to speak in circles  Imaginative – Future Thinking  25 – 35% of the population
    13. 13. Which descriptions fit you the best? Sensing OR iNtuition
    14. 14. Behavior Clues Thinkers  Insightful in their analysis  Logical, and demand efficiency  Willing to do whatever is necessary to get the job done right  Not really interested in others opinions or decisions  Never without pen and paper  Population split 50/50 with Feelers
    15. 15. Behavior Clues Feelers  Concerned about how their decisions affect others  People oriented  Devoted and Emotional  Make decisions with their hearts  Skillful at understanding and handling people.
    16. 16. Which descriptions fit you the best? Thinking Or Feeling
    17. 17. Behavior Clues Judgers  Interested in the world of Order  Prepared with lists and plans to live by  Ready to make decisions to get things done  Very organized  They are 55% of the population.
    18. 18. Behavior Clues Perceivers  Usually uncommitted  Reluctant to make final decisions and will put off decision making as long as possible  45% of the population Motto! Manana
    19. 19. Which descriptions fit you the best? Judging Or Perceiving
    20. 20. Your Results (circle one from each side) Extraverted Introverted Sensor iNtuitive Thinker Feeler Judger Perceiver
    21. 21. You can enter your four letter type description here: ____ ____ ____ ____ This is not a complete assessment but only meant as an introduction to the MBTI® We hope it provides some insight into your own type preferences. For additional information please email