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More than just small scale forest management


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Published in: Technology, Business
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More than just small scale forest management

  1. 1. More than just « small-scale forest management » Geneviève Michon –IRD Robert Nasi – CIFOR Gérard Balent - INRA
  2. 2. Farmers and forests Chestnut forest, Corsica Mosaic of fields and farmers’ forests Small fragmented rural forest, France
  3. 3. Argan forest, Marocco Eucalyptus forest, Timor Oak parklands, Corsica
  4. 4. Domestic forest for collection, Sumatra, Indonesia e agroforest, West Java, Indonesia Spared forest Dipterocarp; laos Farmers’ forest in S&B area, Sumatra, Indonesia
  5. 5. Humanity and naturality • The material part: ecology, local knowledge and practices – « Domesticating »: bringing « nature » into the « domestic » human sphere • Domesticating trees • Domesticating ecosystems • Domesticating landscapes • The immaterial part: the human component of domesticated forests – Economic dimension – Symbolic dimension – Intergenerational linkages: to the ancestors and for the future generations
  6. 6. Domesticating trees: the visible processes Grafting selected varieties Planting wildings and varieties Western Chestnut Increasing production through working on the tree form
  7. 7. Domesticating trees: the invisible processes Argan (Argana spinosa) tree and oil in Marocco
  8. 8. Domesticating ecosystem: manipulating global forest development
  9. 9. Domesticating ecosystem: manipulating regeneration « Ingeneering » the ecosystem Ffilling natural or induced gaps
  10. 10. Domesticating landscapes: developing infrastructures Terraces Buildings: storing, drying, milling
  11. 11. Domesticating landscapes: introducing rights
  12. 12. Domesticating landscapes: infrastructures + rights = diversity
  13. 13. Belonging to the domesticity Economy: support of livelihood Political dimension Territory Patrimony: transgenerational intentions Symbolism: linking to the immaterial world Identity
  14. 14. And the policy framework ??? • The Agriculture / Forest divide: forest or not forest? • Forest policies: do not really acknowledge the multidimensional value of local forests – Production forests? (not intensive timber production areas, too « degraded », timber is minor) – Conservation forests? (not biodiversity sanctuaries: too much humanity: reserve concept not working) – Social forest? (reluctance for full local rights, authority and legitimacy recognition) • Agricultural policies: care for single productions (chestnut, argan oil), not for the maintenance of the forest ecosystem integrity • Conservation policies: do not care for development and modernization • A bit of everything (production + environment + social) • « Sustainable Development »: a more favorable framework?
  15. 15. New opportunities, new initiatives • • • • Community forests Local product certification (G.I.) Biodiversity or ethnic products Environmental services
  16. 16. But • Long term tendancies and global trade policies Intensive vegetable growing in Marocco Oil palm development in Indonesia
  17. 17. Socio-environmental intensification?