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Disastrous Decision Making in IT


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Why do some IT leaders seem prone to disaster, where others learn to control their destiny?

The success of any leader is largely determined by the success of their projects and initiatives. Business Service Reliability is a mechanism that IT leaders can use to improve the outcomes of their projects and initiatives. This presentation outlines a form of Predictive Reliability - how an IT leader can track and manage the "risk margin" in their operational and transitional services.

Predictive Reliability is a concept based on data mining from systems monitoring, and correlation with capacity data to provide the idea of "headroom". Service headroom is unused capacity - kept spare for availability or reliability reasons.

Balancing the cost of this "risk margin" against Business Service Reliability? That's where this Predictive Reliability function comes in..

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Disastrous Decision Making in IT

  1. 1. Disastrous Decision Making in IT They Didn’t See It Coming
  2. 2. Steering Into Disaster Lack of understanding about current conditions No idea of weather forecast No idea of what the ship can handle Insufficient forward planning The signs of poor Captaincy
  3. 3. Where do IT Leaders Go Wrong? What demands are being made on my service? What demands can I expect? What headroom do I have across my service infrastructure? How should I best respond to difficult situations? Four unanswered questions in IT
  4. 4. Predictive Reliability Business Service Headroom Management
  5. 5. Avoiding Disaster Track Usage Patterns Forecast Change Monitor Service Headroom Plan ahead Applying intelligence and insight
  6. 6. Essential Techniques for Predictive Reliability Plan ahead for service upgrade Plan ahead for surging demand Governance in capacity provisioning Plan ahead for infrastructure upgrades Continually align resources with demand Compute service headroom Monitor Service Demand Monitoring Infrastructure Performance
  7. 7. Predictive Reliability Getting It Right Feels Good