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Ayp newsletter 2

  2. 2. EDITION 5 || Q4 2012 Amilcar Cabral Av. Nº 22 R/C Maputo—Mozambiquewww.africanyouthpanel.org AYPNEWSLETTER ADDRESSING THE NEEDS OF THE AFRICAN YOUTHS ROSKILDE FESTIVAL SUPPORTING THE AFRICAN YOUTH PANEL Roskilde Festival in 2010 provided the African Youth Panel with a bridging grant for 2years to strenghten the network and allow opportunities for regional summits and dialogue on the African continent. Rotimi Olawale caught up with the Chairperson of RF, Steen Jorgensen to seek further understanding on the work of the festival and why it is supporting the African Youth panel. How and why did the Roskilde growing every year since 1971. Festival Start? It started originally out of the need for Why has the festival taken a social peace, love and understanding the edge? Actually, in the second festival, the movement in the late 60s. The Steen at the Roskilde Festival 2012 Roskilde Foundation as it was called at woodstock festival in the United States that time took over the festival, the first in 1969 I guess inspired a lot of people festival was organised by a few all over the world, in the western world students and a private guy with money.“ for this kind of enjoying the music and They organised the festival and the the youth so, originally, the idea was to money disappeared. So, the Roskilde The festival make a peaceful and loving festival for foundation from 72 took the has been growing every year since 1971. “ youngstars in the 70s. The first concert was held in 1971. what have been your growth experiences over the years? As far as I remember, at the festival in 71, there was somewhere between 6 – 8,000 people and this year we have responsibility of building up the festival. Originally, the Foundation had these statutes around youth and culture and the festival has built both its statutes, rules and conduct on top of the foundations statutes. It has been the whole idea from the beginning to make about 80,000 ticket buyers and around a space for youth to be creative, 50,000 volunteers, media people and relaxed, enjoy and experience a lot of artists and so on. The festival has been nice music. Aerial View of Roksilde Festival 2012 during a performance by Bruce Springsteen An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 2
  3. 3. “ “ The festival has tried to make a lot of visible statements around issues touching on the society the panel in New York convinced us that in terms of our Why is the Festival supporting the African Youth statutes and rules of ethics, the panel was the right thing to Panel? support. We have a lot of sympathy for the project but we Over the last 10years, the festival has tried to make a lot of also see parallel perspectives since the festival itself is visible statements around issues touching on the society. dealing with a strategic direction of creating a social We have been involved with projects around the Palestine movement. Connecting with the Dannish reality with the problems and so on and the environment and we try to African reality, we are able to be supportive and glad to be make these statements for 2-3years at a time and be supportive. supportive of different projects that fall within these statements. We had decided 2years ago on poverty as a Were you at the first Festival in 1971? statement because its an issue with a global perspective I wasnt at the first festival in 71 but was at the second one but its also an issue within the Dannish community just to in 72 have a discussion on whether or not there are poor people Have you missed any of the festival since 72? in Denmark. We had cases of homeless people dying from Yes. I have been working in the provinces of Denmark in low temperature on the streets of Copenhagen, in my the 90s but I was here for 14years and then had family and opinion, that is poverty as well as what we see in other kids and work for 6years in the 90s and I have been here parts of the world in Africa and other countries. So, Henrik for the last 15years. (the CEO of Roskilde Festival) and I went to the United What is the biggest thing you like about the festival, Nations summit in New York in 2010 and met the African one word? Youth Panel there. And at that time, we were introduced to (smiles) one word? PAUSE. I am looking for the word in the panel and the whole idea and the fact that the Dannish English. Space will be one word. Roskilde Festival offers Government oringinally financed the African Youth Panel room for everything. You can come here with your ideas, and funding was running out. We also recognise the panel with your thoughts, personal relations and youre as a civil society project from the African continent which is welcome. Theres space for everyone the youngest continent in the world but its also a continent where young people meet difficulties in getting their point Thank you so much for your time: Youre welcome of views held and getting influence. The discussion with A group picture of participants at the 2011 summit AYP Members at the AYP summit in Addis Ababa 2011 An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 3
  4. 4. THE WORLD BANK DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2013: JOBS IN AFRICA SOLA FAGORUSI Christopher McDouglas may not be known in through the job lens. In Africa, despite the have solid structures of macroeconomic several circles. But his thought which huge availability of mineral resources and stability, a favourable business environment, resonates beyond simple description lingers. other earth treasures, unemployment human capital and it also inserts the rule of In his book - Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, remains a pain. It translates that these law into these needs. The report requests that Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the resources do not mean better welfare labour policies should not be a barrier to job World has Never Seen, he writes – “Every condition for the people. Nigeria is aiming at creation and that job should be bespoke morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It solving the problem indirectly – Empower a given the peculiarity of a nations economy. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion few to empower more. It calls hers Youwin says the differences in the structure of or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes and it is for those under 45. In its second employment across regions, across genders, up. It knows it must outrun the slowest edition, it seems to try to merge last years and across age groups are striking. Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesnt and this years World Bank Report focus as Technology also has a share of the blame matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle... the 2nd edition is for women only. despite its huge potentials and needs. when the sun comes up, youd better be Machines are replacing man and the job running.” The Associated Press foreign The 2013 report looks incisively at Jobs as market is shrinking. A synthesis would be correspondents book where this was against last years which zeroed in on Gender needed to ensure that machines are a plus captured was predominantly about the Equality and development. In the 34 years of and not minuses. South Africa still blazes the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico. Living is alluded the World Development Report series, it is trail in terms of economic growth on the to in this quote. Today, humans may not the second time the apex bank is choosing African continent. Without the former literally run but every morning, there is a jobs as a subject. It is understandable given apartheid nation, economic growth would be dreadful need to earn enough to buy a meal, the figures. The report says that some 200 pegged at 6%. Foreign investment in the pay a couple of bills and live with a sense of million people around the world are today region is however still solid at $31 billion flow dignity. Jobs are the surest means to this unemployed. That number is particularly expected in the year covered. since man no longer literally hunt like the lions stark for young people: more than a third of do. those without a job are under 25 years old, The report however does not fully review the while around 621 million young people today role of financial agencies in creating the Enter 11pm GMT, October 1st 2012 the World are neither at work nor in school. Just to keep financial environment that is largely pro-rich Bank Development Report 2013 was made employment rates constant, the worldwide and anti-job creation. Apparently, the World available to the world. The focus was on Jobs. number of jobs will have to increase by Bank would have to continue fostering growth The president of the International Bank for around 600 million over a 15-year period., through its policy inputs, provision of long Reconstruction and Development, IBRD, Dr. says Martin Rama, a senior staff at the bank. term loans for human, infrastructure and Jim Yong Kim strongly suggests that, “a good The challenge is a tall order in Sub-Saharan private sector development. Jobs seem to be job can change a persons life, and the right Africa where 10 million youth enter the labour the only channel out of impoverishment. It jobs can transform entire societies....” force every year. would have to be both formal and informal like Governments in developing nations owe their the report suggests. For Africa, the report in citizenry this much. Countries measure, to an The report discusses how poverty level addition alludes to the need for education and extent, their level of progress on the numbers reduces as people earn more and that in the good health cares. As I write this, the of jobs created asides other indices. Political case of women, it allows for more investment president of Nigerias presentation of the campaigns are based on promises of the in their childrens health and education. 2013 budget to the national assembly is being numbers of job that would be created. Jobs Efficiency increases as workers get better at aired live. Its the first time education will be unarguably are the sources of incomes what they do, as more productive jobs toping the proposed spending even at a paltry individuals have, except you are Warren appear, and as less productive ones 8.7%. Its a $31.3 billion budget. The World Buffets heir, even at that! disappear. The report also makes a case for Bank report would merit a place on the shelf the need for Public Private Partnership which of any developmental economist, expert or Development has anchorage in job accounts for 90% of all jobs. At the heart of policy maker and interrogator. As expected, availability. Crime rate drops, violence is this however are small firms. Several micro the report is rich with 800 surveys and reduced, poverty is also tackled and the enterprise birthing and growth helps to create censuses used to arrive at its findings. For country fairs better when jobs are available jobs and those jobs equal hope, peace and governments in Africa, it would not be out of says the 2013 World Bank report. The debt stability for fragile countries. The report place to suggest that ... when the sun comes crisis in Europe, the global economic submits that more than 3 billion people are up, youd better be running, creating more meltdown of 2008 and the growing concern working, but nearly half work in farming, small jobs and getting people off the street! clearly points at unemployment as a key and household enterprises, or in casual or growing developmental concern. Barack seasonal day labour... and earnings are often Sola Fagorusi, a development Obama could win or lose the election to Mitt meagre. In sub Saharan Africa, the report communication graduate student and Romney, on the basis of figures showing how confirms that 4 out of 5 employed people fall freelance essayist writes from Kaduna, many jobs have been lost or created, in the in this category. Nigeria. He can be reached @sfagorusi. forthcoming November 2012 election. Its obvious that policies are now being observed The 2013 report is not all about figures, it also suggest solutions. It craves that government An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 4
  5. 5. “ “ Clearly for Africa, informed and decisive action needs to be seen now if it is to yield the expected demographic dividends. EMPLOYMENT FOR AFRICAN YOUTH AN IMPORTANT CATALYST FOR ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION ROBERT KASENENE It is difficult to speak of changing Africas analysts project that Africa will have the prospects at all levels of society without largest labor force in the world by 2035. In a The challenges can be seen with varying dwelling on the importance of young people report by the Mckinsey Global Institute, degrees of intensity on the continent and in in the equation. For the continent, assuring Africa is projected to receive up to 122 no way do they occur in particular order its young people with decent, rewarding and million new entrants in the job market by across the board. Therefore, continental transformative employment could not be 2020, but is expected to only create 72 action on job creation should take into overemphasized today. The significance of a million new stable wage paying jobs in the consideration these diversities. Different productive youth population was shown with same period. investments are needed in different clarity when Algeria, Egypt, Libya and some countries. Whilst one might be lacking a Arab states were faced with popular To take fullest advantage of the expected supportive business environment because uprising, whose underlying causes were the demographic dividends in the coming years, electricity and financing are lacking, another lack of jobs and corruption among others. there needs to be consistent and sustained might have favourable conditions in those intervention. Granted African Union Heads areas, but can in-turn have political Economies that are lacking system-wide of States committed to reducing youth instability compounding the problem. absorption of working age populations are unemployment by 2% annually until 2015, mostly faced with a myriad of challenges as but, what does this mean exactly? Specific Clearly for Africa, informed and decisive a result. In their cases, there is usually high actions to this effect are still lacking one year action needs to be seen now if the continent levels of crime and exploitation of low after this ground-braking decisions by is to yield the expected demographic income and vulnerable groups. Other African Heads of States. An understanding dividends. Finding local and continentally phenomena can also be observed. Qualified and consensus, in itself, of what is entailed generated labor information and data is a individuals cannot find suitable jobs fitting on achieving this milestone is also yet to be challenge. For this piece, online research their skill and education levels. Hence many reached. There are strategic policy actions revealed no information produced by Africa start informal businesses and take up low being taken, e.g. the implementation of the itself. Rather the United Nations and other paying jobs, resulting in underemployment. African Youth Charter (2006) through its global players seemed to have more to say r o a d m a p , t h e D e c a d e o n Yo u t h on the subject than Africa. But where systems are working; Development Plan of Action, but this does encouraging a strong private sector with If any action is to be or is being taken, then not spell out how or what actions to take to appropriate policy that helps growth, boosts precedence must be placed on generating achieve the 2% reduction. Whilst the the creation of new businesses, diversifying local understanding of the current situation commitment is being displayed, matching economic activity and promoting local on employment, especially among Africas strategic action are a distance behind. production; employment levels, savings and youth. The African Union Commission local investment would be high and an Some of the challenges the continent faces should be leading this drive and regional economic path such as that painted by the in creating jobs include the following; youth led organizations and networks, such Asian tigers (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan as the African Youth Panel on Youth and South Korea) would be seen. a) Instabilities; macroeconomic, Employment, Governance and Participation political and regulatory can play an important supportive role. Africa stands at a critical moment in history where the right actions taken can mean b) Expensive services; business, By: Robert Kasenene, important economic yields in the decades to finance and labor CoDe Services, MD Connect African Development Blog – come. One important aspect here is the fact c) Access; utilities (electricity and Head Editor that the continent has the youngest water) and communication (telecoms and population globally today. Estimates from internet). An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 5
  6. 6. ON THE HOTSEAT: Ibrahim CEESAY AYP Chair An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 6
  7. 7. A B A Participants at a recent Roskilde Festival 2012 B Steering Committee meeting with the Minister for Development in Denmark, July 2012 C Robert Nkwangu, Marwa Jabou, Godfrey, Diana Bulanda and Helder Malauene at Roskilde Festival 2012 C An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 7
  8. 8. COMMENTS FROM AYP MEMBERS AFTER RF Comments by AYPSC on the Roskilde Participation: Christian Kam, Ibrahim Ceesay, Cameroun : The Gambia: Life Changing Experience Illuminating and exciting Thomas Ravn-Pedersen: It has been a pleasure. It has been fun. It has been a lot of work. It has been a number of victories, some struggles, some discussions but the final result is something all involved (me, African Youth Panel, the Steering Committee, Roskilde Festival, DANIDA, Africa, Denmark) would be proud of. Helder Maluene, Marwa Jabou, Mozambique: Tunisia: Roskilde Festival is that If you feel like being in another place that has made me world, meet amazing people, sure that together we can share thousands of experiences, make othe world a better just attend Roskilde Festival. place to be Rotimi Olawale, Nigeria: The festival has shown what can be achieved by pulling together people to work in harmony and Robert Nkwangu, with a common purpose. Its space Uganda: for expression is unparalleled. I am happy to volunteer, to Felix Limbani, make friends to learn many Malawi: things and I hope to take that Roskilde Rocks. The best of back to my country times for the rest of times. Diana Bulanda Roskilde Festival is the best festival that shows the real diversity and cultural interaction among ourselves An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 8
  9. 9. SPECIAL GUEST: Emmanuel Etim, African Union At the sidelines of the Conference of Ministers of Youth IV (COMYIV) which held in Addis Ababa last month, Youthhubafricas Rotimi Olawale sat down with Emmanuel Etim, Senior Programs and Partnerships Expert, African Union Commission, Division for Youth to unpack the African Unions plans and progress on youth development in Africa. Read the interview below Q: Can you introduce yourself towards professionalising youth A: Well, I must tell you the truth. We have A: My name is Emmanuel Etim and I work for development and youth work on the done a lot. I think from the last two the African Union Commission Division for continent. What is your take on this and conferences of Youth ministers, we have youth as the Senior Programs and what direction is the AU moving on this? achieved 80% implementation rate. The Partnerships Expert. Well, at a personal level, coming from the conference of Heads of State held last year, background of youth development work, its a we have done 75% of what was required for Q: Just recently, the Conference of good step in the right direction because again us to do. I think the impact of implementing Ministers of Youth (COMYIV) came to an you want to place value on the work young these decisions need two things. One: end, how will you rate this meeting of people are doing and also the work on youth effective communication on what is being Ministers. We also noticed that the format and development not necessarily limited to done and packaged for the right audience. for this meeting is significantly different just the concept of participation or right on the The second is that the constituencies at to other Conference of Youth Ministers, one hand or experience. We are trying to give country levels need to have access to these what necessitated this change and do you some scientific argument and model to that information in order for them to hold their think this change was effective? experience and to ensure that it is replicable A: Well, the change was proposed as a governments accountable. National level among other things. I think the other direction implementation is a soveriegnty issue, pioneer for a probable change that will for the African Union, in my capacity is to countries maintain their sovereignty to happen to other Conference of Ministers given the fact that the commission felt that determine what is priority for them but if they the ministers needed to be more involved in have as it were, in a collective sense of the negotiations,discussions and dialogues responsibility agreed to a common priority at that determine the decisions that are being the continental level, it is now left for the proposed. This is because the level of constituencies at country level including response of countries to implement the youth leaders, civil society and partners to resolution of the commission was felt as the ensure that the issue remains top agenda basis for which the countries need to especially when it comes to national participate in even negotiating the outcomes budgeting and implementation. and that was one of the reasons why this Q: Can you cite examples of such change was proposed among many other recommendations that have been dimensions to look at it. What was learnt implemented? about it all was the role of national A: There are several. For example, the preparations, in such a way that we may not mandate of the summit said we should necessarily expect the ministers must debate develop the capacity to monitor and track the issues at the conference, rather we progress in the continent. We have deployed should stimulate the debates and fifty young consultants across the continent discussions around this long time before so advise on what steps should be taken, and who are collecting data from countries. We that they are already coming with a position one of the steps that we are advising and have sent four consultants to all the regional around the ideas and issues. By the next mobilising partnerships for is to establish commissions to collect data and we are conference of Youth Ministers, we should Regional Centres for Youth Studies and finding very important information from all of already start preparing them for it, the Research. These regional centres will serve those analysis. It does not end there, we background documents, the dialogue, the as pilot to promote the concept of have now put in place a Country Technical debates, and the consultations that are professionalising youth work across the Assistance Mechanism which will now required. In fact, I think what this will require continent, provide trainings, fellowships and provide technical and financial support to is a National guideline and preparation for the help to generate the knowledge base that is countries to respond to targets of the decade conference of Ministers which must be required for such ideas to be part of the plan of action on youth in Africa by 2018. You institutionalised so that there are structures academic system and part of the body of will also notice on the issue of youth at national levels that will ensure knowledge that drives development work on employment that we have already began a consultations, preparations, so that when the the continent. 300 million dollars worth of partnership ministers come, even if they are there for negotiations across different partners to help thirty minutes to two hours, they are pushing Q: On the implementation of countries respond to the challenge of youth forward the position of their Government, recommendations of the African Union at employment and also in terms of which is a representative position to the each of the Youth Ministers Meetings held entrepreneurship, we are putting together a conference. in the past,how do we know or ensure that joint initiative on business support these recommendations are being development services and this hopes to set Q: Over the last couple of years, there has implemented especially at country up incubators for intra-African business been a major push by the African Union levels? development and country level An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 9
  10. 10. SPECIAL GUEST: Emmanuel Etim, African Union implementation. The third part is that the Continent. The African Heads of State A: The African Union is a secretariat of volunteer program has been expanded, now, recognised this at the Malabo Summit and member states and if this request have come even the African Union Commission is going agreed in one of its recommendations to from countries, yes the AU will play its to be implementing a Junior Professionals set aside 2% of national budgets to deal traditional role of providing information and Program based on previous experience with with it. How would this be achieved? facilitating the consultation among member the AU youth volunteer scheme and we are A: For one, we went to the Meeting of the states on whom and what criteria would also getting a lot of requests from partners African Ministers of Finance and Economy to determine this common candidate. who now want young professionals from propose this idea of percentage allocation Africa. I think in terms of implementation rate, and they just said very clearly – civil society Q: Related to that is also the mobilisation its significant. More countries are requesting professionals and activists cannot just on the post-2015 agenda. As you also to train the AU youth volunteers. More distribute the national budget, there is know, the MDGs did not take into specific countries are giving us volunteers to be something called National Accounting and detail the needs of young people, trained and are funding and supporting it and from what many organisations and especially in Africa. How would the AU more countries are taking part in the recommendations have suggested for use its clout to facilitate a common initiatives that are been proposed at bilateral education, health e.t.c. If we put all of it position for youth around the post-2015 levels. So theres a lot going on. together, we are already looking at 120% of agenda? the budget of countries, which is not realistic. A: I will tell you that we already have a history Q: The African Youth Charter has been seen as one of such instruments where the African Union has enjoyed massive support from countries. It is reportedly one of very few documents and charters that in the space of few years has gotten more than twenty five member state ratification. How was this feat achieved? A: I think the first thing I need to even mention on that is that as part of the decisions, the Heads of States said that the Africa Peer Review Mechanism should expand its indicators to include the African Youth Charter, that exercise has been completed and now we are at the stage where we will be sending a youth expert with all APRM country So, one of the things that is making sense for of ensuring that African youth issues are on missions. We will produce monographs of all us is to understand what percentage of the the global agenda. We did it in Mexico (the country reviews and we are going to be GDP growth we need to achieve on the Global Youth Summit) in 2010, we did it in working with the Ministry of Youth in member continent for us to have a 2% reduction in New York ( UN High Level Meeting on Youth states to ensure that there is a youth on all youth unemployment and that discussion Development) in 2011, and in 2012. We have national Governing Councils of APRM at has begun, we have been part of several already started talking with the different country levels. We have also now began to conversation to now analyse this. These are stakeholders and we have been part of make efforts to establish a High Level the dimensions, youth employment is not several consultations around post-2015 and Taskforce on the Right of Youth and within going to be achieved only by giving young the youth agenda for Africa. How this is going that same framework use the National people training in entrepreneurship, the to be elaborated is still going to depend on Human Rights institutions to ensure economy should be able to absorb the what structures have been created by the enforcement and accountability. I gave all of people who have the skills and be United Nations, but in a few months from this first to say the African Youth Charter is industrialised enough to utilise those skills now, there will be a delegation of the African not just ratified by thirty countries, we have and pay for it. Emphasis will now become Union to the United Nations to fashion a moved beyond just ratification. This was how to equip young people to start engaging concrete activity and engage the African achieved because young people use their in issues of broad macro-economic sector Group at the UN to push forward the youth demographic value to ensure that they growth and inclusive growth. That is the next issues as part of the agenda. created a lot of awareness and information direction we are taking, to move the about it. I must say that a lot of countries had discussions from just employment to Q: Overall, what direction will the AU be to respond because of the concern about employment that is part of a broader macro- looking at towards youth development in youth and their ability to organise and economic target. the coming years? challenge the status quo. At the political level, A: I think that its taking a better shape, a that was one of the reasons why the charter Q: At the global level, the UN is trying to structured shape and more resources are was widely ratified. It also shows that there implement a new youth strategy and one coming in. What we are looking forward to is are some interest somewhere politically of the focus of that is to appoint a Special delivering in the next few years the minimum speaking to respond to the issues of youth, Adviser on Youth to the UN Secretary status and standard for which a young however vague as it may be in terms of General. At the last COMYIV, one of the person in Africa lives will be transformed implementation, youth organisations played recommendations was to ensure that the comprehensively and integratedly. a lot of role to making sure that more strategy is implemented and also Q: Thank you for your time countries ratified and are ratifying. possibly endorse and support an African A: Thank you very much. candidate. Whats the take of the AU on Q; Youth Unemployment is growing this? bigger by the day on the African An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 10
  11. 11. A B A Saba Badi, Jawol Vera and Bockarie Ensah at the AYP West Africa Regional Meeting in 2011 B L-R Robert Nkwangu, Helder Malauene, Shaymar, Ibrahim Ceesay, Jess Auberch and Christian Kam at the UN Summit in New York 2010 C AYP west Africa group in Tamale, the Northern region of Ghana CINTRODUCING THE AFRICA COMMISSIONOF PRACTICE (AFCOP) TAYANI BANDAThe Africa Commission of Practice using practical tools for strategic Development Bank (AfDB) in Tunis. The(AfCoP) is a bilingual virtual community planning, risk management, progress AfDB has subsequently approved fundsof over 1,400 members in over 40 monitoring, and outcome evaluation. for implementation of certain activitiesAfrican countries and partner countries. AfCoP concentrates on the following under the AfCoP project. I am privilegedMost members work in African areas of action, Strengthening Country to be in the Core Management Team thatgovernments, civil society, and as Capacity to Manage for Results, guides the activities of AfCoP. Under thatindependent results experts in the field. Improving the Relevance and project, there is a proposal to develop aIts core mission is to build African Effectiveness of Aid, and Fostering a concept for youth involvement, coinedcapacity to manage for development Global Partnership. The international “Youth for Development Results”. I am inresults through sharing experiences, community agreed to operate under five the team to work on the concept note.networking and building strong learning principles; Focus the dialogue on results This very brief introduction is partrelationships between practitioners in at all phases of the development request for contribution for ideas to inputAfrica and around the world. Managing process; Align actual programming, into this concept note. Seefor Development Results (MfDR) is one monitoring, & evaluation activities with h t t p : / / w w w. c o p - m f d r -of the pillars of the Paris Declaration on agreed results; Keep results reporting africa.org/page/about-afcop to readAid Effectiveness that was developed in system as simple, cost-effective, and more about AfCoP and MfDR WhatParis France, by Development partners, user-friendly as possible; Use results should this concept look like? WhatAid recipients and other partners in information for management learning activities can foster youth action ind e v e l o p m e n t . S e e and decision making, as well as for managing for development results? Etc.(http://www.oecd.org/development/a reporting and accountability;ideffectiveness/34428351.pdf ). MfDR Manage for, not by, results. Tayani Vincent Banda AfCoP was initially supported by a Economist- World Bank Deskis a management strategy that focuses Ministry of Financeon using performance information to secretariat that was housed at the World Debt and Aid Management Divisionimprove decision making and involves Bank in Washington D.C. till the past few months when it migrated to the African An in-house publication of the African Youth PanelAYPNEWSLETTER 11
  12. 12. Compiled and Edited by Rotimi Olawale Twitter: @rotexonline to contact the African youth Panel, visit www.africanyouthpanel.org, or email: info@africanyouthpanel.org For comments and feedback on this newsletter, please email Rotimi Olawale on rotimi.olawale@africanyouthpanel.org Design support by Damilola Ade, Sprout Consult. info@sproutconsult.comABOUT AYP The African Youth Panel (AYP) is a non-profit and non-governmental platform of participation and exchange among youths in Africa, promoting the culture of development and implementing local, national and regional initiatives. The African Youth Panel (AYP) was initiated under support of the Danish NGO Forum in spring of 2008 to enable African youths give inputs into the Danish Africa Commission processes. The project for the establishment of the Panel was funded by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The panel is currently funded by the Roskilde Festival Society and the Danish Government. w: http://africanyouthpanel.org/ e: info@africanyouthpanel.org https://www.facebook.com/pages/African-Youth-Panel-AYP/118468611561772