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Sap Solution Manager Business Process Monitoring Of A Sap Crm Solution


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SAP Solution Manager as a tool for an organization\'s BPM or Service Level Management function. A SAP CRM Application is used as an example - Presented at SAPPHIRE 09

Sap Solution Manager Business Process Monitoring Of A Sap Crm Solution

  2. 2. [ Learning Points  Learn how to take advantage of the business process monitoring capabilities of Solution Manager  Learn how Solution Manager's business process and interface monitoring can add value to your Information Technology Organization‟s end-to-end solution operations  Learn how Solution Manager can meet the business process monitoring needs of the business  Learn where Solution Manager is not the appropriate tool for BPM Real Experience. Real Advantage. 2
  3. 3. [ Return on Investment  Leverage the existing tools you have at your disposal to enhance your organization‟s service levels. Software Acquisition Costs = 0  Locate the education resources available to you today to teach you how to implement Solution Manager driven Business Process Monitoring External Training Costs = 0  Learn how to configure self-service business process monitoring and reporting minimizing IT support hours Monthly IT SLA Reporting Effort => Decreasing to zero  Improve :  Customer Satisfaction  User Efficiencies  Solution Availability Real Experience. Real Advantage. 3
  4. 4. [ Does Your Organization Have?  A Business Process Management Team focused on Design, Optimization and Monitoring is described  The team can increase revenue, shorten business processes, reduce expenses etc.  The team will should have a charter, staffing and funding  Tools have been acquired, implemented and the team is knowledgeable in their use  A focus on the Information Technology Organization's service levels and processes increases Customer-Sat  This presentation is also relevant for those individuals who come from organizations where a BPM Team has not been established. Where BPM has a lower priority; headcount and funding are constrained and the focus is elsewhere. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 4
  5. 5. [ What We‟ll Cover …  BPM Pilot Project: Deductions Management  Solution Manager  E2E Solution Operations  Business Process Monitoring - CRM  Wrap-up Real Experience. Real Advantage. 5
  6. 6. [ International Beverage Bottling and Distribution Company Using SAP  $19.8 billion (USD) annual • 74,000 employees revenue • Approximately 450 facilities  42 billion physical cases • 55,000 vehicles • 2.4 million pieces of equipment  46 of the states in the U.S.A., (vending, cooling, etc.) Canada, Great Britain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, France Real Experience. Real Advantage. 6
  7. 7. [ Business Issue  Accounts receivable and customer account management processes are consolidated into regional billing centers.  SAP Deductions Management Cockpit provides a more comprehensive view of the customer‟s financial history  Information accumulated to provide a 360 degree view of the customer/company business relationship  SAP FSCM (Financial Supply Chain Management) includes a more streamlined handling of billing disputes and collections  Additional applications support the business process and must be integrated  Legacy Route Management System to take orders, deliver product and handle collections  Imaging system to scan and index invoices with signatures and notations  System to track and document customer discounts and incentives Real Experience. Real Advantage. 7
  8. 8. [ Financials – Accounts Receivable SAP R/3 BASIS Billing Billing Non R/3 Run monthly statements ZF.27 ASCORE Run Dunning F.150 Non R/3 Lockbox (FLBP) VITRIA Residual documents (overpayment/underpaym Non R/3 ents) Clear open items SAPF124, F-30 CMA Non R/3 Write Off Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  9. 9. [ Deductions Management Application  The timely delivery of results from several SAP and non SAP Applications needed to be orchestrated  Information was processed by multiple systems (BASIS, AS/Core Vitria) on its way to the SAP BW and R/3 Systems  The normal 24 hour fulfillment cycle ran 24x7 with a preference for off hours and weekend deliveries. Adding on the Sales Centers daily close and it could be 72 hours before delivery and invoicing information passed through multiple legacy systems to show up in the financial system.  Some customers were immediate payment others net 30  Invoices could be scanned on site or mailed but the images needed to be indexed and available to the Deductions Management Clerk  SAP Deductions Management remained in only two of the A/R centers past the original enterprise wide deployment date until issues were addressed Real Experience. Real Advantage. 9
  10. 10. [ Availability and Service Level Management  A team was established with the responsibility for improving application availability  A core team was augmented with a virtual team of representatives from different parts of the IT Organization  UNIX Systems Administrators  zOS and DB2 Systems Administrators  iSeries Systems Adminstrators  IS Operations  Production Control and Scheduling  Systems Management Software Support Specialists  Client Support Center (Help Desk)  Basis Administrators Real Experience. Real Advantage. 10
  11. 11. [ Deduction Management R/3 Manual Clarification Over / Underpayment Create Residual Items Justified Unjustified Assignment of owners Write Off Clean Up Re-bill the customer J4I3 Notes Tickler per clerk Master Data Documents without actions Get paid Long term - Write off Sets priority, outcome Collection code, assignment, action Management code Dunning To Do List Process Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  12. 12. [ Six Sigma Utilized  Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC)  Define: Set the context and objectives of your improvement project  Measure: Determine the baseline performance and capability of the process or system you‟re improving  Analyze: Use data and tools understand the cause-and-effect relationships in your process or system  Improve: Develop the modifications that lead to a validated improvement in your process or system  Control: Establish plans and procedures to ensure your improvements are sustained  Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a process and subsequently business performance  Proven methodology Real Experience. Real Advantage. 12
  13. 13. [ Six Sigma – Why?  A partner company had successfully exploited Six Sigma and was willing to support its use within our company:  Six Sigma Green Belt Training was available to our staff  A Six Sigma Center of Excellence had been established  Projects were supported with tools and Six Sigma Black Belt Advisors Leverage existing tools, organizational competencies, established departments and initiatives whenever possible. Tip Real Experience. Real Advantage. 13
  14. 14. MSeconds MSeconds MSeconds 100 200 300 400 0 0 500 1000 0 500 1000 06/… 07/… 06/1… 06/1… 08/… 06/2… 07/1… 9/4… 07/1… 10/… 8/21… 10/… 07/2… 9/25… 11/… 08/0… 10/3… 12/… 8/21… 12/4… 1/2… 9/4/… 9/18… 1/8-… 2/1… 2/12… DATE Real Experience. Real Advantage. 3/1… 10/2… DATE DATE 4/1… 10/1… 3/19… 5/1… 10/3… 4/23… 6/1… 11/1… 5/28… 7/1… 11/2… 7/09… 8/1… 12/1… 8/13… FB03 Display Document ZFBL5N Customer Line Items 9/1… F-30 POST WITH CLEARING 12/2… 9/17… Transactions with Solution No of Dialogue No. of Dialogue No. of Steps Steps Dialogue 0 200,000 400,000 Steps 200,000 400,000 600,000 0 0 1,000,000 2,000,000 06/… 06/1… 07/… 07/0… 8/2… 07/2… 9/2… 10/… 08/1… 12/… Throughput 9/4/… 1/8-… 9/25… 2/1… DATE DATE 3/1… DATE 10/1… 4/2… 11/6/… 5/2… 11/2… 7/0… FB03 Display Document 8/1… ZFBL5N Customer Line Items 12/1… F-30 POST WITH CLEARING 9/1… [ Track Response Time and Manager of Important R/3 14
  15. 15. [ IT Service Management - Service Delivery Processes Utilized Service Level Availability Management Capacity Management Management Maintain and improve IT Providing the sustained Ensuring that the service quality, through a level of availability capacity and performance constant cycle of required by the business needs of the business are agreeing, monitoring and in a cost effective manner being met reporting on IT service achievements IT Service Continuity Service Desk Financial Management Management for IT Services Ensuring that the Cost-effective control and necessary IT services can management of the IT be recovered within the assets and the financial agreed business resources used in timescales delivering IT Services IT Infrastructure Real Experience. Real Advantage. 15
  16. 16. [ IT Service Management - Service Support Processes Configuration Incident Management Problem Management Management Identifying, controlling Focusing on the quick Getting to the root cause and verifying IT restoration of service of incidents and ensuring Components and their minimizing the impact to that permanent solutions Interrelationships. the business are deployed to prevent Provides information key reoccurrence to other processes Change Management Service Desk Release Management Minimizing the impact of Deployment of packaged change on the business changes reducing the through standardized impact of frequent one-off methods change implementations IT Infrastructure Real Experience. Real Advantage. 16
  17. 17. [ ITIL and Solution Manager  ITIL is “what has to be done”  SAP Solution Manager is “how it is to be done”  ITIL processes supported by Solution Manager:  Service Delivery  Service Support  Application Management Ref: SAP Solution Manager - ITIL Support, SAP Press Published 2005 We had a methodology and a set of defined best practices. What we needed next was the right tool for the job. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 17
  18. 18. [ Results of the BPM Pilot Project  The goal was to address all of the issues that kept the company from deploying the SAP supported accounts receivable process to all processing centers. Success was the deployment of the solution to all shared services centers.  A Six Sigma DMAIC Project was initiated with a goal of “Information on Glass” i.e. getting all of the Deductions Management Clerk‟s information to the screen.  Solution Manager v3.2 was valuable but other tools and custom development were used  Multiple dashboards were created to consolidate data from solution manager and third party applications.  Lesson Learned: BPM Added Value and Promoted Success Cost and Effort to Implement was High!!! Real Experience. Real Advantage. 18
  19. 19. [ What We‟ll Cover …  BPM Pilot Project: Deductions Management  Solution Manager  E2E Solution Operations  Business Process Monitoring - CRM  Wrap-up Real Experience. Real Advantage. 19
  20. 20. [ SAP Solution Manager  SAP Solution Manager is the centralized, solution management platform with functionality that covers all key aspects of solution deployment, operation, and continuous improvement. It combines tools, service content, and offers direct access to SAP to increase the reliability of solutions and lowers your total cost of ownership. (  SAP Solution Manager is the strategic communication and collaboration platform. Key Functionality • SAP Early Watch Alerts • Enable Delivery of SAP Services • Enable SAP Maintenance Optimizer • Central System Landscape Directory (SLD) This Key Functionality is the minimum requirement for any SAP Customer Real Experience. Real Advantage. 20
  21. 21. [ Solution Manager - Implementation Initial Steps  Hardware is in place and sized accordingly  OS and Database are loaded  Latest Solution Manager Software Staged and available  Including latest Solution Manager SP-Stacks to be applied  SAProuter Service Marketplace connection in place and operational  Operating System, Storage (if SAN-connected), and Network support is available on demand  Connectivity to systems in landscape to be supported Key Activities Week 1 Week 2 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 Site Assessment Review - Verify SAP Environ. Identify SAP Systems to be included in Landscape Install SAP Solution Manager Apply SolMan Support Packs SolMan IMG Configuration and Define SLD Apply OSS Notes/Service Configure and Test Maintenance Optimizer Complete Installation, Apply Service etc. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 21
  22. 22. [ SAP‟s Solution Manager Preparation Service  With the SAP Solution Manager Preparation Service you can expect to:  Verify the configuration of your SAP Solution Manager environment  Optimize the configuration of your SAP Solution Manager for service delivery  Enable the SAP Solution Manager as a delivery platform for remote and on-site SAP Support Services.  The SAP Solution Manager Preparation Service is part of the SAP Solution Manager Services program  This program offers you a series of services to keep your SAP solutions running optimally,  Improving return on investment and reducing the cost of operations  These services optimize applications and system operations. - For More Information Real Experience. Real Advantage. 22
  23. 23. [ What We‟ll Cover …  BPM Pilot Project: Deductions Management  Solution Manager  E2E Solution Operations  Business Process Monitoring - CRM  Wrap-up Real Experience. Real Advantage. 23
  24. 24. [ SAP Standards for E2E Solution Operations Implementation of Solution Monitoring SAP solutions  System monitoring  SAP methods & tools  Business process monitoring  Global rollout  Central system administration  Customizing sync.  EarlyWatch Alert / SLAs  E-learning mgmt.  Solution reporting  Test management Service Desk Upgrade of CORE  Manage Incidents SAP solutions BUSINESS  Problem Management  Manage Service  SAP methods & tools PROCESSES Connections  E-learning mgmt.  Integration of  Test management 3rd-party help desks  Root Cause Analysis Change Request Management  Manage regular and urgent corrections Delivery of  Manage hot news notes SAP Services  Manage support package stacks  Onsite/remote delivery  Issue Tracking © SAP 2007 Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  25. 25. [SAP shares world class support know-how SAP Standards for Solution Operations bring E2E Solution Operations to you! Solution Operations Standards  Define mission-critical operations processes  Provide Best Practices and Implementation Roadmaps  Based on a general organizational model  Trainings/Certifications are available The standards allow you to:  Increase business process availability © SAP 2007  Improve data consistency and transparency  Strengthen business process performance  Ensure maintainability and upgradeability of your solution landscape Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  26. 26. [ SAP Standards for Solution Operations  Incident Management  Minimum  Exception Handling Documentation  Business Process and  Remote Supportability Interface Handling  Data Volume  Data Integrity Management  Change Request  Job Scheduling Management Management  Upgrade  Transactional  eSOA Readiness Consistency  Root Cause Analysis  System Administration  Change Control  System Monitoring Management Real Experience. Real Advantage. 26
  27. 27. [ Solution Manager – Work Centers Work Centers …  Are role-based  Enable easy navigation for end users  Use a common interface for central administration of solutions  Support Service Level Management  Available Starting with SAP Solution Manager 4.0 (SP-stack 15) Available Work Centers  System Administration  Service Delivery  System Monitoring  Change Management  Incident Management  Solution Landscape and  Job Scheduling Management Operations Setup  Root Cause Analysis  Implementation and Upgrades  Business Process and Interface Monitoring Real Experience. Real Advantage. 27
  28. 28. [ What We‟ll Cover … Real Experience. Real Advantage. 28
  29. 29. [ What We‟ll Cover …  BPM Pilot Project: Deductions Management  Solution Manager  E2E Solution Operations  Business Process Monitoring - CRM  Wrap-up Real Experience. Real Advantage. 29
  30. 30. [ Starting Point for Business Process and Interface Monitoring concept Phases of a Software Implementation Project Technical Technical and Cutover Operations Strategic and Integration Operations and Start of and Continuous Framework Design Implementation Production Improvement Define and Implement the Create Start Continuous Monitoring a Monitoring Monitoring Improvement Concept Concept Ideal Starting Point: Creation of Monitoring concept started during the “Technical and Integration Design” phase of implementation project Later Starting Points: Establishing a Business Process and Interface Monitoring concept can be started during a later phase at any time during the productive operation of the business processes. Real Experience. Real Advantage. © SAP 2008 /
  31. 31. [ Implementation Methodology for Business Process and Interface Monitoring Define and Implement the Create Start Continuous Monitoring a Monitoring Monitoring Improvement Concept Concept Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Identify Identify Identify Define Define core process business monitoring monitoring business steps and requireme objects, activities processe interfaces nts alerts and s regarding thresholds process execution Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Define Assign Define Define Assign communic monitoring Reporting communic reporting ation and activities Objects ation and activities escalation to and escalation to procedure responsibl Reporting procedure responsibl s es Activities s es Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  32. 32. [ Activity Management Purpose Activity Management supports the sales and service process in all phases and provides information about all activities carried out to serve the customer. This scenario supports a sales process with various types of activities and tasks. Benefits Complete interaction history for Customer Complete integration with all CRM processes Evaluation and management of activities and relationships Effective tasks and time management CRM calendar integration Groupware calendar integration (Lotus Notes or Outlook) Prioritization of dates and tasks Team selling supported Business Roles Sales Manager Sales Employee Real Experience. Real Advantage. © SAP © SAP 2007 / Page 32 2008 /
  33. 33. [ Example – CRM Sales – Activity Management Visit Email Interaction Relationship Account Accounts & Planning Integration History Management Classification Contacts Activity Marketing Customer Fact Management Attributes Analysis Sheet 33 Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  34. 34. [ Solution Manager Monitoring Real Time Event Monitoring Activity Management Measure Response and Throughput Schedule activities  Response Time of Important Transactions  Quantity of Important Transactions Open Calendar Dialog Response Time Create Search • No. of Activities / Tasks activity/task activity/task CRM Analytics created  CRM Basic Sales • No. of Activities / Tasks in status „Open‟  CRM Activity Management  CRM Account and Contact Management Maintain activity/task  CRM Opportunity Management  CRM Territory Management Save activity/task Replicate activity/task with groupware Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  35. 35. [ What can Solution Manager Monitor? Alert Type Selection Options Business Activities/Tasks Business Transaction Category, # of Business Activities/Tasks created Business Transaction Type, Input Channel, Sales Organization, # of Business Activities/Tasks 'Open' Distribution Channel, Division, Created by, Older than x days, Previous Day Dialog Performance  per transaction and SAP instance  per transaction-specific function codes (CUA internal commands)  per transaction-specific function codes transferred in HTTP requests  per HTTP request  per program / function name in RFC call 35 Real Experience. Real Advantage.
  36. 36. [ Rule Based Monitoring of Events Create a MTE (Monitoring Tree Element) Class for Response Time Lifecycle Management -> Tip Operations for SAP Tutor Sessions on this activity Real Experience. Real Advantage. 36
  37. 37. [ Rule Based Monitoring of Events Operations can be messaged when response time goes red Monitoring on specific transaction codes is also available. Real Experience. Real Advantage. 37
  38. 38. [ Self Service CRM Analytics Available Cross-Scenario Analyses Active/Passive Analysis Industry-Specific Analyses Activities/Items per Activity Partner Entitlement Analyses Activities per Category (Employee Responsible, Document Level) Service Analyses Activity Details Interaction Channel Analyses Activity History Cross-Application Performance Activity Partner with Open Activities Analyses Distribution of Activities per Customer Analyses Organizational Unit Product Analyses Intensity of Customer Care by Marketing Analyses Employee (Sales Manager Portal) Digital Asset Management Intensity of Customer Care by Partner Analysis (Sales Manager Portal) My Team's Planned Activities Sales Analyses Number of Activities per Category Rebate Processing Analyses Planned Activities E-Analytics AND EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!! Partner and Channel Analytics Search CRM Suite Keyword: Analytics Real Experience. Real Advantage. 38
  39. 39. [ Interface Monitoring Example – CRM Service Check for “Error in Distribution” Dialog • No. of Documents created SAP ERP SAP CRM • No. of Documents in Response Time Create Service Quotation status „Open‟, „In Process„ Dialog or „Erroneous‟ Response Time Create Service Order • No. of Work Orders • No. of Documents created Created • No. of Documents in • No. of Work Orders Dialog Determine Valid Warranty status „Open‟, „In Process„ Response Time Overdue or „Erroneous‟ Create Work Order Create Service and Sales • No. of Documents 'To be Order Items Distributed„ / Error in Distribution Determine Service Contract Post Goods Issue for Release Service Order Solution Spare Parts Manager Transfer Working Create Confirmation Time via CATS shines when No. of Invoices Created Close Confirmation multiple Create Invoice components Create Invoice Transfer Invoice to are Release Invoice FI/CO No. of Invoices not involved!!! Transferred to FI Real Experience. Real Advantage. 39
  40. 40. [ Communicating Information on Business Processes  Information Reporting – Communication Channels SMS Text Page for immediate notification Dashboard where status is immediately accessible Reports – Consistent Delivery of categorized KBIs Interactive Reporting – Use of Information Analytics  Workflow – Measure with regard to Event and Response Cycle: Response Time/Duration Number of events in queue Types of Responses Real Experience. Real Advantage. 40
  41. 41. [ Putting it all Together – Service Desk Example Purpose  This scenario describes the typical activities of an interaction center agent for customer service interacting with a customer by e-mail or by telephone. Key Points  Interaction Center WebClient  Inbound phone call processing  E-mail handling (receipt and reply)  Extensive business partner information  Problem and solution search in a knowledge database using Software Agent Framework (SAF)  Creation of service tickets and processing of related data (installed base components, contracts, service level agreements, warranties) Business IC Agent Service IC Manager Roles Real Experience. Real Advantage. 41
  42. 42. [ Solution Manager Monitored Components CRM ApplServer - ABAP Service Order Management IC Web Client – User GUI Dialogue Response Time for: TREX – Knowledge Repository Create Service Order SAP BI – Data Analytics Create Activity/Task SAPConnect – E-mail Services Search Activity/Task RFC Queues – Exchange Data No of Documents Created between Systems No of Documents – Open, In Process or Erroneous qRFC Alert Monitoring No of Documents - Error in Blocked queues Distribution Status of R&R Queue Demon (CRM) Status of R&R Queues (CRM) Size of Queue Queues on hold Real Experience. Real Advantage. 42
  43. 43. [ Self Service CRM Analytics Available Cross-Scenario Analyses Interaction Center Analytics Industry-Specific Analyses Service Ticket Overview Entitlement Analyses Open Service Tickets Open Service Ticket History Service Analyses Average Lead Time Interaction Channel Analyses E-Mail Response Management Cross-Application Performance System Analytics Analyses Interaction Modeling and Evaluation Customer Analyses Interactive Scripting Evaluation Product Analyses IC: Connection Volume Marketing Analyses IC: Connection Volume (in Time Digital Asset Management Intervals) Analysis IC: Transfers IC: Transfers (in Time Intervals) Sales Analyses Interaction Statistics in Time Intervals Rebate Processing Analyses (General) E-Analytics AND EVEN MORE!!!!!!!!! Partner and Channel Analytics Search CRM Suite Keyword: Analytics Real Experience. Real Advantage. 43
  44. 44. [ CRM Business Process Monitoring - Summary  Solution Manager can define and monitor a solution  Resident on One System  That is a Business Process that Spans Applications  BPM Reporting is Available via  CRM Analytics (Internal)  BI (External)  Solution Manager  Who is the Consumer of the Information?  End Users Prefer CRM Analytics and BI  IT Analyst and Technical Administrators Prefer Solution Manager Real Experience. Real Advantage. 44
  45. 45. [ What We‟ll Cover …  BPM Pilot Project: Deductions Management  Solution Manager  E2E Solution Operations  Business Process Monitoring - CRM  Wrap-up Real Experience. Real Advantage. 45
  46. 46. [ Using Solution Manager BPM – Lessons Learned  Component Monitoring generates event notifications. Incident management process begins before the first user calls  Regular reporting of Solution Manager information to the functional user is only important  When the information is changing often  When the information is relevant and not accessible through the Application‟s Analytics  When a longer running problem exists waiting for resolution e.g. dialogue response time issues  Dashboards are a good solution for consistently reporting information to a wider audience. Report Card of Key Business Indicators  Business users prefer their application‟s built in analytics over solution manager - Leverage what is already available  Solution Manager is first and foremost a tool for IT and not for end- users Real Experience. Real Advantage. 46
  47. 47. [ Resources  SAP Service Marketplace references *       SAP Solution Manager E-Learning (Free!!!!)   More Free Education and Training  e-Learning * Requires login credentials to the SAP Service Marketplace Real Experience. Real Advantage. 47
  48. 48. [ Resources (cont.)  ITIL references    Americas‟ SAP Users‟ Group   Review SIG pages for Systems Management, Business Process Architecture and Solution Manager, Real Experience. Real Advantage. 48
  49. 49. [ Resources – SAP Solution Manager 2009 Edition  Complete reference to SAP Solution Manager, by Marc O. Schäfer and Matthias Melich (SAP Press)  Concept of SAP Solution Manager and its strategic importance for application management and cooperation with a strong reference to ITIL  Comprehensive approach to the complete portfolio along the lifecycle (all functions, tools, and processes, including third-party integration)  Detailed customer field-reports deliver insight into first-hand, practical experience Real Experience. Real Advantage. © SAP 2008 /
  50. 50. [ Resources – SAP IT Services & Application Management  Pocket guide on SAP‟s ITIL adaptation, by Liane Will and Sabine Schöler (SAP Press)  Adaptation and enhancement for requirements of SAP operations according to the ITIL standard, particularly for application management processes and integration processes between IT Service and application management  SAP tools and services supporting the implementation of processes  Reference to the optimization of business German edition, March 2006 management in the environment of ISBN: 3-89842-795-1 English edition, June 2006 ISBN-10: 1592290949 Real Experience. Real Advantage. SAP landscapes © SAP 2008 /
  51. 51. [ Key Learnings  Leverage existing Business Process improvement initiatives, resources and methodologies (Six Sigma and ITIL IT Service Management)  Solution Manager is available at your organization  SAP Standards for E2E Solution Operations is the roadmap  Metrics on Availability, Response Time and Scale are the easiest to derive  BPM projects can be oriented around issue resolution and problem solving and not necessarily continuously ongoing  Always review the business process analytics that are shipped from SAP before creating new ones  Free Solution Manager Training can be found in the SAP Service Marketplace Real Experience. Real Advantage. 51
  52. 52. [ Your Turn! Robert Max | Mobile: 770.403.4278 | Email: 925 North Point Parkway Suite 160 Alpharetta, GA 30005 Real Experience. Real Advantage. 52
  53. 53. [  Thank you for participating. Please remember to complete and return your evaluation form following this session. For ongoing education on this area of focus, visit the Year- Round Community page at ] [ SESSION CODE: 4608 Real Experience. Real Advantage. 53