Writing skills a must have


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How to distinguish yourself as a top candidate via your writing skills.

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Writing skills a must have

  1. 1. HR McNeilly, LLC. 8891 Brighton Ln, Ste 103 Bonita Springs, FL 34135 Ph: (239) 478-7409 www.hrmcneilly.com bob@hrmcneilly.com Writing Skills: “A Must Have” for Job Seekers and Those Seeking Upward Career Mobility No offense, but it has been my observation that many candidates find it difficult to express their ideas in writing and many business people write 25 pages when only a few carefully crafted paragraphs are all that is needed (or desired). The best candidates (both externally and internally) are easily identified by their writing skills. They are clear thinkers who write short impactful paragraphs in all their written communications. HR McNeilly, LLC. is a “Diversity Supplier” and has been certified by the Veterans Administration as a “Veteran Owned Small Business.” Their e-mails are concise and crisp. They choose their words carefully, always wondering if there is a better way of writing it to get it exactly right. PowerPoint presentations are now opportunities to showcase their writing ability. Banished are the poorly designed slides with too much information to read letter by letter. Candidates beware: those who can’t write well will be painfully obvious to all. Ask any writer when they will have their final draft prepared and they’ll certainly ask “When is it due?” Writers are continuously rewriting line by line, word by word, and paragraph by paragraph. In business, when someone e-mails me or sends HR Dept: as a new startup, I will me their resume I’m evaluating their writing skills (word for give you a better deal on a case word, line by line). by case basis depending upon your needs and timeframe. Today’s superstars (those that get hired and/or promoted) are those who can connect through writing. There is too much competition available for too few opportunities. Companies not only want the best qualified, but also the best communicators. If you feel you need to improve your writing skills, then I highly recommend you seek out some training or take some English courses. Your long term success can only benefit from becoming a better writer. Nowadays, I find better writing tools on the internet. I’m still a work in progress. And sometimes, I write poorly to see if anyone is paying attention. That is also a good answer when someone points out something wrong with your writing (just testing to see if you’d notice). Now that is having fun with writing! Robert H. McNeilly MSM, SPHR Executive Recruiter Like this article? Share with your network and select “Follow” on the “HR McNeilly, LLC.” company page. Page 1 of 1