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Intelligent online marketing for medical by HipVUE, Inc 786 344 1383


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HipVUE, Inc is aware that technology has altered our business models in ways that are still being measured. We have a choice to adapt to the changing market conditions & triggers, and survive by taking the right steps with intelligent information to support our decisions.

As such, I have developed an intelligent solution for improving three imperative concerns that practices must always strive to satisfy; patient communications, business marketing, and cost reduction.

We understand that there is some differences between ‘consumer’ and ‘patient.’ We also know that both consumers & patients are using the same online, mobile, and social media technology in their everyday lives. It is imperative that you leverage the latest tools & concepts for growing your practice.

Simply Having A Web Site Is Not Enough

The nexus for these elements is your web site. If your office or practice web site does not deliver the right information, in the manner in which patients are most accustom; you stand a chance of losing that budding relationship.

Even if you had a presence developed five years ago; the online landscape continues to evolve, and updates are certainly necessary to meet user expectations. This is an opportunity for you to update your website, and drive new business using proven online tactics.

As such, I have developed an intelligent solution for improving three imperative concerns that practices must always strive to satisfy; patient communications, business marketing, and cost reduction.

Intelligent online marketing for medical by HipVUE, Inc 786 344 1383

  1. 1. Local Digital Advertising for Medical Organizations Robert Gonzalez 7863441383 Presented by:
  2. 2. Medical Practices are not using online Marketing effectively – Often a Stale Online Message – Digital User Interaction is Low – Poor Local Search Visibility – Sporadic Lead Generation – Expensive Cadillac Marketing Programs – Improper Scaling for Practice Model – Old Methods Lost in the Noise The root cause for these problems rests with the tools chosen for the task at hand.
  3. 3. Use online Marketing effectively: 1) Build a Local Customer Following Online 2) Create “Pre-Visit Digital Personal Relationships” 3) Be Found when Local “Buyers” Search 1) Before the need 2) During the need 4) Leverage Positive Reviews 5) Unify the Marketing Message Across Platforms 6) Steer Campaigns “By the Numbers” 7) Deploy Results-Only Strategy
  4. 4. • Every medical practice should have a useful website • Website Pages Should Include – About Us & Philosophy – Services / Specialty – Map & Directions – Contact Form • Appointment Request Form – Patient Testimonials – Mobile Version – Blog with Original Articles
  5. 5. The Right Message for the Right Patient – Unique to Practice / Model • Use existing patient roster as a profiling tool – Age / Occupation / Interests – Record Key Indicators – Discover Like-Audiences Online – Commonalities • Patients want; – A medical professional who cares – To trust you are doing for “them,” and not “you.” – Triggers • Immediate Need • Preparation • Responsibility
  6. 6. Features  Built-in FAQ  Staff Features  Contact Form  Built in SEO Plugin  Clear Services Listing  Patient Forms Engine  Auto Slideshow Posts  Shortcode Navigation  News & Events Calendar  Appointment CSV output  Full Color Customization  Full Image Customization  Google Maps Integration  Social Media Connections Benefits  No need to build web site from scratch  All site requirements vetted & included  Common Platform  Install Theme , Populate & GO  Intelligent home page layout  Turn-key offer to medical offices.  Solves medical industry-specific web site aesthetic & functional shortfalls  Appointment engine builds database.  Reduces staff telephone time  Increases patient feedback  Uncovers hidden needs  Uniquely Scalable
  7. 7. Some Segments to Target – Patients gravitate towards trust & experience • Be unique, and active in discussions; • Compete through local trigger keywords – Those seeking services upon receiving benefits • Stay top of mind, and have presence in similar markets – Dissatisfied patients seeking replacement • Compete for Trigger Keywords – Referrals • Enable easy referrals and testimony review
  8. 8. Social Media – Facebook & Twitter Offers the Relationship Opportunity • Near Real Time Interaction • Significant Local Reach Ability – Requires the Most Attention • Weekly / Daily Updates • Meaningful Offers • Questions require expert advice • Promotional Support – Content Suggestions • Checkup Reminders • Health Facts • Featured Staff
  9. 9. Google Places – Offers the Greatest Local Search Opportunity • Site visitors locate your business profile, which is matched based on their search text and location • Significant for Local Reach – Local buyers actively seeking services – Requires • Write Up & Base Content • Three Video Testimonials • Feedback from Customers
  10. 10. Paid Search Engine Optimization – Target the keywords used by local consumers; • Searching for a new practice • Looking for pain relief or cosmetics • Regular care reminders – Campaign Goals • Run for one to three months+ • Local position page 1, upper page placement • Support Facebook and website • Place visitors into funnel to receive consultation or related info/products.
  11. 11. Strategy Summary – Personal Branding & Relationships – Marketing Vehicles & Requirements – Factors for Differentiating Your Business • Can deploy in as little as 14 days • Online marketing focus in your industry • Proven methods & tactics You can personally deploy this strategy in 6 to 8 weeks… however; HipVUE, Inc. only needs one quick meeting or phone call to get started
  12. 12. CORE PRODUCTS A. Medical Website $499 – Full Configuration – 2 week deployment B. Medical Website SEO $599 – Enhance Content – 2 week deployment C. Facebook Fan Page & Twitter $399 – Profile Optimization – Custom Images D. Google+ & Places $299 – Profile Optimization – Custom Images E. Triple Play Bundle $997 – Receive core products B,C,D Save Over $300 Monthly Management (Optional) A - Website Maintenance & Support $199 B - Social Media Maintenance Once Per Week $199 C - Social Media Maintenance Once Per Day $499 Save $99 Get A & B For Only $299 Save $200 Get A & C For Only $499 Phone/Email Tech Support Included HipVUE, Inc. will deploy and steward your marketing campaign with tangible results as the primary goal. Our competitive rates are sure to please the bottom line. Base hourly rate is $125 per hour.
  13. 13. A Premier Marketing Partner – Robert Gonzalez – HipVUE, Inc. – 2504 NE 41st Ave, Homestead, FL. 33033 – 786-344-1383 – –