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SDVOB Part 2 - Left Brain: Right Results!


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Learn more about budgets, calculating and
applying provisional billing rates and the ultimate
year-end reconciliation. I’ll show you how to avoid
the common mistakes with best practices you can
apply to your business immediately. Then, we’ll
explore real ways you can plan for success with
accurate and timely budgets with consistent
monitoring of rates.

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SDVOB Part 2 - Left Brain: Right Results!

  1. 1. Part 2: Left Brain: Right Results! Elite SDOVB Conference 2015
  2. 2. Positive Share
  3. 3. Safety Check FAR update – increased acquisition thresholds effective October 1, 2015
  4. 4. Success Blocks Budget & Reporting Provisional Billing Rates Incurred Cost Proposal
  5. 5. Poll How many business owners in attendance? Business size less than $10M? Business size less than $20M? Business size less than $50M? How many of you prepare budgets annually? How many of you prepare budgets for a 3- or 5- year period?
  6. 6. Budget & Reporting You need a budget! Annual With projections Adjust baseline for significant change Regular reporting and reconciliation
  7. 7. Budget & Reporting What’s your method? Start with last year actuals Bottom-up Top-down
  8. 8. Budget & Reporting Common mistakes Starting late Not adjusting for significant changes Not updating provisional billing rates
  9. 9. Budget & Reporting Best practices Starting early Monthly review of budget to actual Quarterly review of rates Get management in a room
  10. 10. Sample Budget
  11. 11. Poll How many of you have few or no billing issues? How many of you believe your provisional billing rates are accurate? How many of you implement new rates in a timely manner?
  12. 12. Provisional Billing Rates Common mistakes Late approval Late implementation Over- and Under-Billing
  13. 13. Provisional Billing Rates Best practices Get approval as soon as budget complete Implement rates Jan 1 or other relevant date Work to minimize billing variance
  14. 14. Rate Calculator
  15. 15. Poll How many of you have contract requirements to submit the Incurred Cost Proposal? How many complete it voluntarily? How many complete and submit on-time?
  16. 16. Incurred Cost Proposal Start with the end in mind ICP Model Adequacy Checklist
  17. 17. Incurred Cost Proposal Common mistakes Starting late Manual data entry One person
  18. 18. Incurred Cost Proposal Best practices Complete even if not required Start at year-end – don’t’ wait! Populate data in your system This is a team effort!
  19. 19. Planning for Success Prepare budgets in a timely manner Implement and review rates on a regular basis Complete ICP before next round of budgets
  20. 20. Additional Resources Password: LongBeach
  21. 21. Questions?
  22. 22. Thank you! Robert E. Jones (614) 556-4415