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Os&e procurement process sep 2013-3


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I offer a pre-opening procurement package for OS&E and assistance with procurement of customized furniture (FF&E). In essence I act on behalf of the Client, to ensure value for money and correct standards of equipment. Register for more information
Benefits Clients obtain quality products direct from manufacturers, at factory prices. Process is fully transparent and all supplier discounts are for the benefit of the client.

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Os&e procurement process sep 2013-3

  1. 1. +(33) 6 27336130 Procurement Package Equipment (OS&E) for New Hotel Projects
  2. 2. Hotel Equipment Services 3
  3. 3.  Hotel owners should not under estimate the value of equipment (OS&E) required for a new hotel project. This can often amount to many millions of Euros.  A professional OS&E specialist is essential to negotiate the best terms and conditions and ensure savings , for large projects, of hundreds of thousands of Euros . Hotel Equipment Services 4 The Challenge
  4. 4.  Hotel owners and operators should not underestimate the diversity, complexity and quantity of products required for a large luxury hotel.  Over 5000 products each with a choice of specifications, and suppliers, from many different countries, , is a lot to manage.  Professional expertise is essential to avoid the nightmare scenario of late deliveries, goods unsafe and not conforming to standards, as well as serious over or under expenditure.
  5. 5. I am an independent EU based consultant, specialising in procurement for international hotel projects. My 20 years of procurement experience, within a multi brand international hotel environment, along with my vast network of suppliers, allows Clients to leverage spend and also product and supplier knowledge.
  6. 6. I offer a pre-opening procurement package for hotel equipment ( OS&E) and assistance with customized furniture (FF&E). In essence I act on behalf of the Client, to ensure value for money and correct standards of equipment. My commitment is to quality and cost control.
  7. 7. A Preparation of scope of purchases and schedule. B Analysis of hotel configuration, location and local needs . C Preparation of budgets estimates (using my powerful luxury hotel budget cost models) D Preparation of detailed customised OS&E lists (5000 items) online, on excel With quantities and specifications. Alternatively review Client's own lists. E Guidance on suppliers, manufacturers. luxury hotel standards & brands. Preparation of E-book mood boards. F Client review process (lists, budgets, specs, samples, table top & model room review). Preparation of -bills of quantities & materials G Preparation of schedules(time and tasks). H. Preparation of processes and procedures and agreement with Client reports requirements .
  8. 8. I Tender process then purchase recommendations. (PR) J Purchase orders & payments to suppliers.( by Client) K Coordination of warehousing , consolidation, logistics and shipments Coordination of delivery/receiving Movement of goods from store to rooms. Coordination of installation. L Finalisation including compliance with quality requirements. Ad hok FF&E/main contract products)
  9. 9. i. Client emails the hotel configuration (eg number of bed rooms, restaurant sizes). ii. I prepare a fee proposal scope of purchases and time plan overview. iii. Client reviews, accepts (or rejects) the proposal. iv. Client emails the operating policies, operators standards, plans & room layouts,if available. v. I review the above in terms of other OS&E needs. vi. I prepare a detailed budget list with quantities and generic specs (on excel or online) . Alternatively I review the Clients own OS&E lists in terms of itandards and ensure operators brand and supplier requirements are met. I check that quantities are reasonable. vii. The OS&E lists are reviewed with Client . viii. I cross check (if made available) the kitchen, laundry and designers scope to ensure that there are no double or nil counting ix. I offer guidance on processes, control and procedures. x. I prepare the schedule (time and tasks).
  10. 10. xi. I prepare the bills of quantities & materials. xii. I tender to the suppliers agreed with Client/operator (equal and approved suppliers ) . xiii. I organises samples and brochures for Client review. xiv. I organise table top presentation, banquet furniture presentation, model room samples presentation. xv. I ensure Devil in the detail•analysis of quotations. xvi. I negotiate terms and prices, to ensure value for money. xvii. I prepare a summary of the best deals & purchase recommendations for the owners to consider. xviii. Once the best quote has been selected I prepare a file for the Client containing purchase request, supplier quote, terms and conditions. xix. Normally the Client places the orders direct with suppliers. Alternatively I place the orders on behalf of the Client. xx. I track & progress orders. xxi. I coordinate the logistics, tracking, deliveries and installation. xxii. Finalisatiion process
  11. 11. Guest Area Rooms Bathrooms Corridors Other facilities Public Area Front of house Bars and restaurants Public WC Fitness centers Conference and banqueting Back of house Kitchen Technical Housekeeping Laundry Admin Loading Bay Scope of Purchases  All the equipment(OS&E) for restaurants, bars, conference, banqueting, guestroom, bathroom, back of house, offices, housekeeping, kitchen, engineering , front of house... corresponding to operator's standards.  Ad-hok purchases of FF&E are included.  Products are to the highest quality standards of design, functionality and durability from suppliers that offer excellent service & value for money .
  12. 12.  The selection of suppliers & products is normally through competitive tendering ensuring best quality and value for money.  Local projects' needs, terms and conditions are met, including delivery & installation dates.  Prequalified suppliers are agreed with Client (normally 3 per main bid package).  The Clients and or Operator's own suppliers may also included in the tender process
  13. 13. This feature is under development & optional as excel workbooks can also be used.  Equip Online(, is my in house, web based equipment database platform , offered as a part of my pre-opening (OS&E) procurement services.  In brief I generate a complete set of customised online equipment(OS&E) lists.  The detailed specifications and pictures can be viewed online, along with the quantities.  Multiple stakeholders can participate in the online approval which then allows me to start the E-tender process.
  14. 14. Over 5000 generic products (OS&E) available to view online.  Restaurant and bar equipment.  Guestroom equipment .  Bed linen .  Back of house equipment .  Housekeeping equipment.  Kitchen utensils .  Meeting room.  Conference and banqueting furniture and equipment.  Swimming pool and fitness center.  Uniforms. FF&E  Casegoods  Furniture  Fabrics .  Carpet. Hotel Equipment Services 17
  15. 15. By room, facility and department Budgets prepared
  16. 16. Guidance on standards, suppliers and manufacturers
  17. 17. Guidance on equipment brands
  18. 18. • The OS&E lists prepared by R Dunn in terms of products, quantities and standards. • The budgets. • Client takes part in the product selection process by assessing samples and brochures. • Samples for the model room. •All orders. •The final deliveries.
  19. 19. Model room OS&E presentation
  20. 20. Hotel Equipment Services 25 Schedules prepared Task , resources, time monitored
  21. 21. Control processes •Budget control. •Quality control. •Purchase order tracking. •Logistics. •Risk
  22. 22. Procedures
  23. 23. Tender process and “Devil in the detail” analysis of quotations.
  24. 24. Orders placed and tracked
  25. 25. Logistics, delivery, installation.
  26. 26. •Organise final reports eg fire certificates. •Purchase order manual. •Equipment manuals. •Warranty and guarantees. •Maintenance procedures. •Washing procedures. •Spares inventory lists and final review of purchases with owner/snagging. •Assist with invoice approvals. • Insurance claims.
  27. 27. Guest Area Rooms Bathrooms Corridors Other facilities Public Area Front of house Bars and restaurants Public WC Fitness centers Conference and banqueting Back of house Kitchen Technical Housekeeping Laundry Admin Loading Bay
  28. 28. Hotel Equipment Services 34 Restaurant and bar
  29. 29. Hotel Equipment Services 35
  30. 30. Hotel Equipment Services 36 Conference and banqueting
  31. 31. Hotel Equipment Services 37
  32. 32. Hotel Equipment Services 38
  33. 33. Hotel Equipment Services 39 Exam ples
  34. 34. Hotel Equipment Services 40
  35. 35. Hotel Equipment Services 41
  36. 36. Hotel Equipment Services 42
  37. 37. Hotel Equipment Services 43
  38. 38. Hotel Equipment Services 44
  39. 39. Hotel Equipment Services 45
  40. 40. Hotel Equipment Services 46
  41. 41. Hotel Equipment Services 47 First Aid
  42. 42. Hotel Equipment Services 48
  43. 43. Hotel Equipment Services 49
  44. 44. Hotel Equipment Services 50 FITNESS / SPA/ POOL OS&E •
  45. 45. +(33) 6 27336130 Procurement Package Equipment (OS&E) for New Hotel Projects