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How to paas the cloud

SUGPL presentation on 12.07.2019

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How to paas the cloud

  1. 1. How to safe PaaS the Cloud
  2. 2. Sitecore Team Leader at SoftServe. Consultant, who always advice to find the best solution for client issues. Over 9 years in .net business. Loves to inspire devs, teams and go through the newest technologies stack. Between those activities likes dancing, gym and sport in general. Favorite color: yellow ! Twitter: robert_debowski Blog:
  3. 3. Where I should to put it?
  4. 4. Deploy ways • Internal servers infrastructure • External hosting providers • Cloud (Azure)
  5. 5. Business perspective of each way • Internal servers infrastructure • We have to keep (pay) on our side for: • Internal servers infrastructure • DevOps • We take responsibility for hosting • In front of our boss we can’t blame anyone 
  6. 6. Business perspective of each way • External hosting providers • We already have someone to blame :D • Scalability • Risk of break downs • Security • Small felxibility • Long disaster recovery
  7. 7. Business perspective of each way • Cloud (Azure in our case) • Scalability • High Availability • Security • Big flexibility • Short disaster recovery • Costs savings • Don’t pretend it’s not important for you to work with fancy, modern approach 
  8. 8. So cloud, but how?
  9. 9. IaaS & PaaS • Simple solution manage by developer• DevOps maintanance • Flexibility Azure IaaS PaaS • Complicated solution • Flexibility • Easy to scale, to mainanance • Fancy solution !
  10. 10. From real life IaaS • Costs can be lower comparing to PaaS • TIP: Use reservation of resources in a few years ahead, discount can be even 70% ! • You can have hidden costs in license if your soultion is not planned correctly PaaS • Costs can be higher by hosting itself • Subscription license model can solve the issue
  11. 11. So you’re saying to PaaS that path But how?
  12. 12. Usual way to PaaS your path
  13. 13. Azure • Marketplace
  14. 14. Azure • ARMs Template
  15. 15. Azure Resource Manager is the deployment and management service for Azure. It provides a consistent management layer that enables you to create, update, and delete resources in your Azure subscription. You can use its access control, auditing, and tagging features to secure and organize your resources after deployment. ARMs Template ARM Templates are a way to declare the objects you want, the types, names and properties in a JSON file which can be checked into source control and managed like any other code file. ARM Templates are what really gives us the ability to roll out Azure “Infrastructure as code”.
  16. 16. They don’t deploy app code itself, but only define structure of resources ARMs Templates
  17. 17. The benefits of using Resource Manager • You can deploy, manage, and monitor all the resources for your solution as a group, rather than handling these resources individually. • You can repeatedly deploy your solution throughout the development lifecycle and have confidence your resources are deployed in a consistent state. • You can manage your infrastructure through declarative templates rather than scripts. • You can define the dependencies between resources so they're deployed in the correct order. • You can apply access control to all services in your resource group because Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is natively integrated into the management platform. • You can apply tags to resources to logically organize all the resources in your subscription. • You can clarify your organization's billing by viewing costs for a group of resources sharing the same tag. ARMs
  18. 18. ARM Templates demo
  19. 19. SoftServe Confidential Is this all for today?
  20. 20. Of course it’s NOT
  21. 21. Enterprise approach
  22. 22. • Logic Apps + OnPremise Azure Gateway • Hybrid connection • ASE Enterprise potential issues
  23. 23. SoftServe Confidential OnPremise Azure Gateway
  24. 24. SoftServe Confidential Logic Apps
  25. 25. SoftServe Confidential Hybrid connection
  26. 26. SoftServe Confidential ASE
  27. 27. Demo with arms
  28. 28. FINito Q&A  Twitter: robert_debowski Blog: