Open source everything 500 words 1.4


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This is in my view the single most important meme we can share with one another and act upon.

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Open source everything 500 words 1.4

  1. 1. Autonomous InternetCrowd-Funding THE OPEN SOURCECrowd-Seeding EVERYTHING MANIFESTO:Crowd-SourcingFOSS / FLOSS / F/OSS / Libre Transparency, Truth & TrustLiberation TechnologyOpen Access by Robert David SteeleOpen ArchitectureOpenBTSOpen Budgets Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books /Open Business Evolver Editions, 5 June 2012Open CapitalOpen Cloud Distributed by Random HouseOpen CoalitionOpen CodeOpen Collaboration Amazon Top 100 over time in Class,Open Contest Democracy, Espionage.Open CoursewareOpen Culture $15 Retail, $10 at AmazonOpen DataOpen DemocracyOpen DesignOpen Ecologies Open Source Everything ManifestoOpen EducationOpen Elections Janet Smight, High-Gain Blog, August 2nd, 2012 |Open EnvironmentOpenFlowOpen GeospatialOpen GovernmentOpen HardwareOpen InnovationOpen JournalismOpen KnowledgeOpen MapsOpen ManufacturingOpen MaterialsOpen MediaOpen MeetingsOpenMokoOpen MoneyOpen PoliticsOpen RecordsOpen ReligionOpen RepositoriesOpen ScienceOpen SecurityOpen SkiesOpen SpaceOpen SocietyOpen SoftwareOpen SpectrumOpen StandardsOpen TextbooksTransparency, Truth & TrustTrue CostUnConferenceThe June 5 release of Robert David Steele’s book The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth,and Trust, has been noticed by the cultural and intelligence communities, but not by the information technology
  2. 2. community. The publisher evidently did not flag the book fully, so it has ended up in political science, which mayactually be the right place for this revolutionary book. This is a radical book that could even become a cult classic.The author is not your typical revolutionary, nor is he an average citizen. A former spy, an honorary hacker, the #1Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories, he has been described by Bruce Sterling as: ”vastlysmarter (this is a stretch) than most hackers, and much, much more dangerous” (this is the interesting part we agreewith).In his book, Steele carries out a cultural hack on how people think, striving to restore the indigenous art and scienceof fully integrating all knowledge in all languages, and restoring power to the public – ending top-down ideologicaland corruption-driven investments and restoring bottom-up evidence-based and community consensus—and hencesustainable – decisions.Others are working in this direction as well — the P2P Foundation stands out – but no one else has actually put it allin one bag. The author’s key point is that we need to go “all in” on all the opens, and not be pacified with tokenprogress on any single open, or the open of the day. All in. Open Source Everything. Take no prisoners. Do thisnow. All in. All open.--------To the side here is a list of categories both covered by the book, and now also covered in a free daily Open SourceEverything Highlights posted each evening at 10pm Eastern (headlines and links within each category). The shortURL for the stack of daily highlights is