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QSAR Inquaries Market will offer curriculum planning, web based software, In class clickers for classroom assessment
QSAR Inquiries Market will offer computer Based Organizational Assessments Performance

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QSAR inquiries

  1. 1. Executive summaryQSAR inquiries , LLCExecutive summary –Rob Craig, Ph.DQSAR inquiries LLC, is a Educational consulting marketfirm and will be referred to as “The Company” andresides in New York, N.Y.Will function as a educational consulting establishment inthe State of New York.QSAR Inquiries Market will offer curriculum planning,web based software, In class clickers for classroomassessment
  2. 2. QSAR Inquiries Market will offer computer BasedOrganizational Assessments PerformanceThe companies owner has secured these rights in thestate on New York.The companies New York location will be the address ofQSAR inquiries franchise in the State of New York.The company is currently in lease negotiations, and willreside at the new York address where it has beenfounded .This location is in and effective area that will allow thecompany to build customersFrom the surrounding area (Harlem, Hostos College,CUNY, Midtown Manhattan, John Jay CUNY, BronxLehman College, CUNY, as well as Fordam University)
  3. 3. The companies staff members will provide all educationalsoftware and products.The companies staff members will provide online andsupport by email and telephone.QSAR inquires will produce educational software,platforms, and syllabi to increase performance standardsin chemistry, physics and environmental science. . . Will advise chairpersons as to use of technology andweb based material for the use of classroom andlaboratory instruction. These are:
  4. 4. 1. Web based lessons called “web quests”2. Inclass assessments “short elearning mechanisms”instilled the web based software to be utilized by theinstructor, in each topic covered (dimemsional analysis,stoichiometry, chemistry symbols, molecular structures.Etc.)3. Use of “”inclass science demostrations to excitelearning4. Use of student excises to produce a tangible outcome5. Projects that support written work [ie: brochure, blog,6. Projects that support video material mymoviesoftware, youtube (copper movie, copper video, a seriesof pic –itunes media7. Clicker technology8. A web site developed with a goal or a themeWith the use of (1) slideshare, (2) google docs,and/or (3) wordpress
  5. 5. With other college to adhere to guides established bymiddle states at these colleges.The company will benefit from regional support fromcolleges. It will also include market research efforts tocreate revenue to support its production.(staff)Dr.Robert Craig, and Iris Colome will be in operation ofthe company. Dr Robert Craig has over 20 years ofteaching experience and currently serves as Adjunctassistant professor of Chemistry at Adelphi University,the oldest and most historic college in long island NewYork (since 1986). Dr. Craig, has taught as lecture, labinstructor at 4 CUNY colleges, and 3 high schools in theHarlem area.
  6. 6. QSAR INQUIRIES , preliminary marketing strategy will beemails, frequent email blasts, cross promotion activitieswith other firms, membership in community basedorganizations, and extensive public relation effortsThe company seeks to host efforts and meetings atcolleges(26thannual science symposia (college of Statenisland , 10 th Annual Science symposia AdelphiUniversity)Through these methods QSARinquiries hopes to drawtraffic to its products and methodologies and develoployal customers such as urban 2 year and 4 year colleges,to produce high end performance lesson planning
  7. 7. Suggestions will be to:Formulate in class projectsUse of computers during/after designed lecturesWeb quests to support curricullum standardsCreation of blogsCreation of Youtube media
  8. 8. 1. Web based lessons called “web quests” Web quests to support currillum standards And will be written to agree with departments and middle states standards.
  10. 10. 2. Inclass assessments “short elearning mechanisms” instilled the web based software to be utilized by the instructor, in each topic covered [dimemsional analysis, stoichiometry, chemistry symbols, molecular structures. Etc.]3. Inclass assessments are “short elearning mechanisms”
  11. 11. 3, Use of “inclass science demostrations” to excite learning“inclass science demonstrations”
  12. 12. 4. The Use of student excises to produce a tangibleoutcome.5.Projects that support written work {ie: brochure, blog,} poster presentations 6.Projects that support video material “mymovie , or youtube material” With the use of (1) slideshare, (2) google docs, and/or (3) wordpress
  13. 13. student symposia
  14. 14. 7. Use of Clicker technology:Classroom clickers or "student response systems" havebecome high-demand classroom tools in schools,universities, and training programs across the country.Research on clicker technology has proven that responsesystems are not a trend or a fad, but a true instructionaltechnology piece that can change instruction and impactstudent learning.