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ATTRACT. CONVERT. KEEP. The Only 3 Words You Need to Know to Grow Your Business Online


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There’s a whole lot going on in online marketing. PPC, SEO, CRO, Email, Social Media, Content Marketing, Ecommerce, Responsive Web, Mobile, Tablets, and an endless stream of new tools and technologies.

What should you focus on? How should allocate your marketing budget? And what the heck is CRO?

The world of online marketing can be challenging, confusing, and downright overwhelming.

But take a deep breath. Things are about to get easier.That’s because when it comes to marketing your business online, you need only focus on three words: ATTRACT, CONVERT, and KEEP.

Yup. That’s it. Three words.

When you’re finished reading this eBook you’ll be able to better understand all the main tactics of online marketing:Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Web Design, Content or Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Conversioin Rate Optimization (CRO), Online Referral Marketing.

But more importantly, you’ll know how each tactic aligns to the strategy of ATTRACTING, CONVERTING, and KEEPING customers.

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ATTRACT. CONVERT. KEEP. The Only 3 Words You Need to Know to Grow Your Business Online

  1. 1. About the Authors Robert Clarke My areas of focus are… I’ve always believed that marketing is about messaging. Op Ed is a newspaper term,  Copywriting and Content Marketing and we play up the theme because we like  Email Marketing to think of a newspaper as the ultimate  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) metaphor for messaging. With the steady  Ecommerce flow of new marketing tools and tactics, it’s  Online Referral Marketing still important to ensure that effective communication underlies everything you do.Chris Barnes My Areas of Focus are…Whether it’s teaching college students,junior marketers, or clients, I’ve come to  Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Enginelearn that simplicity is the key to learning. Marketing (SEM)That’s why I think that even with the  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)endless stream of marketing tools and  Ecommercetechnology, online marketing boils down  Email Marketingto three things: attracting, converting, and  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)keeping customers.
  2. 2. Table of ContentsWho is this eBook for? 4Introduction 5“Those Three Words” 6Pay Per Click (PPC) 8Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 14Email Marketing 20Web Design 26Content Marketing 32Social Media 38Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 44Online Referral Marketing 50Remember Those Three Words 56How We Can Help 58How You Can Help 59
  3. 3. Who is this eBook for?Business OwnersWho are looking for a starting point for online marketing (or just need help makingsense of it).MarketersWho want to learn ways to align online marketing tactics with a strategy that canlead to more success for their clients and businesses.SalespeopleWho want to know more about ways to generate leads and convert them intocustomers using online marketing. 4
  4. 4. IntroductionThere’s a whole lot going on.Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email, Social Media, ContentMarketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Ecommerce, Responsive Web, Phones,Tablets, Phablets, and an endless stream of new tools and technologies.It can be challenging. It can be confusing. It can be downright overwhelming!But take a deep breath. Things are about to get a lot simpler.That’s because when it comes to marketing your business online, you need only focus on threewords: ATTRACT, CONVERT, and KEEP.Yup. That’s it. Three words.When you’re finished reading this eBook you’ll be able to better understand all the main tacticsof online marketing.But more importantly, you’ll know how each tactic aligns to the strategy of ATTRACTING,CONVERTING, and KEEPING customers.Ready? Let’s get started. 5
  5. 5. Those Three WordsWe’ve spent a lot of time practicing online marketing.We’ve written hundreds of blogs and articles, built dozens of websites, did the social mediathing, managed millions of dollars in Pay Per Click (PPC) budgets, improved rankings on searchengines, managed Ecommerce sites, and sent out thousands of emails as Email Marketers.What did we learn doing all these things?That no matter what type of online marketing we did, the goal was always to: ATTRACT traffic toa website, CONVERT visitors into leads or customers, or to KEEP customers engaged with thebrand.Some examples: Type of Marketing Tactical Goal Strategic Goal Search Engine Optimization Increase Search Engine Rankings Attract More Visitors Website Optimization Optimize Website through A/B and Convert More Visitors into Customers Multivariate Testing Email Marketing Keep existing customers engaged Keep More Customers through email communicationsYou name it – PPC, SEO, Email, Web Optimization, Social Media – every type of onlinemarketing aligns with one, two, or all three of these things. 6
  6. 6. Attract, Convert, Keep Model Strategy: Get More People to Your Website Tactics:  PPC Op Ed Piece  SEO  Email Marketing Online marketing is  Content Marketing an integration  Social Media between attracting, converting, and keeping customers. Each part affects another. It’s kind of like a Rubik’s Cube: each move you make to align colours on one side will affect the colours on the other sides. And to truly be successful at a Rubiks’ Cube, you can’t just focus on a single side, you have to get all the sides right. - Robert Strategy: Keep existing customers happy, engaged, Strategy: Convert People that Visit Your Site into and enable them to help build your fans, and Followers, Prospects, Leads, or Customers customer base. Tactics: Tactics:  Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)  Referral Marketing  Content Creation  Content Marketing  PPC  Email Marketing  Email Marketing  Social Media 7
  7. 7. Pay Per Click (PPC)PPC is simply the quickest way to get When you’re paying people to visit PPC primarily focuses on attractingtraffic to your website and generate your site, converting them into visitors and converting them intoleads and new business. You can track prospects is paramount. At the very leads and prospects.every click, every customer, and every least you need to capture theirpenny to calculate your ROI. information so you can start marketing to them.
  8. 8. Did You Know? Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on AdWords (Source: Google Economic Report) For high commercial intent search queries, the top three ad spots take about 40% of the clicks on the page (Source: The War on Free Clicks) Even with a #1 organic ranking, PPC Ads provide 50% incremental clicks (Source: Google Research) 9
  9. 9. Pay Per Click (PPC)What is it?Pay Per Click (PPC), Paid Search, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) all Op Ed Piecemean the same thing: making sure people looking for your product or PPC will tell you: howservice find you. much you’ve spent, how many leadsThat’s worth repeating. you’ve accumulated, the cost per lead,Pay Per Click is about connecting you to people who are actively seeking how much revenue you’ve earned, howyour product or service and ensuring they find your business (and not your much profit you’vecompetitor’s). earned, and how much your ROI is. IsIt’s like the Yellow Pages for the internet. there any type of marketing that canPPC has two main components: give you that kind of1. An ad data, and on a daily2. A landing page basis? - ChrisPPC involves keyword research to help discover the best way (andcheapest) for prospects to find your business.And after they click your ad and land on your website, they need to bepresented with the right information to drive them to contact your businessor make a purchase. 10
  10. 10. PPC Example 2. The Ad 1. The Search The Good… The Not So Good…  I’m looking for an affordable hotel, so  The ad makes no mention of where I’m “cheap” is good too! looking (Oakville)  473,349 people follow or have  “Great Rates” and “Top Deals” aren’t a Google+, that’s showing great hook, make me an irresistible offer! me that it’s a popular site, increasing  “Find Top Deals From 100s Of Sites”. my likelihood of using it too. Hmm. Does that mean only has a few hundred hotels to choose from across the country, the continent, the 3. The Landing Page planet?The Good… A nice, simple design void of clutter and distractions. This allows me to focus on the task at hand (searching for a hotel in Oakville). I like how it lets you compare with its competitors, this helps reduce my perceived risk of using a lesser-known search tool. Love how my location is already pre- populated, and without even having to search there’s some hotels for me to browse in the right hand column.The Not so Good… the quickest way to get PPC is simply When you’re paying people to visit your site, PPC primarily focuses on There’s really yourawebsitelot to critique about traffic to not whole and generate leads converting them into prospects is attracting visitors and and new business. this landing page. The only thing I would paramount. At the very least you need to converting them into leads suggest is that the “save 25% or more” capture their information so you can start and prospects. needs to be much more prominent (that’s marketing to them. why I’m here, to save!). 11
  11. 11. 10 Tips to PPC Success1. Be Web Ready 6. Be Careful with Google Display Network Ensure your website is set-up for a PPC campaign, complete with The GDP has lower Click Through Rates (CTR), but higher traffic an incentive or promo, a crystal clear call to action, and an easy volume compared to AdWords. But iit can be effective at creating form to complete (or number to call). You’ll want to measure awareness around a problem that your business has the solution every click, lead, and customer to calculate your ROI to (e.g. “Did You Know Sidewalk Salt is Unsafe for Pets? Get Pet- Friendly Salt Here”).2. Set Your Budget, Smartly At first, bid higher than Google’s recommended bid amount to 7. Be Mobile Ready ensure your ad appears on Google search results and so you can Don’t run ads on devices such as mobile phones unless your start gathering data. As your Click Through Rate (CTR) increases website is mobile-friendly. And if you do, remember that the (as well as your Quality Score), you can lower your bids. needs of a mobile user can be much different than a desktop user, so customize your ads accordingly.3. Target the Right Keywords Just because you’re a company that does “executive coaching” 8. Target the Right Locations doesn’t mean that’s how people will search for you. Use Google’s Google lets you select zip/postal codes, states/provinces, Keyword Tool and look at your Google Analytics keyword traffic counties, cities, and specific geographic areas. Don’t waste sources to learn more about what keywords people use to find money on ads that serve people outside your intended audience. your type of business. 9. Optimize Your Ads, Always4. Use Keywords in Ads If you put your ads on autopilot, you’re wasting money. As you get This will not only make the ad more relevant to the user (and more data from your ads, shift budgets to higher converting ad increase the likelihood of someone clicking on it), but Google will groups, test different offers, and split test landing pages to see also bold the keywords in the ad to make it stand out amongst which ones get more conversions. your competition. 10. Consider Outsourcing5. Don’t Send People to Your Homepage A PPC vendor can provide the “3 E’s”: Experience managing a Instead, send them to the relevant product or service page on your variety of campaigns; Expertise in terms of the tricks of the trade; site based on the ad they clicked on. Don’t forget to use a clear and Effort as far as the amount of time it takes to optimize call-to-action. campaigns on a monthly basis. Ensure they have their Google or Bing Certifications. 12
  12. 12. PPC ResourcesTools Wordstream Acquisio Google Keyword ToolTips 3 Reasons to Use a Google Certified Partner for Your PPC Campaigns Critiquing Your Google AdWords Campaigns What’s Paramount in Paid Search? RelevancyResources Google AdWords Certified Knowledge 13
  13. 13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)SEO is simply the best way to attract SEO is an indirect conversion strategy, as SEO is primarily an ATTRACT andfree, organic traffic. It’s an investment it means people are finding you after CONVERT strategy.that is less a sprint, and more of a searching for a keyword related to yourmarathon, but when done right will business. It’s important to structure yourdeliver high-volume, high-quality visits at website in such a way that every page isno cost. part of a larger conversion funnel strategy.
  14. 14. Did You Know? Leads from SEO have a 14.6% close rate, whereas outbound such as direct mail has a 1.7% close rate (Source: Rainbowseo) 60% of all organic clicks go to the top three organic search results (Source: Optify) 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results (Source: SearchEngineFacts) 15
  15. 15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)What is it?Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving andpromoting your website to attract more visitors from search engines. Op Ed PieceMuch like that of PPC, the goal of SEO is to ensure when people search for SEO is NOT a sprint,keywords related to your business they find you (and not your competitor). it’s a marathon. It takes expertise,There’s many moving parts to SEO, including: creativity, and a daily On-Page Optimization (the words on your page) commitment. And despite what many Off-Page Optimization (the links to your site from other sites) experts would have Website Architecture (making sure your site is structured in a way you believe, there’s search engines understand) no secret sauce to Website Usability (ensuring your site is optimized for the people who SEO. use it) - Chris Marketing and promoting your site and its contentsWhat’s important to understand is that search engines like Google use analgorithm to determine search rankings. And these algorithms are alwayschanging, and so is the practice of SEO. 16
  16. 16. How Google Sees Your SiteHow a website looks to you How it looks to Google A Search Engine like Google sees your website as an amalgamation of text, links, titles, and tags. 17
  17. 17. 10 Tips for SEO Success1. Dont use Flash or Silverlight 6. CTA! CTA! Search engines have a difficult time reading these technologies, Use a call-to-action in your meta description with close to no and thus any valuable content included in them will likely remain focus on keywords. Just as with the title, the meta description invisible. should be exciting and compel the reader to click through and find out more.2. Write for People, not Search Engines Focus on creating valuable, useful content that your readers will 7. Faster is Better love and share. Don’t “cloak” content that’s hidden to people but Lower you’re website’s page loading time, as search engines will readable by search engines (Google will penalize you). Make penalize slow sites. Choose a web host with a professional sure that your <title> elements and ALT attributes are descriptive configuration, use clean html and css code, and leverage and accurate. browser caching for faster load times for returning visitors.3. ‘No Brainer’ Navigation 8. Fresh Content is Fruitful Simplify your site with a clear hierarchy and text links. Every Update your website with content that is fresh, useful, and page should be reachable from at least one static text link. unique. Visitors should love to share with others. You should Ensure this is the case by creating a sitemap that links to all focus on producing content that is naturally shared and linked to. pages on your site with text link. In other words, link earning in addition to link building.4. Keyword Placement is Key 9. Show Symbols of Trust Use keywords to create descriptive, human friendly URLs. Fit keywords Search engines love signs of engagement with websites such as in title tags of pages at least once (preferably near the beginning), and low bounce rates, high pageviews, and longer time on site. at least 2-3 times, including variations, in the body copy on the page. Keep visitors on your site with trust symbols such as industry Don’t forget to use keywords in image tags for when people search the accreditations, awards, customer logos and testimonials. Even web for images. a valid phone number and address will help.5. It’s Nice to Entice! 10. Don’t “Get” Links, Earn Links Use descriptive titles that people will want to share. When a user Get links from sites that are relevant to your own. When building sees your title they should be excited and want to click on it links, vary keywords as anchor text – lots of links with the exact because it sounds interesting, not because they notice it has the same text is simply unnatural, even in your own marketing same keyword that they typed in Google. Promote sharing with efforts. Focus on text that gets a click-through, not that uses a social sharing widgets and icons – and by asking! particular keyword. 18
  18. 18. SEO ResourcesTools SEOMoz SEOBook FollowerWonkTips 5 SEO FAQs Answered What’s in a Keyword? Tips for Building Your Local Search PresenceResources Google’s SEO Starter Guide Search Engine Land Google SEO Guidelines 19
  19. 19. Email MarketingEmail is a quick, cost-effective way to Every email sent is a “conversion” Email is an effective way to keep yourget traffic to your website. Focus on opportunity. You need an irresistible customers and prospects engaged.increasing opt-ins and sign-ups and subject line, clickable content, and a Keep your business top of mind bygrowing your list which will result in landing page designed to convert. sending valuable content including, themore opens, clicks, and visits. latest blog, eBook, webinar, contest, promo or industry news.
  20. 20. Did You Know? 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most effective channel in generating revenue (Source: Hubspot) 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line (Source: Chadwick Martin Bailey) 29% of the email that reaches a user’s inbox is newsletters – nearly the same amount as “conversational” email (Source: Return Path) 21
  21. 21. Email MarketingWhat is it?Email is all about timely, relevant communication with prospects andcustomers. Op Ed Piece Email lets youEmail is a very dynamic and flexible channel – not to mention one of the most communicate to acost-effective. In fact, it’s one of the only types of online marketing that is used customer for a fraction of a ATTRACT, CONVERT, and KEEP customers. When optimized, Email Marketing canSome examples: be a powerful tool for Distribute a promotion or eflyer to drive sales on your website (ATTRACT) engagement, creating Announce a new product, service, seminar, promo or contest (ATTRACT) leads, and increasing Trigger automated emails after an abandoned shopping cart to incent revenues. - Robert customer to return to cart and complete purchase (CONVERT) Keep your customers informed with the latest news or blogs from your company (KEEP) Distribute customer surveys for feedback (KEEP)Email Marketing has five main components: Integration (database); GraphicDesign (html), Content (info or offer), Segmentation (subscriber lists), andAnalytics (measurement). 22
  22. 22. Email Examples Source: TOMSToms is an online shoe store that gives a pair of shoes to a child inneed with every purchase. After signing up to their newsletter, youget a very welcoming email asking you to set your emailpreferences while getting the opportunity to learn more about theircause. A much better idea than the typical “thank you forsubscribing to our email, please click here to confirm yoursubscription” email. REI REI does a really good job with this email: a clean, uncluttered design with big images and clear call to actions. The one element I would have changed was the colour of the buttons: they need to stand out from the pink/purple colour of the top navigation and font, so I would have recommended a bright blue or green colour. But the email is a nice responsive design, and renders beautifully on a mobile phone (image on right). 23
  23. 23. 10 Tips for Email Success1. Make Your Opt-in Obvious 6. Integrate with CRM Have your email opt-in above the fold, and include on every Email is most effective when it is personalized. For this you’ll single page of your site if possible. Not everyone arrives on need to integrate your email marketing program with a central your site’s homepage, so this way every visitor has an database, or CRM platform such as Salesforce or Netsuite. opportunity to sign-up. 7. Be Concise, Be Mobile2. Make Your Opt-in Easy Your emails should be a “window” to additional offers or content The more information you ask of your customers, the less likely that users have to click-through to get the full-view. Keep they will be to opt-in. As a rule of thumb, unless you’re going to content short and focused on a single objective. Don’t forget to use the information – phone number, company size, or annual design emails with big, clickable (or touchable) images that revenues - don’t ask for it. render properly for those viewing on mobile devices.3. Tell Them What’s In It For Them 8. Segment and Differentiate Why should people give you access to their inbox? Let your Don’t send everyone the same email. Segment your customers know what they’re signing up for, and how often subscribers by geography, business size, purchasing behaviour, they’ll receive communication from your company, and above all or industry. The more personalized, the more relevant. The the value they’ll be getting. Include an example of an eflyer or more relevant, the more likely your subscribers are to open, newsletter so they can see what they’re signing up for. click, and convert.4. Get Social 9. Create a Lead Gen Drip Campaign Have Facebook fans? Create an opt-in on your Facebook page An drip campaign is a series of emails auto-triggered to go out or run a contest that includes collecting email addresses – same over a set period of time. The content of the emails can include goes for Twitter. Have a brick and mortar store? Acquire email anything from offers, product info, promos, tips, news and addresses with in-store raffles or giveaways. contests all the way to whitepapers and resources. When prospects are ready to buy, your business will be top of mind.5. Ensure Deliverability Avoid language that will get caught by SPAM filters by 10. Always Be Testing mentioning topics like medication, mortgages, or making Think of Email Marketing as a science: you’ll only get better by money. Don’t create emails that are too image-heavy, as not all experimenting. Test subject lines, headlines, images, copy, email clients will automatically render images. Don’t get landing pages, and send times. Once you start gathering blacklisted by ISPs by ignoring CAN-SPAM (US) or CASL enough data, you can create benchmarks to measure the (CAN) rules. success of your campaigns. 24
  24. 24. Email Marketing ResourcesTools Delivra Constant Contact MailChimpTips 10 Easy Ways to Increase Email Opt-Ins 5 Ways to Handle Leads Who Aren’t Yet Ready to Buy from You Send These Types of Emails, Receive More Revenue for Your Online StoreResources CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business (US) CASL (CAN) 25
  25. 25. Web DesignA great website experience will attract Your website should be your top Web design is primarily a tool fornew visitors and keep current ones salesperson: filling the sales funnel, ATTRACTING and CONVERTINGcoming back. Remember to design getting leads, and ultimately converting customers but simple usability andpages and content for prospects in the visitors into customers. valuable content will always KEEPdifferent stages of the buying cycle. visitors coming back.
  26. 26. Did You Know? The average site wastes 75%+ of its traffic due to lack of persuasion and “sales-ability” (Source: Hubspot) The average conversion rate for ecommerce sites is about 2-3% (Source: Internet Retailer) A lot of Web Designers care more about a site looking cool than ensuring it can “convert” (Source: Op Ed Opinion) 27
  27. 27. Web DesignWhat is it?A Website is a way of speaking with text and graphics. It’s nothing morethan a medium to communicate. Op Ed Piece A lot of WebYour website is a business tool that has two main purposes: Designers get it1. To ATTRACT visitors wrong. Many2. To CONVERT visitors into customers overemphasize the aesthetic appeal of aDo this with: site. They want it to Intelligent usability “look” good because they approach it as Smart, simple navigation an artistic activity. Persuasive headlines and copywriting But Web Design is Pages that speak to each user at different stage of buying cycle not an artistic activity, Setting up conversion points and measuring success it is a business activity.A site should look good, but the real measurement of success is whether it - Robertcan attract visitors and convert them into prospects and customers tohelp grow your business. 28
  28. 28. Web Design Examples Why it’s a Website Designed to Convert:  Simple, clean design that makes clear what it does (email newsletters made easy)  Big red sign-up button (good colour to draw attention). Notice the sign-up button in the header too, meaning that a visitor can sign-up from any page on the website. Remember, not all visitors to your site will visit your homepage.  “2.5 million people use MailChimp”, this is a great way to add credibility, and reduce a visitor’s perceived risk of using your product or service if they haven’t heard of you. Why it’s a Website Designed to Convert:  No top navigation at all except to login or sign- up, how is that for simplicity!  You arrive on the homepage and the form field for your name has a blinking cursor to start typing, that’s showing the user what you want them to do.  I like the three form fields, they’re not asking you for your company name, how many employees you have, what your revenues are – just name, email, and password. That’s how you increase conversions on a form.
  29. 29. 10 Tips for Web Design Success1. Answer “What is this?” 6. Highlight Credibility You’d be surprised how many businesses don’t make it clear, The best way to talk about your value is to have your crystal clear, what exactly they do. Communicate what you do customers speak for you. Scatter customer testimonials in your slogan or somewhere in your header. That way, no throughout your site (not just on a dedicated testimonials page) matter what page visitors land on when entering your site, and include their pictures or videos whenever possible. they’ll know what your business is all about. 7. Simple Sells2. Answer “Is it for me?” No need to reinvent the wheel with your website. Keep Who are you targeting? Teenagers, pet owners, seniors, small navigation at the top and/or left hand side, avoid “flashy” businesses? Identify your audience in taglines and headlines moving graphics that can be distracting, and show images of and use images of your typical customer to signal that they’re real employees instead of stock photos. in the right place. 8. Copy is Key3. Answer “What can I do?” A website is a way to speak, don’t forget about persuasive Can a visitor sign-up for a newsletter, read a blog, watch a copywriting. Personalize with words like “you” instead of video, download an eBook, or buy something? Make it clear “customer”, and “we” instead of your company name. Focus what the visitor’s next steps are. Aim to capture their on the benefits of your products (not features) and make sure information through an email sign-up, free-trial, or free to have a clear call-to-action on every single page of your site. download so you can start marketing to them. 9. Get Your Site Responsive4. Answer “How is it different?” Responsive web design means that a website can “respond” to There’s probably hundreds of other businesses online that offer different browser sizes, including those displayed on desktops, the same products and services as you. So make sure to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. There’s thousands of communicate how you’re different, what value you bring, and Wordpress templates that are both “responsive” and very why a customer should choose you over your competitors. affordable.5. Answer “Who else is using it?” 10. Make an Irresistible Offer As humans we feel more secure doing something when we Looking for a way to get more engagement on your site? Make know others are doing it too. Highlight well-known customers your visitors an offer they can’t refuse. A free-trial, a money- throughout your site, show-off all your social media fans and back guarantee, free shipping, free download, or free eBook. followers, and include any awards or accreditations that The goal is the get your visitor to make an easy decision with increase your credibility. little or no risk. 30
  30. 30. Web Design ResourcesTools Wordpress iThemes BuilderTips Your Website Should be Your Top Salesman, Is He Closing Business? 5 Examples of Websites Designed to Convert! Show Me What You’ve Got in Five Seconds or Less!Resources Ben Hunt’s Pro Web Design Course DesignModo Webdesigner Depot 31
  31. 31. Content MarketingContent is king. It can be reposted, Content helps convert. A white paper, Content is one of the best ways toretweeted, commented on, and shared eBook, tutorial, or free webinars are keep customers and prospectsacross millions of social sites, great ways to convert visitors to your engaged with your company:networks, communities and forums. site into fans, prospects, leads, and newsletters, blogs, videos, podcastsContent can also help improve your customers. will all keep people coming back.rankings on search engines.
  32. 32. Did You Know? Businesses with websites of 401-1000 pages get 6x more leads than those with 51-100 (Source: Hubspot) Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links which can drastically improve Google rankings (Source: Hubspot) The ROI of content marketing has risen 300% over the previous 3 years (Source: Eloqua) 33
  33. 33. Content MarketingWhat is it?Content Marketing, or Inbound Marketing, means earning the attention ofprospects (as opposed to buying it, or begging for it). Op Ed PieceYou do this be delivering valuable content such as: Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Blogs  Newsletters call it what you want. Podcasts  Articles The point is that it’s Videos  Webinars still marketing. You’re creating White Papers  Infographics something of value in eBooks  Shareable the effort to capture a Presentations lead, cultivate a customer.Once you have content, you still need to market it. But the marketing isn’t a - Robert“push” strategy, it’s a “pull” strategy. You’re not “disrupting” people with stuffthat you sell (push), you’re giving something of value so they will come to youfor more (pull).If you build valuable content, people will come. 34
  34. 34. Content Marketing Examples Indium: “From One Engineer to Another” Blog Series Sixteen engineers from Indium have discovered content gold with their “From One Engineer to Another” blog. Through it, they produce valuable content, videos and answer questions about a variety of engineering topics (e.g., how to set up and operate the Indium sulfamate plating bath). Even if you don’t know what that means, you can appreciate what they are striving for: to bring ideas to life through interactive conversations. (Source: CMI) Tablespoon Cooking Community The Tablespoon community is an attractive, interactive site for people passionate about food and entertaining. The site gathers the best of the best, and uses a clean categorization technique for its content, splitting it up by topics that matter most to its core audience: Quick Dishes, Taste for Adventure and Rock UR Party. Depending on the type of cook you are or event you’re hosting, these categories help you find content easily and quickly in a more innovative way than traditional websites. And, with help from their newsletter, readers can also stay in-the-know on the latest recipes and inspirations. (Source: CMI) 35
  35. 35. 10 Tips for Content Marketing Success[Creating Content] [Marketing Content]1. Use Google Keyword Tool 6. RSS Feed Not sure what to blog about? What to focus your next eBook People love RSS feeds because they don’t have to give-up any on? Or what that next podcast topic should be? Use the Google information, can read blogs when they want to, and don’t have to Keyword Search Tool to see what people are searching for and keep visiting your website to read them. Just remember to what questions they’re asking. include a CTA at the end of all your posts.2. Focus on the Headlines 7. Don’t Forget About Email No matter how good a piece of content is, nobody will read on if Use email like social media to share your company’s latest blog, they don’t connect with the headline. Use the headline to eBook, white paper, webinar, or training video. The great thing highlight what’s in it for the reader in terms of benefit, or value. about email is that you can measure the value of your content Opt for “clear” over “clever” and use numbers or info such as with open rates, click-through rates, and landing page sign-ups, “Top 10 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers”. downloads, and, ultimately, sales.3. Make it SEO-friendly 8. Social Media Use keywords to create descriptive, human friendly URLs. Use Don’t try and get content on every social media site; that’s them in the title tags of the page at least once (preferably near impossible. Focus on the social media sites your prospects use, the beginning), and at least 2-3 times, including variations, in the not what you use. But don’t expect everyone to share your body copy on the page. content right away, you need to promote others too! Share their content, comment on their blogs, and they’ll return the favour.4. Don’t Underestimate Readability Simple sells. Use clear, readable language and ditch the 9. Integrate! Integrate! Integrate! industry jargon and corporate cliches like “industry leading” and Have Twitter followers, Facebook fans, email subscribers? Ask “robust”. Increase font size to 14 pt, avoid big blocks of text, and your users to opt-in to another channel, especially one like email use lots of sub-headings that allow people to “scan” your where you can capture their contact information and start content. treating them like a potential prospect.5. Include a Call to Action (CTA) Every Time 10. Build Inbound Links If you’ve delivered value, people will be more likely to return the Use content to create inbound links to your website. Offer to favour. Ask people to share your content, sign-up to a mailing guest blog, upload presentations, reports, or white papers to list, or contact your company for more valuable information. sites like Slideshare or Scribd. Comment on other people’s blogs and answer questions in relevant communities and forums, pointing them to your content if appropriate. 36
  36. 36. Content Marketing ResourcesTools Scribe ContentlyTips Inbound Marketing: The Five Pillars to More Profits Kiss Your Great Content Goodbye If You’re Not Doing This With It The Most Important, Overlooked, & Easiest Way to Get More Traffic to Your BlogResources Copyblogger Copywriting Blog Content Marketing Institute 37
  37. 37. Social MediaSocial Media is a powerful method for Social Media is not necessarily a What better way to keep your customers,attracting visitors to your site. Target conversion tactic, but allowing people fans, and followers engaged thanand engage prospects and build a to sign-up or login with their Social through blog posts, mutual commenting,following, invite them to your site to Media profiles can help increase online communities and forums? Put theread blogs, sign-up for webinars, or conversion points. “Social” in “Social Media”.take advantage of a sale or contest.
  38. 38. Did You Know? 62% of companies using LinkedIn have acquired a customer from the network (Source: Hubspot) Companies with 1000+ Twitter followers get 6 times more website traffic (Source: Hubspot) Failure to respond via social channels can lead to up to a 15% increase in churn rate for existing customers (Source: Gartner) 39
  39. 39. Social MediaWhat is it?Social Media is nothing more than a description for online interaction.For businesses, it usually involves listening, responding, and engaging with Op Ed Piecepeople across multiple communities and networks. Don’t get into Social Media just becauseSocial Media can be used for several purposes, including: it’s the latest industry Building brand awareness, credibility, and transparency buzz – get into it Demonstrating knowledge and thought leadership because it’s a great way to find prospects, Garnering feedback and developing better business ideas and practices engage them, and Responding to customer needs and queries build a more Building communities and/or networks profitable business. Monitoring industry trends and/or competition - Chris Cultivating leads and customers Improving SEO and Content Marketing strategiesThe most important component for any business is to have a strategy thatdrives social media. 40
  40. 40. Social Media Examples Blendtec Campaign Details: “Will it Blend?” That’s all you need to know about this campaign. Blendtec takes everything from iPhones, Nike shoes, baseballs, to cans of pork and beans to see if their products can blend them. So far their videos have been viewed over 220 million times (how’s that for brand awareness?). Why It Worked: Besides people’s penchant for seeing things destroyed, this campaign works because often it takes the latest gadget (e.g. iPad, video game) and is very topical. Viewers can also vote on whether things will blend, and can make suggestions for future products to blend. StarbucksCampaign Details: Starbucks offered mayorship deals onFoursquare, free goodies for Tax Day via Twitters then-newpromoted tweets, and a free pastry day promoted throughTwitter and Facebook.Why It Worked: It’s a great use of engaging Starbucks fanson platforms their customers use: Foursquare, Twitter, andFacebook. A Tax Day promotion boosted their PR, and freepastry day is the perfect idea for promoting a non-coffeeproduct. 41
  41. 41. 10 Tips for Social Media Success1. Align Strategy with Business Goals 6. Play the Karma Game Is your Social Media strategy to increase your community, Don’t expect everyone to share your content right away, you create more leads, or to aid the customer service experience? need to promote others too! Share their content, comment on Maybe it’s all of the above. No matter what, you need to think their blogs, and they’ll return the favour. As a rule, promote of Social Media as a way to achieve your business goals and others 10 times more than you promote yourself. build a strategy complete with goals, KPIs, and benchmarks. 7. Don’t “Ask” for a Follow, Earn It!2. Focus on Where Your Customers Are Why should people follow you? Is it exclusive access to Don’t waste time on social media sites that your customers content and contests? Special discounts and rewards? Don’t don’t use for business purposes. As a general rule, Facebook expect people to follow your brand unless you can deliver is great for B2C, Twitter and Google+ are best fit for B2B, and value, unless there’s something in it for them (not just you). LinkedIn is key for both types of marketing. But don’t forget to test out industry related forums and communities. 8. A Relationship Lasts Longer than a Lead Be more than a business: be human. Use real names, real3. Listen and Elicit Responses photos, and real people instead of company logos or Approach Social Media like a member of a jury: listen to what nondescript employees. People aren’t social with companies, everyone has to say before you proceed. Poll people and find people are social with people. our more about the wants and needs of your customers and elicit responses. In other words, engage! 9. Use the Right Tools Social Media can eat up a lot of time and resources. Use the4. Curate Content right tools to manage multiple accounts, monitor conversations You can’t just count on sharing your own content because: a) about your brand, share content, and manage customer leads you’ll be looked at as too self-promotional b) no one is going to (see next page for list of tools). help promote you. Cut through the clutter and curate content that your followers will love, and build your brand as a valuable 10. Measure and Manage resource in the process. Social Media is not easy to measure for ROI (despite what gurus might tell you). Do you know what your ROI is for your5. It’s Not a Campaign, It’s a Commitment company’s coffee, mobile phones, or customer service There’s lots of examples of viral videos, trending Tweets, and department? Measure fans, followers, and mentions but also overnight Social Media success stories. But for the most part, engagement metrics like comments, retweets, and social Social Media is a day-in, day-out commitment to engaging shares. When in doubt, review #1. people, prospects, and current customers. 42
  42. 42. Social Media ResourcesTools Hootsuite Buffer Radian6 KloutTips Getting Started With Social Media 30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should IgnoreResources Social Media Examiner Mashable Business2Community 43
  43. 43. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)CRO is all about CONVERTING CRO is the practice of CONVERSION. CRO is primarily a CONVERSIONvisitors into prospects, leads, and It is a systematic method for improving strategy, but it also needs to focus oncustomers after you ATTRACT them to the odds of a visitor taking the action how to KEEP a lead or prospectyour site. you want them to: signing-up, engaged after the conversion. downloading, sharing, or buying.
  44. 44. Did You Know? 75% of Ecommerce Shopping Carts are abandoned (Source: SeeWhy) Online forms placed in the right side of the page have a 5% to 10% higher conversion rate than the left aligned ones (Source: Monetate) A Captcha feature on your online forms will decrease conversion by 3.2% (Source: Monetate) 45
  45. 45. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)What is it?Conversion Rate Optimization, or Website Optimization, is simply a process tomeasure and improve your website’s conversion goals. Op Ed Piece So manyA conversion is an action you want a visitor to take when they visit your businesses spendsite: most of their online marketing dollars Calling a number getting people to Completing a form visit their site – Subscribing to a blog or email PPC, SEO, Email, Downloading a whitepaper Content, Social Signing up for a free trial Media, etc. But there’s no point Becoming a fan or follower of your brand blowing your Making a purchase budget getting traffic to your site ifThe typical website should have a primary conversion goal (e.g. purchase, you can’t “convert”.quote form completion) and a few secondary conversion goals (subscribe to - Chrisblog, sign-up to newsletter).CRO involves testing, testing, and more testing. Split or Multivariate testingare usually the two methods used to optimize a website’s conversion points. 46
  46. 46. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Split or A/B Testing Split testing, also known as A/B testing, means to set up two web pages (or ads) that are identical except for one variable that is different, and likely to affect a user’s behaviour. In this case, you have two web pages that are virtually the same except version A has one image in header and version B has five (with booking widget moved down). Which page do you think converted better? Version B resulted in a 60% lift in resort bookings! Source: Wider Funnel Smashing Multivariate tests headlines, images, CTA, and colour to see which combination of all the elements convert the best for selling their book Multivariate Testing Multivariate testing is a little more complicated. It involves chopping an ad or webpage up into different elements, and testing to see which combination of the different elements work best together to produce the highest conversion. A multivariate test would show combinations of the headlines, images, copy, and buttons to different visitors to determine which combination produces the best results. 47
  47. 47. 10 Tips for CRO Success1. Start from the “I Know Nothing” Principle 6. Provide a Path Forward If you knew what the outcome of a test was, there would be no Give visitors a clear-cut, above the fold, call to action that gets reason to test. But you’d be very, very surprised how them moving in the direction. Show them that you have what conventional wisdom can be easily defeated by hard evidence. they want, and then give them a way to get it.. This could be a There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to testing, it just is. “buy now” button, “get a quote” link, or newsletter subscription. So start from the idea that you know nothing until you test it. 7. Benefits, NOT Features2. Tailor Your Site to How People Find You A person going into a hardware store looking for a 1/4″ drill bit In Google Analytics, analyze the keywords people use to find does not want a 1/4″ drill bit, they want a 1/4″ hole. Your landing your site and be more relevant. Someone searching for page copy should focus on the hole (what they want) rather than “compare LCD TVs” compared to someone searching for “buy the drill bit (what they need to get what they want). Sony LCD TV” are at very different stages of the buying cycle. 8. Don’t Distract!3. Extra! Extra! Headlines Help! Avoid pop-ups, advertisements for unrelated products/service, Just like a newspaper, headlines make a world of difference! A unnecessary navigation points, and multiple calls to action. headline is likely the first thing your visitor is going to see when These things distract users from their original goal, and in turn they get to your landing page. Test different headlines and will also cause them to not complete the action that you consider capture your visitor’s attention to help guide them through your your business goal. conversion funnel. 9. CTA is A-Okay!4. Pinpoint Your Value Prop Don’t overlook your Call-to-Action (CTA). Always, always make it Communicate your value proposition, and how your business is clear what you want the visitor to do with your CTA. Test different, early on in your landing page’s content. Your value different CTAs and use action verbs like “Discover, Learn, prop really should be above the fold, and a focal point on the Uncover, Explore, Download”. page. 10. Never Stop Testing5. Don’t Ask for Unnecessary Information While you may come up with a great combination of headline, Have a sign-up form that asks your visitors for their name, email, image, value-prop, and benefits that are converting well for you, website, industry, number of employees, company revenue, and there may be a way to squeeze more out of your landing page. colour of their underwear? As a general rule, the more That’s where A/B Testing comes into play. You should always be information you ask of visitors, the less likely they are to complete running tests to improve your landing pages. your form. 48
  48. 48. CRO ResourcesTools Optimizely YouEye UnbounceTips What is Conversion Rate Optimization and How Can it Help My Business? Show Me What You’ve Got in Five Seconds or LessResources Conversion Rate Optimization Report WiderFunnel Blog 49
  49. 49. Online Referral MarketingReferral Marketing is one of the best Referral Marketing increases Keeping customers is much easierways to create brand awareness, conversion rates, undoubtedly, as when they are referred to you. Inimprove SEO, and drive quality traffic people are 4 times more likely to buy fact, a referred customer has a 16%and prospects to your business. when referred to your business. higher lifetime value than a non- referred customer. Referral Marketing equips your brand ambassadors with the right tools to help promote your business to their family, friends, fans, and followers.
  50. 50. Did You Know? 65% of new business comes from referrals (Source: New York Times) You are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend (Source: Nielsen) 55% of consumers recommend a company based on its customer service (Source: RightNow) 51
  51. 51. Online Referral MarketingWhat is it?Online Referral Marketing is turning your customers into a de facto sales teamfor your business. Op Ed Piece With ReferralIt is one of the most effective ways to to grow your customer base, and one Marketing, you’reof the most overlooked. effectively turning your customers intoPeople are 4 times more likely to buy from you if they were referred to your your company’sbusiness. advocates, promoters, lead generators, andOnline Referral Marketing involves techniques and tools that you can salespeople.integrate into your everyday business to generate a steady flow of leads that - Roberthave been referred by existing customers.It may include: A Social platform that can identify customer advocates A loyalty, rewards, or gamification program that can incent referrals Measurement tools that can measure and optimize referral campaigns. 52
  52. 52. Referral Example Folica Folica promotes referrals by giving customers $10 off their purchase for referring their friends. Their friends, in turn, receive 15% off their first purchase. Folica makes it easy to refer. Customers can send an email, share on Twitter, or post on their Facebook page. Toob Network Used Gamification to develop a series of quests that encouraged users to view videos on a variety of ToobNetwork sites and challenged users to rate and share those videos. When users finished a quest, they earned virtual coins that could be used to buy rewards. Gamification can be used to reward people for sharing content, and thus as a referral tool. And who wouldn’t want to refer a site where engagement helps provide funding for animal welfare? Source: Big Door Media 53
  53. 53. 10 Tips for Referral Marketing Success1. ABTC 6. Reward for Referrals Always Be Thinking of your Customers (ABTC). It’s the old If you threw a party for all your customers, employees, and fans 80/20 rule; 80% of your business comes from 20% of your and followers, how big would it be? And how much bigger customers, so don’t take them for granted. would it be if you invited everyone in each of their networks? A lot! So encourage referrals with savings on future products or2. Get Scientific services or loyalty program points. Like a lot of businesses, you probably track web traffic, Google rankings, Twitter followers, and maybe even email open rates. 7. Connect with Influencers But what about referrals? You need to start by getting scientific. When Universal Studios went to launch the Wizarding World of Create a program that tracks leads, tests offers, and ultimately Harry Potter theme park, they did it by only telling 7 influential measures ROI. bloggers. In 24 hours, 350 million people had heard of the park. Think about influencers in your industry and how you can work3. Keep Customers Engaged with them to help promote your business. Communicate with emails, blogs, newsletters, whitepapers, new products, promotions and contests. Better yet, pick up 8. Testimonials are Referrals the phone or pay your best customers a visit and ask them if Ask your customers for a testimonial and reward them. And they’re happy, and if there’s anything more you can do for instead of having a dedicated “testimonial” page on your them. site, scatter customer testimonials, quotes, and Facebook posts throughout your site – especially on your homepage.4. Ask at the “Wow” Moment The best time to ask for a referral is when you’ve “wowed” 9. Reviews are Referrals Too your customer. Whether you’ve just given them great People trust what other customers say about your company service, a great price, or a great product, you need to use more than what you say. Encourage people to offer reviews that window as an opportunity to ask your customer for a and incent them with points, discounts, or as part of a loyalty referral. program. Not only will reviews help with your SEO, you’ll get great feedback on how to better your business.5. Make the Referral Easy Whether it’s completing a form, sending an email, or simply 10. Be a Referrer sharing a Facebook post – make the referral process as If you want people to refer your business, you have to refer simple as possible for people promoting your business. people to other businesses. Work on the karma principle, and you’ll be surprised how people will look positively on your business and be more prone to return the favour. 54
  54. 54. Referral Marketing ResourcesTools Amplifinity BadgevilleTips Do You Follow the Three “R’s” for Growing Your Small Business, Faster? How To Create The Ultimate Referral Marketing System In 7 Simple StepsResources Duct Tape Marketing Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) 55
  55. 55. Remember Three Words…
  56. 56. Things Will Change, Three Words Won’tThere’s a lot going on.And it won’t be long until the next new social media platform, mobile tool, ortrendy marketing buzzword is all the rage.Things will change. But your strategy won’t.It’s always going to be about using online marketing tactics to ATTRACT,CONVERT, and KEEP customers.We would go so far as to say that a typical marketing department shoulddivide their department into these three categories.In the future maybe companies will hire “Attraction, Conversion, andKeeping” experts as opposed to Email, SEO, PPC, Web Design, and SocialMedia experts.In the meantime, stick to your strategy: remember these three words. 57
  57. 57. How We Can HelpWe help businesses take advantage of the ATTRACT, CONVERT, and KEEP onlinemarketing model.We know all the tactics, tools, and technologies.But more importantly, we know how to use them as part of a larger strategy that will lead tobetter marketing, a better competitive advantage, and at the end of the day, better profits.Please feel free to connect with us to talk about growing your business online. Chris Barnes Robert Clarke 877 607 8906 877 607 8906 58
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