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Designing, developing, and evaluating a real time student dashboard


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We discuss the technical infrastructure needed to capture student data in an open learning environment (beyond the LMS), our iterative design process along with dashboard prototypes, and our dashboard evaluation results from focus groups and a survey.

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Published in: Data & Analytics
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Designing, developing, and evaluating a real time student dashboard

  1. 1. Designing, Developing, and Evaluating a Real-Time Student Dashboard Robert Bodily, Charles Graham, Ben Mackley, and Tarah Kerr Brigham Young University
  2. 2. Technical Infrastructure Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Experience API (xAPI) Learning Record Store (LRS)
  3. 3. Design Process: Prototype 1
  4. 4. Design Process: Prototype 2
  5. 5. Design Process: Prototype 3
  6. 6. Focus Groups Methods Four focus groups of 4-6 students Approximately 60 minutes each Audio was recorded, transcribed, coded using open coding protocol Semi-structured format
  7. 7. Focus Group Results Good features - reflection Bad features - confusing Requested features - compare to class Frequency of Use - right before an exam Course Synchronization - centralized location Comparison between dashboards
  8. 8. End of Course Dashboard Evaluation Survey Methods Survey sent to all consenting students 70 student responses
  9. 9. End of Course Dashboard Survey Results Some students did not even know they had access to a dashboard tool How can we improve student awareness of the system? Dashboards were not used very much. Why didn’t student use the dashboard more often? Dashboard ratings on: User-friendly Interesting/Engaging Useful
  10. 10. Future Research What is the effect of our real-time dashboard on student behavior, achievement, or skills? How can we increase student use of our dashboard system? What would an instructor or administrator dashboard look like? How can we make them actionable?