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Lessons learned to keep cholesterol on proper level base on private cloud projects.


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Complicated IT is like bad cholesterol. Lessons
learned to keep cholesterol on proper level base on private cloud projects. My IBM Pulse2014 presentation.

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Lessons learned to keep cholesterol on proper level base on private cloud projects.

  1. 1. ©  2013  IBM  Corpora/on RSM-­‐1757:     Leveraging  IBM  SmartCloud  Virtual  Storage   Center  to  Reduce  IT  Complexity  and   Streamline  Your  Environment Robert  Bigos   +48  693  93  5191
  2. 2. !2 Please note IBM’s statements regarding its plans, directions, and intent are subject to change or withdrawal without notice at IBM’s sole discretion. ! Information regarding potential future products is intended to outline our general product direction and it should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. ! The information mentioned regarding potential future products is not a commitment, promise, or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality. Information about potential future products may not be incorporated into any contract. The development, release, and timing of any future features or functionality described for our products remains at our sole discretion. Performance is based on measurements and projections using standard IBM benchmarks in a controlled environment. The actual throughput or performance that any user will experience will vary depending upon many factors, including considerations such as the amount of multiprogramming in the user’s job stream, the I/O configuration, the storage configuration, and the workload processed. Therefore, no assurance can be given that an individual user will achieve results similar to those stated here.
  3. 3. 2 Agenda Infrastructure  challenges  in  the  enterprise  environment   • It  doesn’t  maPer  -­‐  2003  Harvard  Business  Review   • 2014  –  The  World  is  10  Xmes  more  interconnected  ,  instrumented  and  complicated   Complicated  and  not  virtualized  infrastructure  can  be  like  “bad”  cholesterol     • Example  of  consolidaXon/virtualizaXon  study  -­‐  road  to  private  cloud   Complicated  and  highly  virtualized  infrastructure  can  be  like  “bad”  cholesterol     • Simple  cholesterol  check  by  visualizaXon  “queueing”  model  in  pracXce   • “Capacity  rolling  disaster”    challenge  in  your  highly  virtualized  infrastructure   • Best  pracXce    and  matrix  compaXbility  check  …   Lessons  learned  to  keep  cholesterol  on  proper  level  base  on    private  cloud  projects  in  CEE.   • Private    cloud  approach  “sXll”  needs  balance  in:  virtualizaXon,  standardizaXon,  automaXon  and  service/ placorm  management.   • “Private  cloud”  is  not  just  technology  or  virtualizaXon    -­‐  it  is  “transformaXon”  project  and  strong  CxO   support  is  crucial     ! You  will  hear    some  interes/ng  features  about  IBM  products:   • IBM  SmartCloud  Virtual  Storage  Center   • IBM  Storage  SAN  Volume  Controller   • IBM  PureSystems,    PureFlex   • IBM  SmartCloud  Analy=cs  -­‐  Predic=ve  Insights   Abstract:  According  to  Harvard  Business  Review  "IT  doesn't  maHer"  published  in  2003  ,  enterprise  IT  in  2014  is  above    ten  /mes  more  instrumented  and   interconnected    than  it  was  in  2003.  Virtualiza/on  helped  us  achieve  beHer  infrastructure  u/liza/on,    but  now  infrastructure  is  more  complicated    as  Gartner   says  ,  “Virtualiza/on  without  service  management  is  even  more  dangerous  than  not  virtualizing  in  the  first  place.”Escala/ng  IT  complexity  can  lead  to  higher   costs…or  a  "capacity  rolling  disaster".  IBM  SmartCloud  Virtual  Storage  Center  enables  you  to  simplify  management  of  an  enterprise  storage  infrastructure.  Come   hear  how  to  leverage  SmartCloud  VSC  to  get  a  picture  of  your  environment  (your  infrastructure  cholesterol  check),  see  what  kinds  of  findings  can  be  gleaned  to   improve  efficiency,  and  learn  how  to  /e  into  private  cloud  infrastructure,  including  IBM  PureSystem  -­‐  expert  integrated  systems.  You’ll  see  how  simple  monitoring   data  from  SmartCloud  VSC  and  other  sources  can  cut  the  level  of  your  IT  complexity  significantly.?
  4. 4. 4 New  rules  for  IT  Management… ”IT  Doesn't  MaBer”  -­‐  New  Rules  for  IT  Management  from  2003   ! …  IT…”  become  commodity  inputs.  From  a  strategic  standpoint,  they  become  invisible;  they  no  longer  maMer.  The   staff  of  HBR  voted  "IT  Doesn't  MaHer"  the  best  ar/cle  to  appear  in  the  magazine  during  2003…”   “With  the  opportuni/es  for  gaining  strategic  advantage  from  informa/on  technology  rapidly  disappearing,  many   companies  will  want  to  take  a  hard  look  at  how  they  invest  in  IT  and  manage  their  systems.  As  a  star/ng   point,  here  are  three  guidelines  for  the  future:   • Spend  less.  Studies  show  that  the  companies  with  the  biggest  IT  investments  rarely  post  the  best  financial  results.  As  the  commodi/za/on  of  IT  con/nues,   the  penal/es  for  wasteful  spending  will  only  grow  larger.  It  is  gecng  much  harder  to  achieve  a  compe//ve  advantage  through  an  IT  investment,  but  it  is   gecng  much  easier  to  put  your  business  at  a  cost  disadvantage.   • Follow,  don’t  lead.  Moore’s  Law  guarantees  that  the  longer  you  wait  to  make  an  IT  purchase,  the  more  you’ll  get  for  your  money.  And  wai/ng  will   decrease  your  risk  of  buying  something  technologically  flawed  or  doomed  to  rapid  obsolescence.  In  some  cases,  being  on  the  cucng  edge  makes  sense.  But   those  cases  are  becoming  rarer  and  rarer  as  IT  capabili/es  become  more  homogenized.   • Focus  on  vulnerabili=es,  not  opportuni/es.  It’s  unusual  for  a  company  to  gain  a  compe//ve  advantage  through  the  dis/nc/ve  use  of  a  mature   infrastructural  technology,  but  even  a  brief  disrup/on  in  the  availability  of  the  technology  can  be  devasta/ng.  As  corpora/ons  con/nue  to  cede  control  over   their  IT  applica/ons  and  networks  to  vendors  and  other  third  par/es,  the  threats  they  face  will  proliferate.  They  need  to  prepare  themselves  for  technical   glitches,  outages,  and  security  breaches,  shifing  their  aHen/on  from  opportuni/es  to  vulnerabili/es.”   ! hHp://   Thank  you  Nick  !
  5. 5. 5 Regarding  “IT  doesn’t  maPer” ! IT  infrastructure  in  the  enterprise  is  like  a  “home  made  supercomputer”  :     very  complicated  and  interconnected.  Designed  by  business  department,   acquired  by  procurement  department  ,  implemented  and  managed  by  IT   department.   ! • Each  year  we  have  smarter  sohware  and  devices  but  everything  is   working  as  designed,  configured  and  tested…  New  “smarter”  features   need  Xme  to  be  well  tested  and  Xme  to  be  adopted  to  producXon   environment.   • From  this  perspecXve  every  enterprise  “home  made  supercomputer”  is   similar  to  “others”  but  unique  …  if  everything  is  working  it’s  ok  ,    if  it  is   not  working  we  lose  real  money.     • “Spend  less”  we  should  probably  change  to  “Spend  smarter”  and  really   “…focus  on  vulnerabiliXes,  “  to  proacXvely  avoid  ”  …  technical  glitches,   outages…”  as  result  we  will  spend  less  …  Spend  less  …  can  lead  to  high   levels  of  bad  cholesterol  
  6. 6. 6 The  world  is  more  interconnected  and  instrumented 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 0 200 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 1,600 1,800 Exabytes RFID, Digital  TV, MP3   players, Digital   cameras, Camera  phones,  VoIP, Medical  imaging,  Laptops, smart  meters,  mul/-­‐player  games, Satellite  images,  GPS,  ATMs,  Scanners, Sensors,  Digital  radio,  DLP  theaters,   Telema/cs , Peer -­‐to -­‐peer,  Email,  Instant  messaging,  Videoconferencing, CAD/CAM,  Toys,  Industrial  machines,  Security  systems,  Appliances 10x   growth  in   five  years 2012 2013 2014 Virtualiza/on Cloud BigData Business  Analy/cs yearly   accelera=on Explosion  of   information  driving   54%  growth  in  storage   shipments  every  year.   1.5x
  7. 7. 7 A  few  IT  related  figures 200  Billion 2.2  Million cyber  aHacks
 every  day physical  assets  with  IT   intelligence 1  Billion   consumers  with   Smartphones 20  MWh 200% DataCenter  electricity   Requirements  growth    over     last  5  years electricity   requirements  of   medium  DataCenter 51  % average  y/y  virtual  server   growth   85%  idle In  distributed   computing   environments,  up  to   85%  of  computing   capacity  sits  idle. 70¢  per  $1 70%  on  average  is  spent   on  maintaining  current  IT   infrastructures  versus   adding  new  capabilities.
  8. 8. 8 CEO  declaring  changes Social Cloud   Intelligent/
 Connected Systems   Mobile Big  Data *  IBM  CEO  study  2013 Source:  “The  Sofware  Edge:  How  effec/ve   sofware  development  and  delivery  drives   compe//ve  advantage,”  IBM  Ins/tute  of   Business  Value,  March  2013 1. Technology  factors   2. People  skills   3. Market  factors   4. Macro-­‐economic   factors   5. Regulatory  concerns   6. GlobalizaXon
  9. 9. 9 There  is  no  “magic  buPon” There  is  no  “MAGIC  BUTTON”  in  your  infrastructure  which  can   resolve  all  your  potenXal  threats.   Source:  hHp://make-­‐everything-­‐
  10. 10. 11 Example  of  virtualizaXon  study   Source:  IBM  study  in  CEE  for  one  of  the  top   100  companies  in  CEE.   Interac/ve  mo/on  chart  shows  the     u/liza/on  of  about  1100  serves  and  related   challenges  from  technical  and  business   perspec/ve Source  of  picture:    hHp://engagedhealthsolu/­‐explained/ == “Compa/bility  matrix  and  migra/on   challenges”    as  “bad”  cholesterol   example”.
  11. 11. 14 Queues  and  buffers  basis ▪ Response  Xme  depends  on  service  Xme  and  queueing  Xme.   ! • Queue  length  depends  on  arrival  rate  and  service  /me   • U/liza/on  shows  how  busy  the  server  is:    work_/me/measured_/me   • When  u/liza/on  reaches  satura/on  =  100%  ,response  /me  going  to  infinity  in  some  cases…… buffer Queuing Queuing Queuing Source:  hHp://­‐vs-­‐latency-­‐world-­‐is-­‐curved.html     Graph  provided  by    Neil  Gunther.  Thanks  ! QueuingQueuing Queuing Queuing Queuing Queuing Queuing Of  course  there  is  powerful  mathema/cs  and  very  complicated  mul/  queue  models  influencing  each  other…     working  par/ally  in  parallel  and  sequence  mode.     But  this  founda/on  is  enough  to  understand  capacity  planning  and  Cholesterol  check.   To  see  more:  hHp://'s_law   hHp://'s_law     hHp://  ,
  12. 12. 28 IBM  SmartCloud  Virtual  Storage  Center  architecture ▪ My  top  5  favorite  features   ! • Monitoring/alerXng  data  warehouse  architecture  (storage,  SAN,  hypervisor,  VM)   • Threshold  violaXons  observaXons,     • Data  Path  Viewer   • Storage  AnalyXcs  Engine     • IBM  System  Storage  SAN  Volume  Controller  (SVC)  online  migraWon  and  Easy  Tier   See  more:     !Chris  Dotson  works  in  IBM's  CIO  Office  as  a  Senior  IT  Architect  for  Services  TransformaXon.   He  is  guiding  IBM's  own  storage  transformaXon.  As  a  large  enterprise,  IBM  manages  over   100  petabytes  of  data,  growing  at  25%  per  year.  Chris  discusses  block  storage  virtualizaXon,   automated  block  storage  Xering,  file  cloud  storage,  and  automated  block  storage   management  at  IBM.      hPps://     BJ  Klingenberg  is  a  DisXnguished  Engineer  and  Enterprise  Storage  Management  lead  for   IBM.  BJ  shares  his  experiences  using  IBM  Tivoli  Storage  ProducXvity  Center  in  IBM's  Service   Provider  environment.      hPp://     Mike  Griese  explains  how  IBM  SmartCloud  Virtual  Storage  Center  can  help  you  get  the   most  out  of  your  SAN  aPached  storage  devices  by  increasing  efficiency,  uXlizaXon,   availability,  disaster  recovery  capability  and  manageability.      hPps://  
  13. 13. 32 “Server-­‐storage-­‐centric”  performance  troubleshooXng Data Path View •status •all relations Agent less host monitoring •status, performance (SAN, Lun’s) •all relations Threshold Violations (A) (B) (C)
  14. 14. 20 Do  you  know  how  complicated  your  “home  made   computer”  is? Cholesterol  check  visualiza/on  prepared  in   CEE  for  one  of  top  100  enterprise  in  CEE.     ! Video  shows  small  part  of  infrastructure:   10  storage  arrays,  about  1200  volumes,   1000  SAN  ports  ,  10  hosts  .  100  VM   Red  color  means  …  not  good.   Not  showed  host  to  vm  mappings  and  SAN   zones  (  too  big  resolu/ons  required  for   presenta/ons  ). Source  of  picture:    hHp://engagedhealthsolu/­‐explained/ == “MulX-­‐queing-­‐centric”  performance  troubleshooXng  in  „share  everything     architecture"   Video:  big  or  red  means  …  not  good    6  day  view,  5  minutes  sample.   Source  data:  IBM  SmartCloud  Virtual  Stor  age  Center  TPCREPORT,   Tools:  DatasetR,  igraph Cholesterol  case  study  findings/examples     will  be  included USL
  15. 15. 20 UXlizaXon  heatmap ! GREEN  -­‐  not  used  -­‐  losing  money   RED  -­‐  business  and  customer  wai/ng   YELLOW  -­‐  perfect  balance   ! About  700  volumens  on  enterprise  Tier  1   and  2,  500  TB Y  =  24  h     X  =  7  days  observa=ons  
  16. 16. 21 Do  you  know  the  answers  to  simple  quesXons  about  your   infrastructure? Are  you  sure  all  your  nodes  are  fully  compa/ble?   ! • when  did  you  check  it  out  ?   ! Are  you  sure  all  your  nodes  have  more  than  1  working  path  ?   ! • when  did  you  check  it  out  ?   ! How  are  they  u/lized  over  /me?   ! • is  there  a  capacity  for  growth  ?   • is  there  a  capacity  for  change  ?   • is  there  a  capacity  to  restore  ?   ! Everything  is….  working  as  designed,  configured  and  tested…     ! IT  industry  appreciates  experienced  people…   "capacity  rolling  disaster”  
  17. 17. 17 “…Reports   that   say   that   something   hasn't   happened   are   always   interes/ng  to  me,  because  as  we  know,  there  are  known  knowns;   there  are  things  we  know  we  know.  We  also  know  there  are  known   unknowns;  that  is  to  say  we  know  there  are  some  things  we  do  not   know.  But  there  are  also  unknown  unknowns  -­‐-­‐  the  ones  we  don't   know  we  don't  know…”   ! ! ! ! ! Donald Rumsfeld, February 12th, 2004 DOD News Briefing Source:     ! Know  unknowns  and  unknown  unknowns  …
  18. 18. 22 I  strongly  agree  with  Gartner  on  this  point “VirtualizaWon  without  service  management
  is  even  more  dangerous  than  not  virtualizing
  in  the  first  place”  …  Source:  hBp://     Source:  hHp://     ▪ Integrated  placorm  management  and  service  management  is  not  an  addiXonal  cost  …   • it  is  just  an  integrated  part  of  solu/ons   • spend  smarter  rather  spend  less   • cost  reduc/on  will  come
  19. 19. 24 Lessons  learned  to  keep  cholesterol  on  proper  level ▪ “Private  cloud”  is  not  just  technology  or  virtualizaXon    -­‐  it  is  “transformaXon”   project  and  strong  CxO  support  is  crucial     ! • regardless  of  what    anyone  says  ….   • Private  cloud  approach  “s/ll”  needs  balance  in:  virtualiza/on,  standardiza/on,  automa/on  and   service/pla{orm  management   • “private  clouds”  ready    procurement  behaviors  and  standards   • project  driven  islands  …  may  kill  any  private  cloud  project   • management  silos  vs  dynamic  infrastructure  management  challenge   • license  agreements  or  SLA  agreements  …  needs  changes   • others   ! ▪ Simplify  your  infrastructure  by  standardizaXon  and  virtualizaXon     ! • one  vendor  policy  if  possible  ,     • expert  integrated  systems  or  “cloud  ready  sofware”  where  applica/ons  logic  understand  all  poten/al   issues  related  to  infrastructure…  
  20. 20. 25 Lessons  learned  to  keep  cholesterol  on  proper  level ▪ The  best  technology  sXll  needs  backup  and  restore  process.   ! • RTO  and  RTO  are  s/ll  important  in  cloud  but  not  popular  in  RFP,   • Highly  virtualized  environments  are  very  complicated  mul/  queueing  network  ,  backup  process  may   consume  all  of  your  resources  if  not  well  designed   ! ▪ Check  your  cholesterol  regularly   ! • Capacity  planning  process  (uWlizaWon,  response  Wme  curve  check  for  all  important  queues)   • if  there  is  a  lot  of  observaXons  on  the  “bad”  side  invesXgate  which  interconnected  queue  is  affected     • Automated  “best  pracXce  /  health  check”  (configuraXon  best  pracXce,  sohware  level,  interoperability)   • ask  IBM  local  STG  Lab  services  /  GTS  representaWve  for  infrastructure  health  check   • ask  for  (internal)  System  Storage  Interoperability  Center  Discovery  UXlity  from  IBM  Customer  Center  Montpellier     ! ! ▪ “Sohware  defined  storage,  network  ,  infrastructure”,  expert  integrated  systems,big   data,  analyXcs,  cloud  and  queueing  are  like  gravity.   ! • You  can  fight  it,  but  it's  beHer  to  understand  and  profit  from  it  consciously.
  21. 21. 20 See  more     ! or  contact   !   +48  693  93  51  91  
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