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OnPoint Solutions’ First-Year Success Continues
    The OnPoint* Solutions program was               Airport, Emirates cur...
New OnPoint Product Optimizes
Workscope, Saves Money
    Joint Specification Overhaul—one of GE’s         such as TOW and ...
Productivity Investments at GE Engine Services Malaysia
   GE is investing $5 million to increase               entirely a...
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Service Solutions December 2006


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Service Solutions December 2006

  1. 1. GE Aviation Service Solutions November-December 2006 / Volume 6, Issue 4 CFM 3-D Aero Providing Better Fuel Burn, Longer On-Wing Life A continual investment in the CFM56* Additional options: To help product line has yielded substantial customer ensure flexibility in managing benefits over the years. Between 1989 and maintenance costs, CFM offers 2005, in-flight shutdowns were reduced by additional CFM56-3 kit options. The 78%, aborted takeoffs by 80% and the fleet-wide Enhanced Performance Kit includes dispatch reliability rate is now better than 99.96%. the 3-D aero HPC blades and vanes for better EGT margin. The Enhanced CFM International (CFM) uses the benefits Durability Turbine Kit reduces the HPT of advanced three-dimensional aerodynamic blade scrap rate by as much as 50%, (3-D aero) technology to breathe new life into thus reducing maintenance costs. the mature CFM56-3 and CFM56-5C fleets, providing customers with significant benefits CFM56-5C Upgrade and extending the useable life of assets. to CFM56-5C/P The CFM56-5C/P upgrade kit CFM56-3 Advanced Upgrade incorporates advanced 3-D aero The CFM56-3 Advanced Upgrade incorporates technology in the HPC and HPT design. 3-D aero high-pressure compressor (HPC) blades Additional improvements have also been The blade at left was designed using traditional and new high-pressure turbine (HPT) hardware. incorporated into the HPT to enhance durability. 2-D aerodynamic design techniques; at right is a 3-D aero blade. Overall, the CFM56-5C/P upgrade kit provides The upgrade is installed during normal operators a 1% improvement in specific fuel overhaul. It provides up to a 1.6% improvement consumption and up to an 18ºC improvement in used this technology in developing the in specific fuel consumption (which directly EGT margin. This translates to as much as 10% advanced CFM56-5B and CFM56-7B engines. impacts aircraft fuel burn) as well as up to lower maintenance costs and up to 5,000 Today, CFM has more experience with 3-D aero 20ºC additional exhaust gas temperature additional hours on wing. than any other manufacturer, with these (EGT) margin, resulting in longer on-wing life fleets logging a combined total of more than and, thus, lower maintenance costs. Turbine Upgraded engines are fully interchangeable 80 million engine flight-hours of highly reliable improvements include new nozzle and shroud and intermixable with current engines and are service with airlines around the globe. materials, a new blade coating and improved virtually transparent in the cockpit. cooling. These changes lower scrap rates Contact: Bob Barton and repair costs in the turbine section by as 3-D Aero Efficiencies much as 50%. A significant advancement in computer capabilities, 3-D aero design helps to establish Overall, the upgrade can improve post- a more optimum contour of an engine airfoil to overhaul time on wing by up to 2,000 cycles. provide greatly improved efficiency. CFM initially
  2. 2. OnPoint Solutions’ First-Year Success Continues The OnPoint* Solutions program was Airport, Emirates currently serves destinations launched at last year’s Paris Air Show by in nearly 60 nations on five continents. AirAsia, which entered into a 20-year agreement for the maintenance, repair and China Cargo Airlines has signed a 15-year overhaul of the CFM56-5B engines of its new OnPoint Solutions agreement for overhaul and Airbus A320* aircraft. maintenance of the CF6-80C2 engines of its two Boeing 747-400ER* Freighters. The first Since then, the international popularity of all-cargo airline in the People’s Republic of OnPoint Solutions has increased steadily. China, China Cargo provides scheduled domestic service, plus international service to TAP Portugal, the national airline of destinations in Europe and the United States. Portugal, signed a nine-year OnPoint Solutions China Cargo operates from two Shanghai airports: agreement covering maintenance, repair and its main base at Hongqiao International Airport overhaul of the CF6-80E1 engines that power its and a hub at Pudong International Airport. fleet of Airbus A330* aircraft. TAP Portugal, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, Increasing Popularity With currently flies to 43 destinations within 25 New Engine Sales countries in Africa and North and South America. Shanghai Airlines signed a 15-year maintenance agreement for the GEnx engines Cathay Pacific Airways signed a 20-year of its nine Boeing 787* Dreamliner* aircraft, agreement for the GE90-115B engines of its which are scheduled to begin delivery in June fleet of Boeing 777-300ER* aircraft, the first of 2008. Since its establishment in 1985 as the first which is to enter service in September 2007. limited-liability airline in China, Shanghai Airlines The agreement also provides for coverage of the has grown into a large enterprise group with GE90-115B engines powering additional aircraft air transport as its major business. The airline, the capital of the island province of Hainan, acquired through 2017. Cathay Pacific Airways is which serves domestic, regional and international which is located off China’s southern coast. an international airline based in Hong Kong, markets, will deploy the 787s in expanding its Hainan Airlines, which serves a scheduled offering scheduled cargo and passenger service international routes. domestic network, has begun to add to more than 90 destinations around the world. international services. In addition, three other major airlines in AMC Airlines, the charter carrier based in the People’s Republic of China have signed An MOU for a 15-year OnPoint Solutions Cairo, Egypt, signed a 10-year OnPoint Solutions memorandums of understanding (MOUs) that maintenance agreement will cover the GEnx agreement for the CFM56-7B engines of the include OnPoint Solutions agreements. engines of 15 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft of 737-800* aircraft in its fleet. In addition to China Eastern Airlines. Already the largest charter flights between Europe and Egypt’s China Southern Airlines’ OnPoint Solutions GE/CFM International customer in China, China tourist destinations, AMC Airlines offers tailored agreement is for the GEnx engines of Boeing 787 Eastern plans to initiate 787 service in 2008 on charters, domestic flights, VIP flights and Dreamliner aircraft scheduled for delivery to its expanding international routes. long- and short-term wet leases. begin in 2008. China Southern operates the largest airline fleet, as well as the most “OnPoint Solutions are about flexibility, Emirates has signed a 10-year OnPoint extensive domestic air network, in the People’s quality performance, increased productivity and Solutions agreement for the maintenance and Republic of China. In addition to its flight strong customer support when and where our overhaul of the GEnx* engines that will power operations based at Guangzhou, China customers need it,” says Brad Mottier, vice 10 new Boeing 747-8* Freighters, which are Southern has 13 branches within China and president and general manager of GE - Aviation, scheduled to begin delivery in 2010. Launched 38 international offices in major metropolitan Services. “In implementing OnPoint Solutions, in 1985, Emirates is the international airline of markets around the world. we tailor our services to meet each customer’s the United Arab Emirates. The company has specific needs. The response of our customers evolved into a travel and tourism conglomerate In September, Hainan Airlines signed an during the brief time that the OnPoint program comprising an award-winning commercial MOU that includes OnPoint services coverage of has been available demonstrates that they carrier, an international cargo division, a the GEnx engines of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner prefer our new approach and recognize the destination management and leisure division, aircraft it is to begin flying in 2008. Hainan value that GE brings to their business.” an international ground-handler and an airline Airlines is China’s fourth-largest airline based on IT developer. From its base at Dubai International fleet size. The airline is headquartered in Haikou, Contact: Angela Jarczyk 2 / Service Solutions 6.4
  3. 3. New OnPoint Product Optimizes Workscope, Saves Money Joint Specification Overhaul—one of GE’s such as TOW and turnaround time. GE newer OnPoint* products—enables customers provides value through: to work with GE to reduce overhaul costs and to • Reducing engine module exposure and meet their engine performance and time on repair, while still meeting customer wing (TOW) requirements. Introduced scarcely a requirements; year ago, Joint Specification Overhaul has • Matching life-limited parts (LLPs) build, already attracted more than 100 customers. including an optional provision for “Joint Specification Overhaul is a highly GE to buy back specified LLPs; and effective program that has universal application,” • Making recommendations on modular says Jacques Chausse, general manager repair levels. of Services Marketing. “So far, it has been especially attractive to customers who have a An important aspect of the program is the are of the highest quality, and the LLPs come short ownership horizon.” customer’s option to reduce overhaul costs by with back-to-birth traceability. employing used serviceable material, including In developing a Joint Specification Overhaul LLPs. Based on the customer’s objectives and the “Joint Specification Overhaul is a particularly agreement with the customer, GE shares its engine operating profile, GE proposes an overhaul effective approach that enables each customer to broad experience and technical expertise as the package that is customized to substantially realize a satisfactory rate of return—in the form of engine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) reduce costs, including the use of a specified exceptional value, reliability and quality—on its to jointly define an overhaul workscope that percentage of used serviceable materials and overhaul investment,” says Chausse. serves to minimize cost while meeting critical used LLPs, consistent with accomplishing the customer performance requirements in areas desired TOW. The used serviceable materials Contact: Jacques Chausse GE - Aviation Launches New Customer Support Center in China is staffed by highly trained Chinese nationals support elements to develop proactive who bring a wealth of technical expertise to the solutions to fleet issues. role and eliminate any potential language barriers. We’re offering a menu of services, “This new center is a logical extension of GE - Aviation has opened a new China including OnPoint* Diagnostics, that translates GE’s support of our customers in China,” says Operations Center (CHOC) in Shanghai to to a ‘one-stop shop’ and even better support for Mike Wilking, president, China Region, for provide dedicated customer and product our customers.” GE - Aviation. “Coupled with the Spare Parts support for the country’s growing aviation Service Center in Beijing, the Aero Engine market. The center officially began 24-hour, The CHOC supports all GE and CFM56 engine Maintenance Training Center in Guanghan seven-day-a-week operations in August. models. In addition to technical line and shop City and the On Wing Support operations in maintenance support, the CHOC provides Xiamen, GE is providing a comprehensive “There are more than 1,600 GE and expanded services such as in-country technical package that will help our customers CFM56* engines in service in China. With the and AOG (aircraft on the ground) spare part continue to succeed in an increasingly opening of the China Operations Center, we support, lease engine dispatch and fleet data competitive and dynamic industry.” now support that fleet locally,” says Tony management, as well as enhanced support for Aiello, general manager of Customer and smaller operators. The center integrates engine Contact: Jeff Milam Product Support for GE - Aviation. “The center diagnostics (health monitoring) with the product Service Solutions 6.4 / 3
  4. 4. Productivity Investments at GE Engine Services Malaysia GE is investing $5 million to increase entirely attributable to streamlining productivity at the GE Engine Services Malaysia processes and procedures, reorganizing (GEESM) maintenance, overhaul and repair the layout of the shop floor and, most facility at the Malaysia International Aerospace important, introducing a new gantry Centre in Subang. system in the revamped CFM56* overhaul area.” GEESM is a joint venture of GE, Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia. The gantry system enables the implementation of a “first in, first out” Already the largest overhaul service provider flow sequence, based on assigned for CFM56-3 engines in the Asia Pacific region, stations for the removal and installation GEESM is preparing to add overhaul and repair of engine components. of CFM56-5 and -7 engines entering service with airlines in the region. If a removed component is unserviceable, but within repairable limits, it is repaired at In the first year of increased productivity, one of GE - Aviation, Services’ component without compromising its reputation for the number of engines overhauled is expected repair facilities. If it exceeds repairable limits, world-class quality. to rise from 125 to 150. Ultimately, more than it is scrapped and replaced with a new or 165 overhauled engines will be returned to overhauled component. “We are making every effort to provide our service annually—a 35% increase. customers with reliable engines, in the least GEESM, which currently provides turnaround time, at the most competitive price,” “The physical size of the shop will not be maintenance, repair and overhaul services says McLean. increased,” says Doug McLean, managing for more than 35 airlines in Asia, is now director of GEESM. “The improvement will be well-positioned to expand its customer base Contact: Doug McLean THE AMERICAS ASIA MIDDLE EAST Kevin McAllister Chaker Chahrour Muhammad Al-Lamadani EUROPE CHINA Jack Lutze Mike Wilking The purpose of Service Solutions is to enhance communication with our customers. Please contact us if we at GE - Aviation can be of further service to you. View Service Solutions online at GE © 2006 General Electric Company. All rights reserved. GE Engine Services, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Aviation Company. GE and are trademarks of General Electric Company. General Electric Company *OnPoint is a service mark of General Electric Company. One Neumann Way *GEnx is a trademark of General Electric Company. Mail Drop J4 Cincinnati, OH 45215 U.S.A. *CFM56 is a trademark of CFM International, a 50/50 joint company Phone: +1.513.552.3272 (Internationally) between Snecma and General Electric Company. +1.877.432.3272 (Within U.S.) *A320, A330 are trademarks of Airbus. Fax: +1.513.552.3329 *737, 747, 777, 787 and Dreamliner are trademarks of The Boeing Company. E-mail: AE-45754 (11/06) Printed in U.S.A. Service Solutions 6.1 / 4