Handling Customer Complaints


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Dealing with customer complaints is no joke, particularly if customers get angry, insulting and aggressive. We've gathered together handpicked articles and advice you should find useful in handling even the toughest customers. Follow us, since we'll be posting a whole lot more on the topic.

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Handling Customer Complaints

  1. 1. Customer Service Zone About Us | Blog | Privacy | StoreBy Bacal & Associates Developing Customer Service Skills For Over 20 Years Home Seminars and Services Bacals Customer Service Books Articles By Robert Bacal Article Libraries FAQs Our Guarantee Contact WebStore   Free Preview of 1-to-1 Customer Service Seminars and Top : Complaint Handling: Things dont always go Training/Coaching Mini-Guide Services smoothly and customers complain, sometimes for good reason, and sometimes for no reason. Learn Learn how to coach and train employees Defusing Hostile and Difficult effectively and efficiently and best of all, how to handle complaints professionally and Customers For Government smoothly to increase customer loyalty and you can do so in about 30 minutes. Dealing With Difficult and Angry retention. C Customers - For Profit and Non-Profits Get your employees up to speed, ou Presenting/Speaking To Hostile and empower them through learning, engage How To Handle Customer Complaints - Skills them, and at the same time, help them be Resistant Groups (For Government) rte and Knowledge You Need more productive from the start. Keynotes and Conference Speaking sy Read About Our Flexible Pricing Customers complain. Sometimes they have good Dont take our word for it. Preview our LearnBytes Helpcard by clicking on the of Our Past Customers valid reasons for complaining. Sometimes they are unreasonable. And sometimes, usually rarely, image below. You will see the first half of C Site Areas complaining may be an attempt to pressure customer service reps. and the company to do the guide so you can decide if its worth us purchasing. something for them to which they are not entitled. Customer Service Skill Articles t om Then theres the issue of HOW customers complain. The complaint styles used range from The Customer Service Interviews the rather wimpy, almost apologetic request, right through to full on customer rage. Customer Service Qs & As er Handling customer complaints is obviously important for any business, but theres strong The Free Customer Service Library se payoff for customer service and sales personnel to learn the skills needed to address all of Free Instructional Videos For Building the variations in complaining. Why? rv Customer Service Skills Learning complaint resolution skills means more confidence, more control and less stress ic Unique Quotes About The World of for floor, sales, and call center staff. If you are tired of being insulted, and abused when e Customer Service zo customers complain, this is the section for you. Guest Customer Service Articles ne Be Sure to Check Out Our Two Books On How To Manage Customer Complaints Customer Service FAQ Categories .c We promise that they will help you develop the skills to deal with even the worst, most om Main Page - General Customer obnoxious complaining customers. For the full treatment, including exercises, get Defusing Service Q & A Hostile Customers Workbook (Third Edition2010): A Self-Instructional Workbook For Public Sector Employees, and if you want something a bit smaller, try If It Wasnt For The Customer Service Techniques & Skills For Difficult Customers Customers Id Really Like This Job: Stop Angry, Hostile Customers COLD While Remaining Professional, Stress Free, Efficient and Cool As A Cucumber. Improving Corporate Customer Service and Creating A Customer   Service Culture Customer Relationship Management Concepts & Technology For Customer Complaint Handling Advice Understanding Customers and Complaints Are Great. Keep Them Coming - by Lior Arussy Customer Psychology Most companies consider customer complaints a primary source of their ongoing corporate For Employees On The Customer headache. It is the part of the job that most people could do without. After all, who enjoys Service Firing Line talking to upset people who are on the verge of screaming?"But most companies do not Social Media and Customer Service understand the nature of complaints and what they truly represent. Complaints have a Questions and Answers completely different meaning from the customer viewpoint than from the company viewpoint.
  2. 2. (Added: 27-May-2005 Hits: 1180 )  What do angry customers really want from me? - by Robert Bacal If you want to turn around angry customers you need to know what they want from you, even if you cant provide it all. Heres an explanation about the psychology of angry customers. (Added: 17-Oct-2006 Hits: 1854 ) How Customer Complaints can Improve Customer Service | pbSmart Essentials - by Miriam Kendall Starting from the premise that complaints can provide good information to businesses, heres some advice on how to handle them, including suggestions on what to do with complaints posted on third party websites. new (Added: 25-Dec-2011 Hits: 84 ) Counting the cost of complaints - Part two - by Stuart Lauchlan C Lets start by stating up front that there is no single right approach to complaints management strategies. The appropriate approach depends on the type of product or ou service in question, the character of the consumers, the distinctive characteristics of the rte industry sector and the extent and nature of regulatory oversight. (Added: 26-Jul-2007 Hits: 1165 ) sy Dealing With Difficult Customers, Angry Customers and Just Plain Rude Customers - by of Robert Bacal C Weve compiled dozens of techniques to help you deal more effectively with difficult and us angry customers. Start here. (Added: 17-Oct-2006 Hits: 1418 ) t om Complaint Handling is Easy - Just Make it Memorable - by Colin Marvell This article is an excellent strategy for handling customer complaints. Enclosed are ten very er valuable tips for employing this strategy. See how they will add value to your organizations strategy for customer complaints management. pop (Added: 7-Dec-2004 Hits: 5685 ) se rv Which Customers Complain the Most? - by Ian Miller ic New research reveals the top countries where customers complain about customer service e the most. There are some interesting surprises.In first place came Sweden with 41% of zo customers saying they had made a complaint in the last 12 months, next came the United Kingdom with 36%, Australia 30%, Canada 26% and the USA with 23%. (Added: 11-Jul-2010 ne Hits: 535 ) .c om Make It Easy For Customers To Complain - by Steven Howard Read this article to determine why it is that you should make it easy for your customers to complain. It is true that customers who take the time to complain are customers who care. This article serves as a reminder that complaining customers are more aware of the service they receive when they express dissatisfaction than any other time. (Added: 9-Dec-2004 Hits: 2081 ) Ecommerce - dealing with aggressive online clients - by n a This article provides some good techniques for dealing with aggressive and non-aggressive on-line clients that have registered complaints. The author debunks the myth that the customer is always right. Also some different types of clients are described. How to deal with each types is discussed. (Added: 9-May-2006 Hits: 1084 ) A Professional Complainer Tells All - by B.L. Ochman Well, the title of this article is a little misleading, but not by much. The author helps others
  3. 3. resolve their complaints with the service or products provided to them. There is a moral tothe story that you wont want to miss. So read the article for ideas for improving customerservice or ensuring that you receive the customer service you deserve. (Added: 7-Dec-2004Hits: 1381 )Hypersensitive customers vote with their feet in light of poor service - by naRetailers are struggling to cope with a new breed of customer for whom customer servicecan often be a more critical factor in influencing the sale than the price, according tocustomer service expert Derek Bishop. (Added: 5-Jan-2010 Hits: 755 )Silent majority risk worse customer service as companies monitor Twitter, Facebook - byAlastair JamiesonConsumers who complain by letter or phone risk getting worse service as companiesprotect their image by concentrating on higher-profile online gripes, a watchdog warns.(Added: 15-Dec-2009 Hits: 816 ) C ouValue of Customer Complaints - by n/aAre you wise to the value of customer complaints? This article discusses the value of rteservice recovery programs. Read this article to learn if your company is responsive tocustomer complaints and takes advantage of the complaints to improve both customer syservice processes and company products. (Added: 7-Dec-2004 Hits: 1189 ) of60-Second Guide to Managing Upset Customers | Sales - by n a CHaving respect for your customers will ensure their faith in and loyalty to you and your usbusiness. Studies show that it is nine times more difficult to attract a new customer than it isto retain an existing customer. (Added: 6-Mar-2006 Hits: 2712 ) t omTransforming Complaints into Customer Loyalty - by n a erA successful salesperson is one who is genuinely interested in what their customer is sethinking as well as saying. Try to encourage feedback from your customer to discover whathe or she is thinking about your product or service. (Added: 23-Feb-2006 Hits: 1641 ) rv icHandling Customer Complaints - by Michele Schermerhorn eImproving customer service to minimize customer complaints often results in the design of a zoprevention process. See what the author recommends as a four step process that will nereduce customer complaints. Reducing the time,effort and money used to resolve customerissues will increase your organizations bottom line. (Added: 15-Feb-2006 Hits: 1679 ) .c omTurning Complainers Into Campaigners: The One Rule for Dealing With CustomerComplaints - by naPeople who want a problem fixed, dont want it fixed, initially. They want to be heard. Theywant to be respected. Then, and only then, do they want the problem fixed (Added: 7-Feb-2010 Hits: 1761 )Dealing With Difficult Customers And Complaints - by Abbbusiness has them whether it is the customer who tries on every item in the store but leaveswith nothing or the one who insisted you overcharged but doesnt have receipt to prove it.However, there are techniques to avoid unpleasant situations when dealing with difficultcustomers, as we will show you (Added: 8-Dec-2004 Hits: 2027 )Customer Complaints System - by Tash HughesHeres an idea for implementing a customer complaint resolution process in your company.(Added: 23-Feb-2006 Hits: 1447 )
  4. 4. Value of Customer Complaints - by na The key is to let the customer know that you want their feedback -- and that you will act upon it. That last point is key. If you dont provide service recovery and fix the underlying problem, the customer will be less likely to voice issues in the future. Also, remember to fix the problem and fix the customer. Included with our fixed espresso maker was a packing slip - no card or note. A small gesture can remedy an upset customers attitude. (Added: 30-Nov- 2004 Hits: 2285 ) Next 20   Social Media Certificate Earn a SM Certificate in 8 Weeks 100% Online -Enroll Now & Save 25%! www.USanFranOnline.com C ou We have much more on this topic: Please Search! rte sy Search   of   C us t omCopyright © 2011 Robert Bacal 722 St. Isidore Rd. Casselman Ontario, Canada (613) 764-0241 Email: ceo@work911.comAbout Us | Contact Us | Our Blog er se Free Dreamweaver Templates | Web Hosting< rv ic e zo ne .c om