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AgileIndy Keynote 2017


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This presentation was delivered by Robert Annis to 700+ people at the AgileIndy conference in Indianapolis on May 12th 2017. It covers the issue of investment in projects, and critically, organizations to ensure success. It also covers Batman's nipples. #AgileIndy2017

Published in: Leadership & Management
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AgileIndy Keynote 2017

  1. 1. Agile : Process and Culture You know, the vague, big stuff…
  2. 2. Welcome Robert Annis  Director of Agile Training at Eliassen Group  LinkedIn :  Twitter : @TheAgileShark
  3. 3. So, from our process and culture we want this… Right?
  4. 4. So, we pick our Agile method to support change of process and culture
  5. 5. Now we focus on creating successful teams  If it’s Scrum;  Support from Scrum Masters  Focus from Product Owners / RTE’s  Division from our distractive managers  Hire Agile Coaches to ensure good practices  Meeting structures to support change (Retrospectives) and commitment (Sprint Planning / PI Planning)
  6. 6. Now, we sit back and enjoy our sure success  Thanks – Scrooge Business School 
  7. 7. So successful
  8. 8. Why aren’t we successful 90+% of the time? Let’s talk about projects that are definitely successful
  9. 9. What does success look like? Success Not quite there
  10. 10. Preparation  During an international match, elite soccer players will run anywhere from 6-10 miles  A great deal of this running is done in rapid bursts of explosive speed  Fast changes in direction, tackling and heading are the name of the game
  11. 11. More preparation.  Their journey started years ago.
  12. 12. HMS Illustrious  Commissioned: 20 June 1982  Her class served, successfully, in the Falklands War Light Aircraft Carrier carrying Harrier’s and Helicopters  Decommissioned: 28 August 2014
  13. 13. Replacement required huge investment  Time  Money  Loss of sea power and ability
  14. 14. The Royal Navy had to leave their own market in order to survive. Not only to survive, but to prosper
  15. 15. New, unknown business model  The sales model involved way more than cars, it involved superchargers stretched across the United States.  In 2015, 88 percent of the global lithium ion cell manufacturing took place in China, Japan, and South Korea, according to a report by the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center.
  16. 16. Unparalleled growth plans…in an brand new business
  17. 17. So, what do they have in common?  Very difficult large programs of works  Multi-year efforts  International  So far…very successful.
  18. 18. Success takes time and effort.
  19. 19. Investment  The Women’s US Soccer team  Practiced and trained together for months  Each individual had trained their entire careers for that moment  Royal Navy – HMS Queen Elizabeth  Recognized they would have to give up sea-based airpower for several years – against much advice  Built entirely new dock facilities for building the ship  Learnt new ways of ship-building  Tesla  Created an entire new business – mocked by existing industry – and a new business model  Decided to build the world’s biggest factory just as a beginning  There aren’t enough lithium-ion batteries being made anywhere for Tesla to achieve its goal of 500,000 Model 3 sales by 2018
  20. 20. But these investments are the extreme examples, right?  Obvious Examples  Nokia  Circuit City  Blockbuster Video  Less Obvious Examples  High street stores e.g. Woolworth’s & Sharper Image; replaced by Amazon and other internet options  City and Regional Banks e.g. WaMu and IndyMac; swallowed up by International Banks  Local Gas stations; bought out by multi-nationals  Mom & Pop sandwich stores; out-competed by larger companies  Large industrial firms that can’t adapt to the new service-focus industry or international competition e.g. Bethlehem Steel, Blackberry, Motorola and PanAm  The ‘too big to fail’ firms e.g. General Motors, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup
  21. 21. So this could happen to anyone, even us?
  22. 22. What if this … is the new reality?
  23. 23. Who is this guy? I hate him!
  24. 24. Ok, so what now?
  25. 25. This happened before, we have survived change before
  26. 26. Change is normal… It’s our reaction of surprise to change that isn’t normal …why be surprised about what is normal?
  27. 27. Try new things…allow failure
  28. 28. But most of all; we must be agents of change
  29. 29. Remember that without risk/investment, there can be no success
  30. 30. An organization needs a investment strategy overall as well for each given project
  31. 31. Recognize…success in Agile will not be because of a process such as SAFe or Scrum it will be from adequate investment Conversely, a lack of investment will result in failure, irrelevant of process used
  32. 32. Culture of Investment eats Process for Breakfast
  33. 33. Benefits of Investment Increase appetite for risk and innovationIncrease Reduce focus on Business As UsualReduce Increase individual empowermentIncrease Increase problem solvingIncrease Increase competitivenessIncrease
  34. 34. Just an idea…The Investment Manifesto  As an organization, we believe in the survival of the fittest and that success is not guaranteed just by being in the race. As such we value;  Innovation over Business As Usual practices  Employee security over liability  Being open to new ideas over being risk adverse  Investment over immediate profit  We believe these values will guide us and our processes to greater enablement and success
  35. 35. Process and culture  So, we have processes…probably too many of them  We need a culture of transformation through investment  Our current processes don’t focus on this  We need to focus on this otherwise…
  36. 36. Thank you very much Robert Annis  Director of Agile Training at Eliassen Group  LinkedIn :  Twitter : @TheAgileShark