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Teaser trailer, poster and magazine research- completed.
Some pre-production planning.

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A2 media project

  1. 1. A2 Media projectRobert Andrews and Jack Perry
  2. 2. Horror teaser trailer codes and conventions.• Teaser trailers in general are very short they range from approximately 1-2 minutes in order to not give too much away in terms of both plot and the personalitys of characters involved. Horror trailers imperticular follow a very diverse and specific collection of codes and conventions that are as followed:• Frequent use of dark lighting.• Use of climatic scenes with the sole purpose to scare the viewer.• Tension building music.• The colour pallet generally associated is that of red and black.• Feature of non-diegetic sound e.g. films theme song.• The trailer often ends on a cliff-hanger with the viewer wanting to know what happens next or generally wanting to know more about the film.
  3. 3. Horror movie teaser trailers research.• Example one- Dead Snow (2009).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap4TiNIKQJ8&safe=activeDead snow is a horror/comedy film released in 2009 that breaks many of the typical horror codes and conventions in terms of its comical element, while still dedicating itself to the more mandatory codes and conventions in terms of its more major aspect, horror. The trailer commences with details of the films production, in this case informing the audience of who is presenting the film in this case Harald Zwart and more importantly who the film has been created by. This gives the audience an insight into the films production history and some viewers may end up criticising or even praising the film at this point based on their preliminary views of the production/creation cast. This is typical of any horror teaser trailer or any teaser trailer for that matter as without this opening sequence the audience would be alienated from important aspects of the productions history.
  4. 4. Dead Snow trailer research. Here the codes and conventions of a horror trailer are followed once more as the audience is immediately introduced to the main characters of the movie via a wide shot as character development is introduced. Similarly to the opening sequence the audience is given the opportunity to identify any well known actors that are to feature in the production. To a U.K audience however this wont be relevant due to the movies origins being Norwegian, but to a Norwegian audience however it is much more relevant and important. What also can been seen here is an immediate and typical use of dark lighting. Representing the unknown and unpredictable, dark lighting being used inside is a sign that the dangers these characters await is inescapable and follows them into what they feel is a safe environment.
  5. 5. Dead Snow trailer research. Like all movie trailers we are given a brief insight into the films narrative. Which in this case is a group of snow scooters arrive an unsuspecting former Nazi base, of which they stumble across haunted Nazi treasure. Using special effects in the abnormal light that ascends from the box automatically alerts a suspected supernatural feature. Although using older footage from Nazi Germany itself, it adds a realistic element to an unimaginable story provoking the true horror that an incident like this could possibly happen. The plots insight is brief in order to not give too many details away and being left with a lack of knowledge of the plot and enjoying the film trailer,as this will be a key factor in luring the viewer into either cinema ticket or DVD purchase.
  6. 6. Dead Snow trailer research. Dead snows trailer in terms of colour scheme adopts a horror typical one of red and black. The trailer as shown shows dark scenes expressing the fear of the unknown that lies within the darkness, however few are shown due to the type of horror that Dead Snow falls into. Although due to its title and setting a lot of white is used in terms of the snow which also allows the blood and gore to stand a lot more in comparison to concrete or grass. Dead Snow is very much a slasher/gore based horror movie so throughout the majority of the film it will primarily intend to shock its viewers by the excess amount of blood and body parts as indicated by segments of the trailer that in this case are emphasised by the close up shot, allowing the viewer to the expression of pain and emotion in a time of danger. Even though this character seems to have been ruthlessly attacked his wellbeing is left on a cliff-hanger in order to once again allow the viewer to discover this in watching the whole feature length film, fulfilling the movie trailers success and purpose.
  7. 7. Dead Snow trailer research. Here we see the first glimpse of the movies based villain, although when we do the encounter is certainly atmospheric as the villain engages in a slow motion edited tense walk across the screen, as the viewer at this point will be curious and provoked by his deadly stature. The mid shot used here allows a detailed look as the individuals tatty but significant costume design. With a costume that links to the films attempted historical background the Nazi party, his Nazi generals outfit adds to this element. On the other hand the make up adds to the supernatural element of which in this case is that the Nazis are in fact zombies, indicated by the pale skin, blood covered mouth and nose, and cut eye.
  8. 8. Dead Snow trailer research. The trailer ends by combining 3 important concluding elements. The first being the title of the film that has been previously unmentioned leaving this towards the end will allow viewers to remember and digest this information a lot easier so the viewer can research the movie further. No release date is revealed, the viewer is only informed that the film will be coming soon which isnt very helpful or precise. Finally the viewer is then given more detailed credits in the closing screen. These include the films official website, a list of the actors, director and other contributors to the film as well as the production company and producers.
  9. 9. Dead Snow trailer research- Sound.• Throughout the majority of the film trailer the sound is dominated by dialogue. However the film adapts a heavy rock style theme song at the beginning of the trailer which is cut immediately as tension begins to sink in. This dramatic halt to the music identifies the sudden change in attitude towards the plot as it is clear the cast of characters wont be enjoying a simple snow scooting trip but instead a battle to survive a horde of the Nazi un-dead. The more significant soundtrack used is a speed edited version of Beethovens "Ode to Joy“. The upbeat yet classical track helps keep the pace of the action on screen at the time as the violence sets in and is heavily emphasised. Although the strange use of such a cult like musical piece highlights the comedy factor In the film, as the unlikely pairing of the 2 tend to allow the viewer to view the violence more lightly without concern of the characters in danger.
  10. 10. Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer research.• example two-The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974).• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs3981DoINw&safe=active• Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a production piece that’s narrative revolves around an isolated horror house which stands as a hunting ground for a masked deranged lunatic, Leatherface. The film is said to have been based on a collection of real life events. Unlike the typical modern day horror trailer, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre does not follow the typical codes and conventions by not including the name of the production until the trailer is concluded. Instead it immediately places it at the beginning of the trailer combined with a voice over narrative stating “what happened was true”. This early indication of the film possibly being based on real life events will draw the viewers more immediately than other fictional horror trailers would due to the true fear of this movie being that it is horrifically realistic. Once again the film does not follow the typical codes and conventions of a horror trailer by instantly showing the main aspect of horror in this movie, Leatherface. Displaying a medium shot the viewer is subject to seeing a lot of Leatherface at this point and Is most likely to be confused by his costume design. Wearing an apron, smart shirt and tie this clothes are typical of that of a typical modern man with the items typically being found in the domestic home. This design however can be used to assure the viewers that Leatherface is not a work of the supernatural, but instead a crazed killer more insane and sadistic than fictional. The most significant piece of costume design however is the mask. Its poor craftsmanship and lack of quality alone insinuates that Leatherface is a mass killer with a lack of care for his appearance (including his dirty shirt and apron) and mercy for this victims.
  11. 11. Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer research. As well as being introduced to the main villain the viewer is also introduced to the main character. Although typically it does attempt to develop the character at all and nor should it, but what also strangely lacks is any plot engagement at this point. The viewer is oblivious to any simple plot ideas this film engages with and instead focuses on an unconnected series of violent encounters between the female protagonist and Leatherface. A lot of props in this scene once again point towards the symbolism of death mainly the vast amount of what seems to be human bones. Being a typical horror prop the bones are present in this scene throughout and are vital in creating the horror and death present atmosphere in the trailer. A slow pan is also used here for the viewer to see the wide extent of terror and evil that is present in the room in a fashion that allows the viewer to feel like they are also there. Once again Leatherface appears again in an identical position to a previous shot. This trailer is not one that follows the codes of conventions as a reoccurring shot of the villain decreases the tension within the trailer as the viewer seems to know too much already at this point about the horror aspect of the film leaving little left to discover in the actual film except gaps in the presumed plot. By this point the sound in the trailer is nothing more than screams shrieks and emotional dialogue from the female protagonist as music at this point of the trailer is absent.
  12. 12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer research. Constantly expressing its link to a collection of true events that inspired, the trailer incorporates a selection of flash driven extreme close ups that are used to identify segments of corpses. These shots portray a typical crime scene photograph and thus further adds to the element of horror due to the realistic factor that is added alongside the voice over narration. As well as this the use of make up is significant in the fear we can see in the victims and other characters within the trailer. Here for example the use of black make up around the eyes and extreme pale face detailed by the close up shot show the extent of horror the victims endure, a horror so disturbing it leaves the victims physically scared and mentally distraught. In terms of the Mise-en-scene her position at this point is similar to that of a coffin this further symbolises the reoccurring theme of death seen earlier in the trailer that is constantly emphasised to the viewer.
  13. 13. Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer research. Here for the first time in the trailer the main prop that links this film with its title is revealed, the chainsaw. Being revealed so late in the trailer and hardly emphasised once more points to this film trailer straying away from the typical codes and conventions of a horror trailer as more modern trailers like Scream highlight the knife at several points throughout. As well as identifying the key prop for the first time we are also introduced to horror essential dark lighting. Used to express the fear of the unknown it is pushed further due to the outdoor environment where a lack of shelter and safety comforts the victim as indicated by yet another appearance from the now familiarised Leatherface. Although the production title had been featured at the beginning of the trailer it is included for a 2nd time in its conclusion. However unlike more modern horror trailer endings not as much detail is given to the films creation as only the film creator and production company are shown actors and producers for example are absent. What also comes at the end of the trailer is a cliff-hanger chase between Leatherface and his victim although the lack of tension packed music creates a lack of tension curiosity is instead a focus point as the viewer wonders whether she will be caught and become one of many victims.
  14. 14. Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer research- Sound.• With a consistent flow of tension building music absent, the majority of the film trailers sound is dedicated to dialogue. The main dialogue primarily used is the addition of voice over narration of which acts an informer to the audience who expresses the amount of horror digested within the movie. More importantly he expresses a true horror factor within this trailer which is of course that it is based on real events. Opening with “what happened was true” and later on claiming it was based on “the most bizarre and brutal crimes in America” are key examples of this majorly opinionated narration. The other dominating factor in terms of sound is the excess screams let loose by imperticular female characters within the trailer. We never actually hear many characters talk in the trailer or when they do it is done with a matter of great urgency as the constant shrieks of fear are essential in expressing the fear that Leatherfaces presence and actions create.
  15. 15. Scream trailer research.• Example three- Scream (1996)• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTWf9QGdJCQ&safe=active• Scream is a horror film that is set in a typical domestic as a now iconic masked hunts down the fans of the reluctant horror genre. The film following this has spawned 3 sequels. The trailer begins with a long shot view of the house in which the majority of the film will be based in or around. This gives the viewers a feel of what area the film will be based around will be like and an introduction to the lighting aspects with its presence amongst the props and cast. This inclusion of the domestic home adds an iconic elements that usually dominates many clichéd horror productions. Considering this will be where the majority of viewers reside, the psychological feeling of expected danger when they return home is caused by the horror Scream creates within its chosen location. The moving swing early on in the trailer indicates unwelcoming movement outside which is also an immediate indication of intrusion as it assists in kick starting the trailer. The quick switch to a close up of this unnamed character inside the house indicates the immediate victim who is likely to speaking to an unknown phenomenon on the phone who is more than likely to be the killer.
  16. 16. Scream trailer research. Although brief this part of the trailer gives the viewer a very quick look at the killer. Only showing a brief look at the killer is essential in terms of not giving too much away to the viewer as leaving them oblivious about the majority of the key horror element and villain. Although this is isnt a consistent factor as in other parts in the trailer the killers full figure is seen chasing after its victims. The mask is a key part of the villains persona in scream as the indication of lack of identity adds a crime element in uncovering who the killer could be. This particular image shows an early emotional encounter between the victim and killer early on in the trailer. With the close up shot being used to show how petrified and emotionally distraught the pure horror of the villains presence is presented. The special effects also add agony to this section of the trailer as the reflection is used in showing the viewer the villain, but also indicates that the 2 may not be so indifferent emphasising the humanistic qualities “Ghost Face” possesses. The fact that this film is set in a domestic home In America makes the films that little bit more realistic, a character trapped in their home surrounded by a killer who evidently knows precise details about them gives the audience the sense that somebody could equally be watching them at that very moment. This scene further emphasises this as irony surrounds it as you would believe that you home I the safest place to be where danger is absent d, when In fact in this case it’s the worst probable possible setting as the villain thrives in the homes of it victims as he or she plays mind games with the victim. In a medium close up the facial expression of the character as well as another domestic setting is shown as the surrounding area of the house is dark where as the house itself seems to glow proficiently to showcase its potential and significance
  17. 17. Scream trailer research. The trailer throughout several points employs a series of warnings aimed directly at the viewer and indirectly at the characters in danger in the production. “Don’t try to hide”, and “don’t answer the phone” are key examples of this as it adds to the foreboding atmosphere created as it seems that the killer is inescapable or can only do so by following a set of seemingly strict instructions. Here the colour pallet throughout both the villains appearance and posters is seen here in the white and black bold text that appears on screen throughout.
  18. 18. Scream trailer research. Unlike horror trailers such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre the main prop is not a weapon of any sort that is dedicated to the villain only, instead the main prop is more common and domestic, a telephone. A lot of irony surrounds this prop as in terms of its domestic use in contemporary society the phone would be used to contact others such as the police service to assist you if in danger. This film however turns that idea on its head as the telephone is a direct link between the killer and the unfortunate victim as when the phone rings usually the killer is not that far away. The use of the phone in terms of its place in the domestic horror further fuels the realistic element to the film due to its place in many homes around the world, further emphasising how similar collections of such horrific events can occur almost anywhere.
  19. 19. Scream trailer research. As the trailer concludes the trailer like many other in the industry concludes with its previously unseen production title. Its pure purpose is to be informative as an essential part for the conclusion of the trailer the title of the film should be relatively memorable to the viewer who will be likely to research it further and anxiously await its arrival in cinema. The conclusion also continues this essential informative information with revealing the director of the film. Viewers familiar with the director may instantly become more interested in the films success if they are a fan of his style in previous productions. Although viewers that are not drawn into his directing style may drift away due to feeling unattached to the film they are likely to dislike. To a viewer not aware of Wes Cravens style, their view upon the trailer and film may not be effected by this especially if the viewer is not a dedicated fan of the industry and is therefore oblivious to many directors and their past productions. Finally the film concludes with the credited cast and production crew. This is further used to inform the viewer although like many current trailers they are often hard to distinguish and are often ignored as popular culture has seen them as unessential.
  20. 20. Scream trailer research- audio.• The majority of audio within this Scream trailer is dedicated to dialogue. Specifically the voice over narration throughout the trailer that creates suspense in his description of the events that are occurring and the villain himself. Besides the narrator there is a lot dialogue from the characters themselves something common in many movie trailers that is essential for introducing the viewer to the character in a brief manor. On the other hand the more extensive and significant dialogue comes in the introduction to the killer with his voice being frequently heard through the phone. Although that other more modern horror trailers will use a lot more sound effects to emphasise the climax points of the films, where as this only uses 1 at the beginning rather than at the end.
  21. 21. Friday the 13 trailer research. th• Example four- Friday the 13th (2009).• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MiJzZ7FQX0&safe=active• This version of Friday the 13th Is a remake of one of many originals as the plot revolves around a group of young teenagers who stumble across a closed of Camp Crystal Lake and are who soon hunted mercilessly by a masked killer. In the first sequence of the trailer we are instantly introduced to the environment the production is centred around. The reflection in the water of the sun set help contrast the significance between light and dark something that is seen a lot in the trailer and is essential as the darkness employed is where the killer appears and wreaks havoc. Although this long shot of what seems to be a mesmerising environment is not usually common in horror trailers as it usually intended for the scene to be seen as dark dull and unwelcoming. The use of dark lighting is present within the next shot as the primarily shadowed scene is where the horror truly begins. The dark lighting surrounded with this nature dominated setting employs a horror that is unavoidable due to the lack of shelter or safety the seen provides, as the many trees can just as easily be hiding places for the killer as they are for the victims.
  22. 22. Friday the 13th trailer research. The predominate use of darkness is seen again in the following three shots. The first is set at a low angle shot to limit the view and create a further fear of the unknown and what we are forbidden to see. The poor quality of the door and its rotting presence indicate to the viewer that is has been unused for some time and with good reason. Following from this we are introduced to another light lacking scene as the only light source that manages to emerge is one that is clearly artificial and unnatural. With these scenes in particular we are introduced to what the viewer will assume to the main characters since other cast members and the villain in particular are absent. At the midpoint of the trailer the viewer is informed of the films producer. Michael Bay is without doubt a well known figure in the film industry as his presence within this production can stand as a guarantee to some viewers that the film will be a success upon release date, especially due to his past achievements that include Pearl Harbour and Transformers. Furthermore the trailer also informs the viewer that the director of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” will also make a contribution to Friday the 13th. Strangely the director is not even named and his role in the movie has to be assumed due to the lack of simple information that was present when introducing Michael Bay.
  23. 23. Friday the 13 trailer research. th To many viewers confusion a medium shot identifies an unusual prop unlikely to be found in any horror movie, a teddy bear. Often bearing the denotation of nothing more than a childhood toy, its inclusion in this trailer holds much dark connotations. Its unappealing appearance much like the door earlier on in the trailer the trailer indicate a sign of it being forgotten and that the time of innocence is over as we can assume this was once the villains. It also bares connotations of a wrecked childhood something that may be a key factor in the narrative when the full film is released.
  24. 24. Friday the 13th trailer research. Despite a prolonged absence, the villain otherwise known as “Jason Voorhees” is presented in a daunting fashion. The viewer at this point finally gains some insight into the villain especially in terms of his costume design. A white hockey mask (something emphasised on the movie posters), and a ragged shirt and jacket all of which lead to connotations of Jason being a relic of the past, someone forgotten but none the less still dangerous. The flickering and unstable movement of the head lamp that reveals Jasons presence doesn’t seem genuine and instead supernatural due to his disappearance from the scene, however the following climatic scene contradicts this. At the climax of the trailer the genuine appearance of Jason accounts for the trailers cliff hanger ending. His swift dart across the scene with his famous prop (the machete) in hand, the screaming victim whos fate is in jeopardy is left on a cliff-hanger as the trailer reaches its conclusion.
  25. 25. Friday the 13 trailer research. th As the trailer concludes the films production title is revealed over shadowed by the famous costume piece that conceals Jasons popularity, but yet ironically is his persona due to the lack of insight into his personality in previous productions. The highlighting of “13” emphasises the importance of this number especially in popular culture as it is a day of surrounded with a lack of luck and doomed events. Like the previous 3 trailers that have been analysed the end of the trailer pays tribute to the contributors of the films creations, such as Steven Spielberg who had previously mentioned at mid point in the trailer. The film studios are also credited which in this case are New Line Cinema and Paramount Pictures.
  26. 26. Friday the 13th research-audio.• With a shroud voice over narration throughout the trailer, the sound is significantly toned down for a horror trailer. The audio for the most part is filled with non diegetic noises that are alarming due to the quick switching of shots due to flashbacks that include nature based sounds such as the distant tweeting of a bird at the early stages of the trailer. Furthermore the climax of the trailer sees a far more alarming and sudden switch of tempo in terms of the climatic encounter between Jason and his victim at the end of the trailer.
  27. 27. Horror poster codes and conventions.Horror movie posters lack the extensive information that horror trailers provideregardless of their short running time. Horror posters however serve as asimple reminder following on from the trailer appearance they emphasise oneor two key elements from the production piece and undoubtedly ensure therelease date of the film is made evidently clear.•Colours of black and red are predominant, with black representing a fear of theunknown and bleak future ahead, while red connotes the violence and gore thatare likely to be present.•The release date is clearly emphasised to ensure the reader is familiar with thedate the film shall be brought to the big screen.•The films title is often the largest text on screen and serves as a style of amasthead.•A key aspect of the horror is emphasised in including either a significant prop orimage of the films villain or supernatural element.
  28. 28. Dead Snow poster research.Although it is typically classed as a gardeningtool and often found in the domestic home, its In the distant background morepresence on this Dead Snow poster emphasise of the undead relics appear tothe change in connotation it has had in terms emerging from the groundof the horror genre. Due to being stained with behind the faceless protagonistblood it is clear that its purpose now is purely and his severed victim. Theto kill , as the domestic product has been emerging of such wretched foestransferred into a weapon of death, indicate a strong supernaturalsomething closely associated with the several element that has already beenadaptions of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. emphasised in the direct image of the gravely injured yet still The setting of the films creation is living Nazi general. Their identified as an artic based area presence indicate the violence surrounded by mountains and clearly a will be wide spread and lot of snow whether this be genuine or merciless. artificially produced. Considering the Although horror posters usually film is a Norwegian production, due to are dominated by a black and red the their cold climate it can be assumed colour scheme, this poster doesnt that this is where the filming has taken follow the typical codes and place. conventions. This is due to the Here the poster emphasises a key element of the film as it shows what snow that is predominantly appears to be the severed head of a present, although it connotation is Nazi general. The victims appearance usually purity, its purpose here is in himself is startling, his mouth is to assist the blood and gore in clearly missing and is most likely standing out in which contribute to rummaged below in the pile of blood this films 18 rating. and gore. However what is more startling is the fact that he appears to The title is interactive due to the fact be somehow alive. This is indicated the that within the letters of the production title a series of cast direct gaze of his eyes that maintains members can be seen within them. an eye line view with the reader. This Although the characters arent element of the poster alone is relevant named they will become familiar to to the narrative aspect, as the villainous enemy on the trail of the viewers who intend to see the film upon its release date. teenage group are in fact undead Nazi zombies.
  29. 29. Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster research. In terms of literary devices this film poster uses the use of a rhetorical question. The question itself links Despite not being an animated directly to the victims who are piece, the image here appears very likely to be decapitated as “what un-genuine. Due to this the horror will be left of them” indicates. The isnt as easily expressed at it had significance of a lack of answers been in the trailer or could have and uncertainty link specifically been with a more appropriate image with the trailer as that is also ended choice. Furthermore the characters on a cliff hanger that the viewer is costume seems very clean cut and eager to see the result of. isnt as ragged and damaged as you would expect as the image used Anchorage is used here to directly link with once again does follow the codes the image above. Being classed as and conventions in creating a horror “Americas most bizarre and brutal crimes” poster that isnt that horrific at all. the image above emphasises this, due to Leatherface`s costume in which a strange The films title like many mask is present and the weapon is even other horror production more strangely a chainsaw (a typical posters is featured at the domestic product). This anchorage also bottom of the poster. It emphasises the factual element of this film is clearly visible by the which is that the movie was based on a bold and red coloured collection of true events, which is font it adopts, emphasised further in the second connotations of violence anchorage below. and gore are relevant here due to the type ofHere the key prop is identified actions committed byimmediately due to its inclusion in the title. Leatherface. StrangelyConsidering it is in the hands of the key this font choice doesn’tvillain of the production, we can consider it integrate well with otherserves as a harmful weapon which may elements of the poster,confuse many viewers who simply see the such as the colour palletchainsaw as garden tool found in their own which is mainly black andand many other domestic homes. white.
  30. 30. Friday the 13th poster research.Lighting is an important aspect of this There is a sense of irony within this title, asposter, as it helps create a sense of it obvious that “Camp Crystal Lake” has lostmystery within its lighting choices. its original purpose as a innocent summerAlthough most of the poster is subjected camp, and now simply serves as a huntingto the shadows in emphasising a fear of ground for a savage killer, otherwisethe unknown, the use of the moon light known as Jason Voorhees.to identify Jason holds variousconnotations. Although a moonlights It is evidently clear that the posters mainconnotations usually are more relevant in focus is on Jason Voorhees. His postureother horror productions such as “The alone seems startling as his emotionalWolfman” its presence here is to create a stance is indicate further by an element ofsense of mystery and serve as a form of his costume, the mask which prevents anyenlightenment to inform the viewer that emotion being uncovered, thisthe moonlight shines on this particular emphasises the cruelty that lives insidecharacter for a specific reason. This Jason as he is likely to show littlereason being that he is the films focus as compassion for his victims. In terms ofthe killer which if it hadnt been identified other aspects of his costume like manyalready, would have been due to the other horror based villains such asprops that Jason possesses, in particular Leatherface his clothes are worn andhis sword. This swords length certainly ragged. A lack of consideration for hismatches Jasons supernatural stature in appearance indicates that Jasons onlyterms of height and the swords concern is committing the manyclassification as a weapon ensures that predictable acts of murder.this will be Jasons tool of destruction.Considering this version of the film is a The film title here follows the codes andremake of the original its emphasis and conventions of a typical horror poster, dueclear presentation of the villain is used to its placement upon the poster and thesimply as reminder to those who have font and colour choice It employs. The redforgotten of Jasons presence in past and fairly gothic font indicates theproductions. connotation of gore, blood and violence Here the contributors to the films creation are credited that the villain shown on the poster is here, these include cast members and producers who clearly accountable for. Furthermore due of which is the same producer that was involved in to the dark and misty background the red “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” indicating possible font used allows specific and important similarities between the 2 productions. text based features to stand out, such as the production title and release date.
  31. 31. Scream poster research. The image here is a direct one Here there is a play on words on both the indicated by the inescapable narrative element in which revolves gaze of this petrified female. This around the enjoyment of people watching gaze indicates something of a scary movies suffering a similar fate. horrific event that has transpired “Solving this mystery is going to be of which has horrified this murder” also emphasises this point as the expected next victim of play on words on the mystery being Ghostface. The make up choices murder is a well known expression, but in also emphasise this presented this case it is very relevant and true. emotion of a petrified, shock and The use of make up also is horrified individual, as the significant in presenting this very inclusion of her mouth be distraught image of a distressed covered by what could be own female. The use of black lip stick hand indicate that she cannot along with the very dark eye express this fear in any other shadow help show this which way, as it is likely the killer will evidently stands out from other also be on her tail soon after. elements of this very pale and petrified face. The poster here presents the cast ofThe colour scheme which were present in the creation ofthroughout the horror the films production. However likeposter is black and white, many modern horror movies the cast iswhich unlike most horror relatively unknown as increasinglyposters does not include a unknown acts are used in the horrorpredominant feature of Being classed as “highly acclaimed” indicates the film is likely to be industry, as little experience is neededred. The films title is also a successful one expressed by the 7 awards it had won upon to be one of countless deceasedinteractive release including 2 from MTV . It also will be an important factor victims. in persuading viewers who are unsure of its potential to view it on the big screen.
  32. 32. Film magazine front covers codes and conventions.• Upon the release of an highly anticipated film, film magazine such as Empire and Total Film tend to purely focus on one of these productions for one issue in which is emphasised by the films presence of the magazines front cover. Although the acknowledgment of the films release is dominated through teaser trailers in advertising opportunities on the domestic television and in the cinema, similarly to film posters film magazines can also contribute heavily to the films popularity.• Codes and conventions of a film magazine cover focusing on a horror production:• A colour scheme consisting of red, black and occasionally white.• The films villain or evil element and thus for main focus is usually the centred image on the cover drawing instant attention from readers.• Literary techniques such as rhetorical questions and the use of a play on words are often present in subtitles and mastheads.• Subtitles will usually advertise other features in the magazine, such as competitions and other films, however on some occasion the pure focus is on the chosen film.
  33. 33. Empire magazine front cover analysis. A subheading is used here to acknowledge other features in the magazine, which in this case seems to be a feature of aThe price and issue date doesn’t gossip magazine as the magazine looks to expand its target Similarly to the typical codes andfollow the typical codes and audience to in particularly middle aged females. conventions that horror movie postersconventions in terms of its follow in terms of colour scheme, Empireplacement, as this is usually found in magazine does the same. Using aone of the 4 corners of the cover predominant red font that bears suchpage and not in the magazine connotations such as gore and violence thattitle/masthead where it becomes stands out clearly from a pitch backinteractive. background emphasises this clearly. Never the less this magazine also includes the There are two key use of a play addition of white font that in terms of the on words that undoubtedly link proportion of the colours used tends to with the magazines focus standout a lot more as it is used a lot less Hannibal. “Whats cooking” is a that red. clear reference to Anthony The emergence of Hannibal from the darkness Hopkins character eating his and background in a close up shot of the cover victims as a clear act of indicates a dark and weary sense of the cannibalism, although many unknown in terms of the cannibal human individuals who have not seen eater. His place in the shadows indicates he past productions such as has no place in contemporary society due to “Silence of the Lambs” will not his horrific and unwelcoming habits .Even see this play on words as more so this can also indicate that he could be anything more than a anywhere at anytime as the victims likeliness meaningless rhetorical of spotting their adversary is extremely question. Secondly “Gore unlikely. Many film magazines such as Empire blimey” also links to the when focusing on horror productions tend to magazines focus as to state that highlight the villain in the production over any there is a fair amount of gore Unlike the issue date and price the barcode however does follow the over aspect, especially in this case due to and blood in the film would be codes and conventions within its simple placement in the left hand Anthony Hopkins respectable status in the film an understatement as corner of the front cover. The barcode is only essential in terms of industry. Focusing on the evil element of the emphasised by the overly the distributing and selling of the magazine, as to the readers it narrative tends to intrigue viewers further as predominant red colour bears little significance and importance. they feel they want to know a lot more about font/scheme. the villain to an extent that the trailer doesn’t fulfil.
  34. 34. Special horror edition of Empire magazine cover analysis. The state of Johnny in this centred and Here is a pull out quote directly emphasised image sums up the horror from the film. It is a well known aspect of the film in an instance which is one that has made “The Shining” the mental detrition of Johnny. The lack a popular production piece, as of consideration for his appearance with a the quote itself expresses the substantial amount of facial hair pure chaotic and irrational mind- emphasise this . Following this is the use set that Johnny is in of which is a of a sadistic and crazed smile of which has key element in the narrative arisen from this horrific ordeal as further which is likely to remain signs of a lack of care for himself unspoiled in order for the viewer physically appear in what appears to be a to witness this themselves, as sweaty and untended to hair style. film magazines and trailers alike rarely include any narrative Following the direct pull out quote this related spoilers. image regardless of its lack of caption captures the popularity of this film with its most famous and recognised image ofSimilarly to the previous edition of which usually follows “Heres Johnny!”. ItEmpire magazine the films title isnt has become a part of popular culture withplaced at the top nor the centre of the its parodied inclusion in adverts such ascover. Instead the title is placed in a that of the Premier Inn hotel, as theposition of little priority, as its very images widely recognised status allows abland colour scheme in which appears suitable reason to be put forward for theto be beige challenges the typical captions absence.codes and conventions of which filmmagazine covers focusing on horrortend to cover. The broken and damaged The barcode also reappears as it should due to being a mandatory factor of any state of this fragile door magazine regardless of its specified genre. Its position in the corner of the cover signifies that is has been follows the typical codes and conventions which werent necessarily followed in the forced shut in order to previous issue that was analysed in which the barcode was used in an interactive prevent this crazed killer way with the masthead. from harming them.
  35. 35. Audience research.
  36. 36. Primary Target Audience. Age: 18-27 years old. Job occupation: Tertiary Income distribution: Film sector, retail or office job. magazines, cinema and festival tickets, fast foodFavourite food choices: and clothing.Fast food and chainrestaurants. Household income: Primary Target £15,000-£20,000. Sexuality: Heterosexual Audience. Residence: Studio apartments or at Favourite film genre: home with parents. Horror. Hobbies: Cinema, film Typical holiday destination: festivals, clubbing and Cannes, France. night life, reviewing Gender: Male films.
  37. 37. Secondary Target Audience. Income Residence: distribution: Food, Privately rented Gender: Male housing, children, houses, 2/3 or Female. transportation. bedroom. Age: 28-37 years Sexuality: old. Heterosexual or Secondary Homosexual. Target Household income: £24,000-Job occupation: Operations Audience. £31,000.manager, supervisors ormanager in other areas. Hobbies: Sports, restaurants, occasional cinema visits. Favourite film genre: Typical holiday Thriller. Favourite food destination: choices: High Belgium or standard restaurants America. found commonly in central London.
  38. 38. Questionnaire.
  39. 39. Questionnaire.• In order to understand what viewers will expect of our production we have constructed a simple questionnaire for potential viewers to fill out before viewing our entire promotional package. The results will be filtered into a pie chart in order for these results to be seen and understood clearly.• Furthermore we have also created a post production questionnaire in order to gain an understanding of how successful our package was in relation the opinions of the viewers. The questions covered are identical to the ones asked in our preliminary questionnaire so that we can make direct links to what our viewers originally wanted and what we gave them.
  40. 40. Questionnaire results.
  41. 41. Questionnaire results.
  42. 42. Questionnaire results.
  43. 43. Questionnaire results.
  44. 44. Questionnaire results.
  45. 45. Questionnaire results.
  46. 46. Questionnaire results.
  47. 47. Production Planning: Narrative and characters.
  48. 48. Production overview and introduction.• Production title: “Pay Day” (2012).• Age rating: 18 years and over.• Release date: 20th July 2012• Estimated budget:• Production company:Plot overview: As Tony a notorious loan shark lends his largest sum of £25,000 to an unknown client, he soon receives no word from his delivery man as his loan appears in jeopardy. His arrival at the clients drop off point causes Tony`s life to spiral out of control, as his horrific discovery on the scene and the retrieval of his dirty cash soon see a relentless and violent psychopath on Tony`s tail to take back the stolen cash sum in order to carry out his own dirty murderous deeds.
  49. 49. Plot synopsis.• Tony is a notorious loan shark from West London who is advised by his criminal colleague Luke to loan out a large sum of £25,000 to an unknown client through a third party. Tony agrees to the deal but three days later he hears nothing from Luke and suspects his cash is in jeopardy. As he is informed but another one of his partners Danny where the cash was supposed to be taken Tony reluctantly makes his way there. Upon his arrival blood is present, as Tony cautiously enters the drop off point he observes a weapon ridden blood stained room with a body bag placed In the centre of the room. He discovers Luke`s body with the cash and the brief case besides the body and as he grasps it, stands up and goes to walk away the villain Is there and viciously swings for Tony with a butchers knife. Tony only just escapes with the money however the villain who bears no identity relentlessly pursues Tony for the dirty cash, which he intended to use to fund his murderous activities.
  50. 50. Characters featured in “Pay Day”.• Tony Pane- Main character• Villain- Key horror element and major character• Luke Watts- Minor character• “Danny the driver”- Minor character
  51. 51. Character profiles- Tony Pane.• Played by: Dylan Ryan.• Narrative significance: Tony is the main character in the production, as his intention to escape from the villain and with his money is the narratives key focus. We have chosen Tony to be a criminal in order to allow the viewer to take this into consideration when feeling sympathy for him.• Costume:• Suit and tailored trousers• White smart shirt and black tie• Smart black shoesCostume significance: Within this very dark yet smartly tailored costume choice bears many similarities to what is worn to a funeral. In this light we have decided to use this in order for it to appear that Tony is attending a funeral which ironically is likely to be his own. Furthermore the suit will also have connotations of Tony`s career. His successful yet unlawfully abiding job allows him to indulge in a luxury life style that is expressed within his ability to afford clothes of the highest tailor. Even more so his appearance in a suit is also used to hide his criminal persona by in turn looking like an ordinary yet successful law abiding citizen. This has been seen in the 1995 production “Goodfellas” in which members of the mob dress similarly in order to not draw attention to their respective criminal lifestyles.• Make up: No make up techniques will be needed for Tony as he is a realistic figure unlike the villain who undoubtedly will need much more attention in terms of this.• Associated props: I Phone: This key prop allows Tony to engage with other characters in production without having to see repetitive and time consuming on screen physical introductions. Being a considerably expensive piece of mobile technology it further reflects how successful Tony is in terms of his criminal career of which is in jeopardy in this film.• Handgun: A weapon that is undoubtedly illegal to hold, but this shows the lengths Tony has to go to in order to same himself and his dirty cash.• Characteristics: Tony lacks desirable morals, he is fouled mouthed lacks manors and is aggressive all of which intertwine with his criminal lifestyle.
  52. 52. Tony Pane.
  53. 53. Character profiles- Villain (unnamed).• Played by: Shkelqim Hyseni.• Narrative significance: This identity lacking maniac is Tony`s vengeful and relentless pursuer in the production trailer. He is the unknown third party that loans the £25,000 from Tony and murders his colleague Luke as well as his driver Danny. It is his spontaneous appearances on screen and his murderous actions that account for the main element of horror in “Pay Day”. We have decided not to name our villain as it is unlikely that he will need to be formerly introduced at any point as his villainous ways has enforced him to have a lack of personality and identity.• Costume:• Ragged and torn navy suit• Previously smart not dirty and worn shoes• Equally ragged blue shirt and tie• Mask- We have drawn inspiration from 2 villains from both horror and action productions for the significant costume aspect that shields the villains persona. One is from The Scarecrow from “Batman Begins” while the second is from the horror production “The Strangers”, with a significant design choice we feel we can create a villain who can be both realistic and petrifying at the same time.• Costume significance: In comparison to Tony`s luxury suit, the villains torn and quality lacking suit emphasises the gap between the two in terms of the criminal lifestyle they are subject to. While Tony`s job is illegal yet fairly safe and uncompromising he is allowed to indulge in an envious lifestyle while the villain who wants no more than bloodshed has little concern for his wellbeing or appearance.• Associated props: Butchers knife: Normally associated with the decapitation of dead animals, but in this case its purpose bypasses deceased animals as its purpose now is aimed at the human body.• Characteristics: He is chaotic, psychopathic and shows no mercy for any of his victims including Tony while clearly lacking any form of self control.• Make up: Our make up techniques will ensure that the villains skin tone will be of a dirty complexion that links directly with his costume design.
  54. 54. Villain.
  55. 55. Character profiles- Luke Watts.• Played by: Beau Pergusey• Narrative significance: Luke is significant in terms of the origin of the narrative. It is his suggestion to Tony that leads to his own death and possibly Tony`s, not to mention he is also the deliver of Tony`s money. Apart from his verbal significance at the beginning of the trailer he is simply another of the villains many victims. Furth• Costume:• Grey suit (blazer and tailored trousers)• Black smart shoes• White smart shirt and black tieCostume significance: Luke`s costume is very similar to Tony`s as this indicates clearly that they are colleagues. As Luke is not a major character his costume doesn’t conceal any symbolism or significance.Associated props: Briefcase (full of Tony`s cash): As he is the delivery man for the money and due to it being found next to his deceased body this prop is closely linked to Luke.Characteristics: Although the viewer wont get much insight into Luke due to him being such a minor character, the early verbal encounters between him and Tony indicate the same rudeness that Tony subjects the viewer to. His anxiousness for the deal to go ahead indicates a certain aspect of greed within Luke.
  56. 56. Luke Watts.
  57. 57. Character profiles- Danny the driver.• Played by: Alfie Knight• Narrative significance: Danny doesn’t have any significance in terms of the plots progression he is simply a getaway driver whose dead body within the car when Tony is anxious to get away at one point in the trailer serves as another trophy of the villain.• Costume:• Polo shirt• Chinos• Vans• Casual black jacket/coatCostume significance: Danny`s costume is very casual as is expected of a getaway driver that has been presented in productions such as “Drive”, as his job is unlikely to be highly paid or need a suit to hide his criminal persona.Associated props: No props are needed for Danny due to such a short time on screen, the only things that can be associated with him are his costume and the car of which his corpse sits in.Characteristics: No characteristics can be identified as Danny has no lines in the trailer, nor do we see him physically function in any way.
  58. 58. Danny the driver.