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Booklet international shaping concepts 2013

  1. 1. Master Golf Course Shapers & Design Consultants Shaping golf course designs into artistic masterpieces “ Home of the 2013 National Games Tournament” Shenyang Northern Bear Golf Club, #9 & #18 greens , Shenyang, China
  2. 2. My father "Skip" and I, continue to carry on a tradition that was started by my grandfather as master shapers. My father has over 40 years of experience and I have over 25 years experience as golf course shapers. We have had the honor of working with some of the best people in the business over the years. We have been fortunate enough to continue to do what we love so much, in the U.S. and internationally each year, adding new experiences and business relationships to our portfolio. We have been shaping internationally for more then 20 years. The architects we have shaped for include; Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Weiskopf, Arthur Hills, Johnny Miller, Nick Faldo, Colin Montgomerie, Hale Irwin, Ron Garl and Pete Dye, just to name a few. Whistling Rock C.C. Chuncheon, Korea- “Voted #1 Best New Golf Course In Korea 2012” Golf Magazine and Golf Magazine Korea
  3. 3. At International Shaping Concepts our goal is to provide the absolute best golf course shaping and artistry in the industry. We take every opportunity to enhance and create every last detail envisioned by the architects. We use our abilities to create and fine tune all of the golf course features by using the blueprints, sketches, and verbal input of the architect to create beautiful and functional works of art. While binding ourselves to the architectural interpretations of the project, we are committed to excellence throughout the entire construction process. Prices fluctuate a great deal between independent shapers, generally as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, if their price is low then the capability and creativity you will get for your project will usually be low as well. After many years in the industry we have heard people say many times that their piece of land, their project, and their design is going to be special. It is apparent to us that we must always perform at the highest levels possible for each client to ensure that this is in fact the case with every golf course that we work on. It is necessary to better ourselves and keep the creativity flowing without becoming repetitive in our ideas and the way we view each piece of land. On many projects the pressure on the shapers is extreme for many reasons and comes from many different directions. There is always the pressure to interpret the architectural visions for the project correctly and carry those visions from the beginning over many months to the end of the construction process. As master shapers we are there to save you money and bring the project to its greatest potential. We are competitive in our pricing and try to keep costs to the client as low as possible, so our speed and our ability to grasp the shaping concept for the project quickly, is what really saves you a lot of money. By shortening the span of time it takes to do the artistically complex work we can keep the cost for shaping at a rate over all that you would pay lower caliber shapers over a longer period of time, for lower quality work. We are familiar with every aspect of building a golf course and can perform the processes on any project anywhere and for anyone. International shapers are adventurers, artists, managers and interpreters of the architect and their expressed ideas and visions for each project. The shapers you choose will make a profound difference in the outcome of your projects, rating and their value. Best Regards, Robert A. Pedigo Master Shaper/ Consultant
  4. 4. Sanyosoo Golf Resort Photos Bangok, South Korea Designed & Shaped By: Robert A. Pedigo
  5. 5.  Complete Finish Shaping and Equipment Operation  Site development  Bulk material management  Sub-contractor management assistance  Blueprint comprehension and Design application  Secondary road construction  Building foundation excavation & compaction  Laser usage  Erosion control and water shed retention  Storm drainage Installation  Sewer line installation  Water line installation  Detailed Sand Bunker and Green Finishing Work Our two principle master shapers have a combined total of more then 65 years experience shaping golf courses in 9 different countries and have shaped on more than 70 golf course projects. We have worked with many of the top golf course designers in the world, totaling more then 40 golf course designers. We bring that knowledge to every golf course project we work on, to assist your company in the construction of the most beautiful and functional championship golf courses in the world.
  6. 6. Feature Shaping
  7. 7. Our Latest Bunker Photos Whistling Rock CC. Chuncheon, South Korea
  8. 8. We offer in the field design concepts as well as sketches and contouring to present the vision of the architect to the client. We have a professional relationship with several top golf course design companies, landscape design companies and contractors to assist you from the very beginning to create the correct master plan and vision for the entire project. ISC representatives will work with the golf course designers and all contractors involved to ensure the project is constructed at the highest level possible. Our onsite management assistance is second to none, as our representative is there onsite throughout the project. The shapers we provide can accomplish any detailed shaping features on the project, will work with all of the various designers to help create the right look for the golf course and have at least 25 years or more experience shaping golf courses. We are very honored to bring to your project the newest concepts in golf course design assistance, feature shaping and incorporate all of the history and experience we have into the project as well. Professional consultation and assisting in the coordination of all phases of construction throughout the process is where we can make a positive financial difference in your project. Whistling Rock C.C.- Hole #4, Chuncheon, South Korea
  9. 9. Robert W. Pedigo “Skip” “I recently worked with Skip Pedigo on my new project Wolf Golf Club, Lithuania. He worked as head shaper and construction supervisor. His skills in shaping, quality and flow of construction were excellent. As a golf course architect I have never worked with a shaper who has been more devoted to his work. He gives all his passion and personal pride to make sure of a good result. During the construction process we were forced to make changes in small design elements to achieve a better landscape integration and function on site. He has a lovely fantasy and has many good ideas to solve all kinds of problems which can appear during a shaping process. I would like to work with him on future projects if available, and I can assure you he would be a tremendous asset for any contractor and client." Benestam Golf Course Design Stockholm, Sweden 8th March 2009. Johan Benestam M.Sc. Golf Course Architecture Robert A. Pedigo “Rob” “Rob, Thanks for a great effort at Sunridge Canyon” Keith Foster Picture below: #14, #16 Greens , Sunridge Canyon Golf Course
  10. 10. Robert A. Pedigo “Rob” 9/26/08 4530 E. Shea Blvd Ste. #160 Phoenix, AZ 85028 Dear Sir #1 Fairway Chileno Bay Golf Resort Par 5 #8 Green From Landing Area Chileno Bay Golf Resort It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Robert Pedigo. I have recently worked with Robert on our Chileno Bay project in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Robert was employed by the golf course contractor as one of three shapers on the project. Robert performed very well at Chileno Bay under trying circumstances. Neither he or I had worked with the golf course contractor prior to the project, and the scope and desired quality were more than the contractor had ever been asked to perform. Initially they struggled very much to achieve any measure of our desired goals. When Robert was brought on board, there was a marked improvement in many aspects of both the shaping, quality, and flow of construction. Robert’s ability to see the big picture of the daily needs of the project were so very helpful on a job that lacked strong supervision. He was able to help move things forward in a positive manner without generally stepping on toes or adding friction. In 10 years with Fazio design, on over 15 projects, I have run across very few individuals who have taken so much personal pride and ownership of the work they were performing. In Robert’s situation on the project, the easy thing to do would have been to cave to pressure and perform at a level that would have benefited the contractor, but not resulted in a well built golf course. Robert’s efforts at always ensuring work was performed properly is a testament to his nature and work ethic. Simply stated, much of the success of the golf course is due to Robert. I can not give a strong enough recommendation for Robert. He would be most welcome on any future project I am working on, and would be a tremendous asset for any designer or contractor. Tim Jackson Design Associate Fazio Golf Course Designers
  11. 11. Robert A. Pedigo “ Rob” Douglas Beach Golf Course Design 138 Terry’s Plain Road Simsbury, Connecticut 06070 Telephone: 860-658-0644 Heritage Hill #10 green September 9, 2006 To whom it may concern: It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. Robert Pedigo “Rob”, who was the lead shaper at Heritage Hill Golf Club outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Rob was responsible for the rough grading and formation of the tees, fairways, bunkers and green complexes. He was also in charge of the detail shaping and finish work for the entire golf course. Rob and I worked closely together during all of the construction process. Right from the start he took the time to find out what I wanted as the project designer. He was cooperative, innovative and a pleasure to work with. Robs’ talent as well as his attention to detail produced a golf course which I am most proud of. He is without question one of the best shapers that I have worked with over the last twenty five years. Therefore, I do not hesitate to and in fact I most enthusiastically recommend Rob Pedigo for any golf course construction work you may be considering. I know you will not be disappointed. Please feel free to call me for a more personal reference. Sincerely, Doug Beach Douglas K. Beach Heritage Hill #6, Par 4 Heritage Hill #15, Par 3
  12. 12. Our Referrals 至相关负责人: 很高兴能为罗伯特· 潘迪高先生- - “ 罗伯特” 写这份推荐信,罗伯是第十 二届全运会高尔夫比赛场地—沈阳世纪高尔夫球场的主造型师兼设计顾问,主 要负责粗轮廓造型和树木、球道、沙坑和果岭区域的构造造型工作,同时也负 人舒心愉快,当然我也希望将来能与他再次合作。 因此,我会毫不犹豫并热心地向任何高尔夫球场建造单位或者项目工程推 荐罗伯特· 潘迪高,我相信他不会令贵司失望的! 责整个高尔夫球场的细造型和后期修饰工作。 如果需要更多个人信息参考,欢迎随时与我联系(13823303228) 。 由于罗伯特全身心的投入,此项目经过短短五个月的时间就完成了建造,其积 极出色的工作能力和认真负责的工作态度鼓舞了整个项目的员工,也使得我们 建设单位各个专业部门的配合更加流畅和默契,在工作上,他是一个热情专注 且注重细节的人,球场的每一部位在尊重设计师设计理念的同时融入了自己的 创意,并以精湛的技术呈现出来,柔和自然的轮廓让球场充满了生命力,业主 与设计方对他的造型非常地认可。罗伯特堪称为球场建造的顶级造型师,和他 一起工作让人舒心愉快 此致 深圳市国艺园林建设有限公司 高尔夫事业部 总经理 廖一臻 2012/ 11/ 23
  13. 13. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  14. 14. Picture above: #4 Sunridge Canyon Golf Course Par 4 Robert A. Pedigo “Rob” - CEO Master Golf Course Shaper & Design Consultant Robert W. Pedigo “Skip” Master Golf Course Shaper & Design Consultant Phone: 502-410-3402 U.S.A. China: +8618677230971 Skype ID: robert.pedigo Email: Address: Kentucky USA Phone: 740-425-1212 China: + 8615298994847 Skype ID: robert.pedigo Email: Address: Ohio USA