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Fixed Fee Collaborative Divorce


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A way to get divorced where couples know the cost at the start and they have the full input from a team of professionals to help them achieve the best result for them and their family.

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Fixed Fee Collaborative Divorce

  1. 1. Dovetail Divorce Solutions Fixed Fee Collaborative
  2. 2. Dovetail Divorce Solutions Collaborative Divorce Reach an agreement on dividing your assets without going to court Put the children’s interests at the forefront of your discussions Be supported to reach an amicable agreement by your chosen lawyers Be confident that the agreement you come to will be legally binding Have ready access to financial advice and emotional support Part knowing you have done it the best way possible for all
  3. 3. Client’s Cost Calculator • Cost your divorce online • Cost is inclusive with no hidden extras • Simple to use • Clear indication of the additional costs should unexpected issues arise • Several payment options • Refund
  4. 4. The Participants Collaborative Family Lawyers Resolution Accredited IFAs Divorce coaches ……and you, the clients!
  5. 5. Divorce coach • Meets you separately at the outset • Clarifies what is most important to you as you go through the divorce process • Identifies areas of the process that may be challenging • Explains how she can be contacted at short notice • Provides timely support
  6. 6. The Resolution Accredited IFA • Prepares your financial information • Attends 5 way meetings • Provides calculations for “what if” scenarios • Calculates mortgage ability • Calculates pension sharing
  7. 7. The Collaborative Lawyers • Each Lawyer works for their client, helping achieve a fair settlement for both parties • Legal advice is provided in the meeting openly and for all to hear and work with • No misunderstandings or miss-interpretation from length lawyer’s letters • You receive guidance and support to prioritise and discuss the areas that are important to you • Lawyers ensure that all aspects of the law re considered and you achieve a workable settlement that will
  8. 8. What is not covered? • Property Valuation costs • Mortgage Brokers fees • Accountants costs • Actuary • Barrister • Therapist • Child
  9. 9. Divorce survey results Court based divorce negatively affected relationship with ex 60% Divorce cost more than expected 80% Divorce cost more than £6K 40% Would have chosen collaborative divorce if had known about it 80% Would choose a fixed fee package if they had to do it again