App prizes Telaxo value deck


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App prizes Telaxo value deck

  1. 1. Grow
  2. 2. Grow We have more than 5 million Email subscribers who activelyYourGame follow Our tournaments and prize giveaways! Geo Distribution North America – 17% South America – 22% Europe – 35% Asia - 19% Others -7% In addition, AppPrizes tournament comes with inbuilt sharing tools that encourages users to invite their friends and post on newsfeeds!
  3. 3. Engage Its is a Free, simple-to-integrate platform that lets you run Your Users contests / tournaments, and reward your most engaged user with REAL prizes. • Provides real physical rewards and incentives for users to fosters competition within your apps • Offers additional motivation for users to acquire and spend virtual currency
  4. 4. Monetize With AppPrizes you can increase the average revenue per Your gamer! GameApprizes provides a new source of tournament revenue • We focus on Brand Campaigns that are currently yielding a much higher CPM that alternatives. • We focus on a sustainable way of growing your revenue, Yes - No App Install Campaigns • It’s a free platform. We work on a revenue share basis. • AppPrizes extends the life of your game!
  5. 5. What it means for Your Game With AppPrizes, can Note: results may vary. The above numbers are based on Sample results. • Increase user engagement by 45% or more • Generate an additional 23% revenue using our Ad Network • Extend the life of your App by 2 fold! • Encourage the use of virtual points and social cash by 28% • & most of all, make your gamers happy!, Build a Brand!
  6. 6. You can Learn more about us @ www.AppPrizes .comIwin manages Family Feud on Facebook and we areabout to launch Deal or No Deal and I am interestedin learning more about AppPrizes. – CJ Wolf This is certainly something we are very interested! - Lyle (Kaboom is a Venture Backed Gaming company)Your system seems extremelyinteresting and simple to help us -IljaAkella is a leading Game developer in Russia & more
  7. 7. Three Easy Steps 1. Sign at AppPrizes ( 2. Copy & Paste your API CodeExample - <script type="text/javascript" src="//[FACEBOOK THIRD-PARTY USER ID]&score=[Current Score Of the Gamer]&cust_id=e55903434a25759f07ceb31ee2884c65f596&theme=dark"></script>)3. Run a Tournament, Grow, engage and monetize better!