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A collaborative communication tool for small and medium sized businesses.

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  2. 2. WHAT IS WEB CONFERENCING? Web conferencing is real-time, synchronous, two-way, collaborative communication technology involving multiple participants located at different geographic locations, in different time zones on the internet. Web conferencing offers all the live features of a conference such as desktop sharing, viewing PowerPoint presentations,whiteboard,chat, instant messaging, VoIP, and full motion videos on real-time basis.5/27/2012 2
  3. 3. APPLICATIONS OF WEB CONFERENCING. Conduct real-time business meetings. Conduct Sales and marketing seminars.(Web seminars) Make presentations. Conduct demonstration about new products to many clients at the same time. Provide online education .(E-learning) Offer direct customer support over the web anytime and anywhere through rich media integration with CRM. Conduct interview for new hires. Manage Supply chain by using voice enabled ERP. Interact with patients(Healthcare).5/27/2012 3
  4. 4. WHY WEB CONFERENCING? No stress ! No fear ! and No whimper for business travel. Better productivity . Increased profitability. Dramatic cost savings. Anytime ,anywhere connection with project team. Job satisfaction & greater employee retention .You can realize all the benefits of videoconferencingusing web conferencing at much lower cost.5/27/2012 4
  5. 5. SNAPSHOT OF COST SAVINGSThe average domestic business trip costs $1,200 per participant permeeting.The average business meeting consists of 5 participants, 4 of whomhave to travel to get to the meeting.The average employee per hour cost $ 60.The savings in hours between doing a remote web conference (4 hrs) andactually traveling to a place (21 hours) was (21-4=17 hours )per meeting perparticipant.Using these assumptions @ $ 60/hr ,this yields a savings of (17*60=$1020 per meeting per participant.Combining both the costs of business trip and employee cost ,a totalof $1200+ $1020 = $ 2220 per meeting per employee.Therefore ,converting the average business meeting into a webconferencing helps to realize total savings of apprx. $ 8,900 permeeting. 5/27/2012 5
  6. 6. BENEFITS OF WEB CONFERENCING Savings in both hard costs and soft costs for business. Savings in individual and organizational time. Increased productivity for corporations. Improved quality of life and overall health of your employee. Instant access to others both inside and outside of the organization. Increased staff productivity through effective team work. Reduction in decision cycles.5/27/2012 6
  7. 7. BARRIERS TO WEB CONFERENCING Technophobia. Lack of knowledge. Security concerns. Adroitness in computer usage . Hesitation about visual communication.5/27/2012 7
  8. 8. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF WEB CONFERENCINGSTRENGTHS : Affordable, easy- to-use and cost effective technology. Universal accessibility(24/7,anytime,anywhere). System requirements are modest. Supporting software installation is easy compared to video conferencing. Available for usage on monthly subscription basis.WEAKNESSES: High speed internet connections at all user sites. Quality of Service( QoS) on the internet. Security concerns(identity theft). DoS attacks and eavesdropping.5/27/2012 8
  9. 9. MAIN DRIVERS OF WEBCONFERENCING TECHNOLOGY Increasing trends of globalization in business landscape. Demand for better productivity . Demand for higher profitability. Advancement in Internet technology. Unified communication and collaboration. Demand for software- as- a –service. Technology convergence.5/27/2012 9
  10. 10. WEB CONFERENCING VS VIDEOCONFERENCINGWEB CONFERENCING: Web conferencing enables collaborative communication using VoIP communication between a network of computers, which can share images,presentations,and computer applications on the internet using laptops ,desktops or mobile devices anytime and anywhere. Advancement in streaming technology and bandwidth efficiency have contributed to cost effective web conferencing solution for small and medium sized enterprises. Initial investment cost is not a matter of concern as the software is available on monthly subscription basis.VIDEOCONFERENCING: Videoconferencing technology allows people in different physical locations tointeract and collaborate with each other via video and audio medium. The participants have to be present in special conferencing room equippedwith special cameras, microphones and dedicated ISDN telephone lines. Relatively more expensive compared to web conferencing and suitable forlarge corporations. 5/27/2012 10
  11. 11. CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING WEBCONFERENCING SOLUTION Instant messaging. Web casting. Screen sharing. Remote PC access. Integrated VoIP feature. Private text chat . Videoconferencing. Online meeting and presentation. Live customer support system. File sharing. Flash presentation. Security features.5/27/2012 11
  12. 12. WEB CONFERENCING SOFTWARE COMPARISONFeatures Gotomeeting® iLinc CentraldesktopRisk free trial 30 days 30 days 15 daysOperating system Windows &Mac Windows & Mac Windows & MacBrowser Supported IE 6.0+,Firefox IE 6.0+,Firefox IE 5.5+ and Firefox 2+and Safari 3+ and safari 2.0+ 2+Videoconferencing NO YES NODesktop sharing YES YES YESIntegrated VoIP YES YES NOFile transfer YES YES YESPrivate text chat YES YES YESPrice $49/month no $39/month no $99/month no obligation. obligation obligation.Meeting capacity 15 participants Up to 1000 10 participants. 5/27/2012 participants 12
  13. 13. REQUIREMENTS FOR HOSTING WEB CONFERENCING. Web conferencing is a simple, easy-to–use and affordable technology that requires pretty simple equipments in order to get started. A Webcam. A desktop computer or a laptop computer. Access to high- speed internet. Web conferencing software. Microphone. Speakers.5/27/2012 13
  14. 14. WHY VOICE OVER IP(VoIP) TECHNOLOGY IN WEB CONFERENCING ? VoIP communications refer to the communication protocols,technologies,and transmission technology involved in the delivery of voice communications and multimedia data over the internet. Bandwidth efficiency. Integration of voice and data. Universal accessibility. Maturation of technology. Convergence of networks. Reduction in costs.5/27/2012 14
  15. 15. COMMON PROTOCOLS BEING USED IN VoIP TECHNOLOGY H.323. Media Gateway Control Protocol(MGCP). Session Initiation Protocol(SIP). Real-Time Transport Protocol(RTP). Session Description protocol.(SDP). Transport Layer Security(TLS). Resource Reservation Protocol(RSVP).5/27/2012 15
  16. 16. PROTOCOLS BEING USED TO SUPPORT REAL- TIME DELIVERY OF INFORMATION IN WEB CONFERENCING Real-time transport Protocol(RTP) A real-time end- to- end protocol utilizing existing transport layers of data that has real-time properties. Real-Time Control protocol: (RTCP) A protocol to monitor QoS and to convey information about the participants in an ongoing session. Real-Time Streaming Protocol:(RTSP) A transport layer protocol designed for controlling the transmission of audio and video over the internet.5/27/2012 16
  17. 17. FACTORS AFFECTING QUALITY OF SERVICE IN WEB CONFERENCING Latency/delay: It is the time required for a packet to travel from its source to its destination across the network. Packet loss/ Drops: Routers and switches contain buffers to store packets when the network link lacks sufficient bandwidth to transmit the packets at the moment. Packets get lost in the network because of buffer overflows and congestion in the link. This could be catastrophic for real-time applications such as video and voice. Bandwidth: Unpredictable behavior of packets affects the quality of service.( QoS).5/27/2012 17
  18. 18. COMMON ATTACKS ON VoIP NETWORK DoS (Denial of service):The purpose of this attack is to overload server or application and cause it to slow down. MitM(Man in the middle):The attacker somehow positions himself between the two hosts and prevents the packets sent between the hosts from being received. Eavesdropping: Attackers eavesdrop signaling traffic to discover credentials ,calling patterns or other sensitive information. Impersonation: User or host pretends to be another user or host. Poisoning attacks: DNS poisoning targets the domain name service application. Hijacking/ Redirection :A type of attack in which one end- point of communication is maliciously changed, usually after identification, authentication and authorization .5/27/2012 18
  19. 19. ATTACK METHODS IN VoIP Port scans: Port scanning is a technique in which an attacker tries to open connections to listening ports on a server. Malicious codes: Malicious code is a broad term that describes any form of software that is installed without authorization, notice or consent from the computer administrator. This includes : * Virus * Worms * Trojans. * Spyware * Blended threat Buffer overflow : A technique that targets an input parameter or value in a program to deliberately cause a software failure. Password theft/ Guessing: The password has very low entropy and is likely to be susceptible to a brute force or dictionary attack in which commonly used word combinations are tried repeatedly until a match is found. Tunneling: This is an attack method by which one protocol rides inside another often for the purpose of traversing the firewall. Bid down: A bid down is one in which a man in the middle interferes with the negotiation of a securely parameter and succeeds in fencing the other parties to agree to a lower level of security. .5/27/2012 19
  20. 20. IMPLEMENTING SECURITY IN VoIP NETWORK AUTHENTICATION: I t is a process where a user confirms his identity by presenting credentials that are difficult for anyone to produce. HONEYPOTS/HONEYNETS: A passive security measure that uses deception techniques to observe and record the activities of an attacker. FIREWALLS: Protocol anomaly and intrusion detection. DoS prevention. User authentication.5/27/2012 20
  21. 21. BUILDING BLOCKS OF SECURITY IN VoIP Authentication: Who you are? Authorization: What you are allowed to do. Integrity: If the information somehow get tampered , this tampering can be detected. Confidentiality: The data in transit between two communicating parties cannot be made available to any third parties. Nonrepudiation: The originator of a message cannot claim not to have sent a given message.5/27/2012 21
  22. 22. WEB CONFERENCING PRODUCTS REVIEWS High definition VoIP audio conferencing. Integrated videoconferencing.1.Gomeetnow Interactive file transfer. Whiteboard and application sharing. Remote printing.5/27/2012 22
  23. 23. THE PERFECT WEB CONFERENCING ON iPad WITH CISCO WEBEX2.Cisco WebEx : software isavailable on cloud as software -as –a-service on monthly subscription basis.Key Features: Integrated audio and high qualityvideo. Meet your colleaguesanytime, anywhere using youriPad or iPhone. Record and replay yourmeetings and share with yourcolleagues. 5/27/2012 23
  24. 24. WEB CONFERENCING PRODUCTS REVIEWS3.Citrix Gotomeeting. High definition video conferencing. Integrated audio conferencing. Full desktop sharing. One- click recording. Drawing tools. Chat room.5/27/2012 24
  25. 25. WEB CONFERENCING PRODUCTS REVIEWS 4. Adobe Connect: It is a complete enterprise solution for webmeetings, e-learning and webinars based on AdobeFlash technology. You can keep your audience engaged with real-timewhiteboard discussion,polling,chat and live Q & A withhigh quality videos and audios. 5/27/2012 25
  26. 26. WEB CONFERENCING PRODUCTS REVIEW 5. SKYPEThe main features are: Group video calling. Screen sharing. Instant messaging. File transfer. 5/27/2012 26
  27. 27. COST EFFECTIVE WEB CONFERENCING WITH eLECTA6.eLecta Live easy meetings :A cost effective full featured webconferencing solution for onlinecollaboration and meetings.Key Product features: Integrated audio conferencing. Shared interactive whiteboards anddocuments. Rich markup and annotation tools. Share screen and desktop. Live video sessions. Session recording and playback. Guided web tours. Arrange online polls and surveys. 5/27/2012 27
  28. 28. WEB CONFERENCING MARKET GROWTH Compound Annual Growth Rate 12.20% ( CAGR %) 16.50% N.America Middle east and Africa Latin America 1.30% Asia pacific and Japan 70% Source:Marketsandmarkets.com5/27/2012 28
  29. 29. MORE WEB CONFERENCING SOLUTIONS Hearme. www.hearme.com. InterCall. www.intercall.com.5/27/2012 29
  30. 30. CONCLUDING REMARKSThis affordable, easy-to-use and universally accessible technology is wellworth an investment for both start-ups and established corporationsespecially in this time of global recession in economy.Web conferencing holds enormous potential to deliver values that mightenhance the overall profitability and productivity of business ventures.Web conferencing sounds a very promising technology in comparison tovideo conferencing technology for small and medium enterprises who areaverse to implement video conferencing technology.Choosing the right web conferencing product is the key to earn positiveROI on capital investment .5/27/2012 30
  31. 31. THANK YOU.5/27/2012 31