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Welcome back


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Classroom/Technology Lab Rules

Published in: Education
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Welcome back

  1. 1. Welcome, Students! Mr. Crowley Technology Lab
  2. 2. Welcome to The Technology Lab! • If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.
  3. 3. All About Me • My background – I grew up in Cheraw, SC. – I attended Francis Marion University for my undergraduate degree in Elem. Education, and received my Masters Of Education In Technology Degree from Lesley University, Cambridge, Mass.. • My experience – I’ve been teaching for 16 years. – I have also taught 6th Science here at Moore when we were in the old building.
  4. 4. My Family • I have a dog named Sofie.
  5. 5. My Goals • To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.
  6. 6. What we will Learn • The areas we will cover during this year are: – Internet and digital Safety – Keyboarding – Research – Coding
  7. 7. ROAR
  8. 8. Class Rules • Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. • Our class rules are: – Be respectful and responsible. – Be organized and follow directions. – Treat equipment with respect. – Raise your hand to speak or leave your seat. – No eating or drinking in the lab. (no chewing gum, or snacks of any kind)
  9. 9. Tardiness • When you come into the room, pull your chair out and turn it around to face the center of the room. • Do not touch computer until given permission. • Your earbuds will be kept here in the lab.
  10. 10. • Walk in quietly, and go directly to assigned seat. Turn your chair to face center of room. When arriving to Class
  11. 11. • Do not leave your seat unless I have given you permission. Arriving to Class
  12. 12. Quiet Voices
  13. 13. Good Posture
  14. 14. Leaving
  15. 15. Do Not Leave A Mess
  16. 16. Internet Use
  17. 17. Student Acceptable Use Policy Student Acceptable Use
  18. 18. Let’s Have a Great Year!