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Used in the NURS 416 course

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  1. 1. NURS 416: Suggested DatabasesRoy Brown, MLIS, AHIPEducation and Research LibrarianTompkins-McCaw Library, VCULibraries
  2. 2. Objectives:By the end of this class you will :• Be aware of the databases that will useful for NURS416• Be aware of when to use controlled vocabulary andkeywords• Understand that if you need help to let me know(
  3. 3. The Search Process Search Steps2.5. Evaluate theResults6. Good Results = Use the Data• Bad = Start Over3. Choose the appropriatedatabase(s) or resource foryour topic4. Perform theSearch1. Problem/ ConstructQuestionImage: Your SearchStrategy• Synonyms for Search Terms• Subject Heading vs. Keyword• Boolean Operators & Limits
  4. 4. Selecting the Right Resource• Research Guides▫ Nursing▫ NURS 416 Course Guide• Important Databases• CINAHL Plus with Full TextPubMed/MEDLINE : The primarydatabase of information inbiomedical and health sciencesfields.• JSTOR• ASSIA: Applied Social SciencesIndex and Abstracts: Coverageincludes: criminology, education,ethnic studies, family, health,housing, marriage, immigration,industrial relations, nationalpolitics, race relations, religion,womens studies.• Sociological Abstracts: Coverageincludes: culture and socialstructure; social differentiation/inequality, social psychology/groupinteraction; social welfare.• Dissertations and Theses Full Text(Proquest)
  5. 5. Keyword• Also called natural language searching• Search for words or phrases found intitle, abstract, or other parts of articles• Keyword searching used for▫ New terminology▫ Rare terms▫ Other terms that have no related subject heading▫ Spelling variations• Truncation - Train*▫ Trained, Trainer, Training, etc.• Grouping Using “Guided Imagery”▫ Use Quotation Marks▫ Without Quotes – AND Terms TogetherPerspective
  6. 6. All searched when searching bykeyword
  7. 7. Pepsi CokePopSoda SodaPopSubject Headings/ ControlledVocabulary• Controlled Vocabulary –Thesaurus▫ Help to return results that directlyapply to subject of the search• Hierarchy – Tree Structure▫ Broad –Specific• Minor / Major Heading▫ Major Heading - Focuses your searchresults to returning articles thatspecifically address the topic PubMed – have stars beside them CINAHL – Divided into Major& Minor Headings• Scope Note – Term DefinitionSoftDrink
  8. 8. May need to move backward in order to moveforward……
  9. 9. Searched when searching with SubjectHeadings/ Controlled Vocabulary
  10. 10. Boolean Operators - AND• Combines concepts• Relationship• Retrieves records thatcontain BOTH termsenteredSoda Pop WeightGain
  11. 11. Boolean Operators - OR• Combines synonyms orlike concepts• No RelationshipNecessary• Retrieves records thatcontain EITHER termenteredCoke Pepsi
  12. 12. When Searching………..Combining Terms TogetherGroup 1CombineTerms with ORGroup 2CombineTerms with ORAND ANDGroup 3CombineTerms with OR
  13. 13. Keep in Mind……Break Your Search into Concepts –Start Your Search Broad and Then Focus –Be sure to come up with alternative orrelated terms for your topicAlways search in at least two databases.
  14. 14. Keep in Mind……Ways to Expand Your Results Ways to Focus Your Results• Explode Your Terms• Keyword Searching• Look At Related or CitingArticles• Major Concept/Subject• Subheadings• Limits
  15. 15. JSTOR• Click on AdvancedSearch• Keyword Search –Remember to use“” and that theremay besynonyms forwhat you arelooking for.Keyword Search –can search specificsections of thecitation.Limits
  16. 16. Sociological Abstracts & ASSIA: AppliedSocial Sciences Index and AbstractsLimitsControlledvocabulary.Hierarchstructure, cansee it by clickingon the term.Be sure you are inadvanced search
  17. 17. Dissertations and Theses Full TextGood place to gowhen you want tosee if there isanything that hasnot beenpublished inother channels.Same layout outas sociologicaldatabases – onedifference areorgnized with akind of controlledvocabulary inlimits section Click here to get to lists of the terms thatmay help to retrieve dissertations and thesisthat could be useful.
  18. 18. If You Need Help……..• Get in touch with Me…..Roy Brown, MLISEducation and ResearchLibrarianTompkins-McCaw Library,VCU Librariesrebrown2@vcu.eduPh. 804-828-1592