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Ation pitch


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This upload is for exclusively for the purpose of the JHU business plan competition.

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Ation pitch

  1. 1. Development United Welcome to ATION ATION
  2. 2. ATION The Problem $52 billion USD in 154,000 grants 1.5 million charities
  3. 3. ATION The Problem Too Many Applications Lack Information Lack of Money for Applying
  4. 4. ATION The Problem - Summarized The Grant System is inefficient and broken We have built the ATION platform, an online platform that connects charities and foundations to find the funding opportunities that they are looking for and to minimise the inefficiencies within this ecosystem.
  5. 5. ATION The Solution Too many applications Lack Information Lack of money to apply The Grant System is Broken Largest database of charities and foundations Value alignment for C+F Standardised app.
  6. 6. ATION The Platform
  7. 7. Development United Timeline August Literature Review/UR October Innovation Day March Begin user recruitment 14 January Finalise Mock Ups/begin dev June Launch
  8. 8. ATION Contact Info Thank You ATION grant maker is on your side!;; 17