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Communikanine Presentation

  1. 1. The Pet People Business Plan
  2. 2. Business Idea • Our product is called ‘Communikanine’. • It is a clip-on, radio device to contact your dog. • Commands can be recorded and replayed to the dog.
  3. 3. Business Idea • Our product comes in two parts: • Hand held device • A speaker which clips on to the dog’s collar • Commands are recorded on to the hand held appliance. • Different coloured buttons correspond to different commands.
  4. 4. Type of Organisation • We are a partnership. • We are all equal. • Personally manage the work standards. • We can take on new employees without involving them in the higher workings of the business.
  5. 5. Mission Statement ‘Our aim is to provide high quality products, which prove that loyalty is the best policy, incorporating the bond of love between owner and pet, letting our customers know that we understand that man’s best friend is a true best friend.’
  6. 6. Business Objectives • In one year we would like to: • Survive and to expand our business. • Build a good relationship between customer and employee. • In five years we would like to: • Improve the lifestyle of the pets around the world.
  7. 7. The Group Eve McGlynn - Finance Manager • Mathematical skills • Leadership qualities • Independence Anita Kaur - Administrator • Organisation • Computer skills • Group Knowledge Ellis Macaulay - Creative Director • Creativity • Innovation • English skills
  8. 8. Market Research • We did an online survey called PollDaddy to find out what our Market thought about our product and how we could improve it. • 67% of people would find our product helpful. • The majority of people would like to see our product sold in specialist pet shops.
  9. 9. Market Research • 42% of people would like to see it sold in supermarkets. • 75% who responded live in the suburbs. • We also found out that the age range of those who responded was from 12 – 51 years old. • Here are some improvements that people suggested: • “Put some nice patterns on it to make it more eye-catching” • “It could be personalized”
  10. 10. Costs • Our Fixed Costs are: £1064 (per calendar month) • Our Variable Costs are: £15.29 (per unit) • Our Total Costs are: £2,389.25 (per calendar month)
  11. 11. Selling Price • Our Selling price is £23.99 this makes us a reasonable profit. • Our Break Even point is 125 units. • Our Mark-Up is 56%
  12. 12. Promotion •We have chosen to do a newspaper advert as this would reach a larger audience.
  13. 13. Promotion • This advert will be situated on the side of a public bus.
  14. 14. Printed Promotion • We wanted to keep our advertisement simple. • We included the colour of our logo and product, which we felt was sufficient.
  15. 15. Sponsorship • We have chosen to sponsor: Dogs Trust and The Dog Whisperer. • We thought this was appropriate because Dogs Trust agree with our beliefs – all dogs are entitled to a healthy, happy life. • We chose The Dog Whisperer because it believes in safe and fair ways to train dogs.
  16. 16. Celebrity Endorsement • We have chosen Victoria Stilwell to endorse our product. • We chose her because she is widely known for solving dog’s behavioural problems safely.
  17. 17. Financial Plan • We have all agreed to contribute £1500 each to the business, as it covers our costs and gives us support. • Our Source of Finance is Owner Investment. • We chose this because: • Retain profit • No debts • Equal within business
  18. 18. Competition • We are aware of no competitors, as our product is completely unique. • In our business our biggest concern is the well being of our customers and their dogs.
  19. 19. Summary • We believe that our product is reliable and with your help, can be a major success in the business world. • We want to portray a good image towards our customers and we trust through this we have shown you that our business is the one to support.
  20. 20. Thank You for Listening, We Welcome any Questions.