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Using Social Media to Build a Kick-Ass Content Marketing Program


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"Think Like a Publisher." Brands are being told more and more to transform their marketing departments into publishing machines by creating content that drives engagement and ultimately sales. But if you simply "think like a publisher," social media likely will be just an afterthought.

You're invited to hear how Monetate uses social media to play an important role in the company’s award-winning content marketing program. Rob Yoegel, Content Marketing Director, will share his decade-plus experience in online media and how valuable lessons he learned in publishing have been put to good use in creating a kick-ass content marketing program for the local software company recently named #8 on The Philadelphia 100, which recognizes the fastest growing, privately held companies in the Philadelphia area.


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Using Social Media to Build a Kick-Ass Content Marketing Program

  1. 1. Using Socialto Help Builda Kick-AssContent MarketingProgramRob YoegelContent Marketing Director, ¦ @robyoegel ¦ @Monetate
  2. 2. Empowering marketers to quickly customizecontent, creative and functionality to deliver a relevant online customer experience. SaaS Expertise Resources
  3. 3. Segment & personalizeanything, anywhere and at anytimeDefault Page Campaign Delivered Optimized Version
  4. 4. 20%Now influence greater than 20%of all U.S. ecommerce transactions
  6. 6. Expert Optimization Resources Valuable case studies, eBooks, white papers, webinars, and infographics follow @monetate on
  7. 7. Today,everyone is a publisher!
  8. 8. Social as aDistribution Channel
  9. 9. • Establish a rhythm• Say it the right way• STIR
  10. 10. Social as aCommunication Channel
  11. 11. • Influencer network• Monitoring• Destroy cyborgs
  12. 12. Social as an Extension ofYour Business
  13. 13. • Onsite Comments• SMO• Move fromBehind the Monitor
  14. 14. Where is yourtraffic coming from? Ref. Sites 22% Search Engines Ref. Sites Search Engines 25% 31% 38% Direct Traffic Direct Traffic 41% 44% 2011 2012
  15. 15. 2013 Goal:Drive more trafficfrom Social than Search
  16. 16. Thank you!Rob ¦ @robyoegel