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Facebook Powerpoint for Multimedia

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  1. 1. FacebookWeb 2.0 At Its FinestBy: Rob Winkelman
  2. 2. menu slide
  3. 3. www.facebook.comWeb 2.0- The aim of these sites is to facilitate communication,secure information sharing, and collaboration on the WorldWide Web.
  4. 4. History• Created by Harvard sophomore, Mark Zuckerburg in 2004• The idea was reported as stolen by seniors of Harvard who tasked Zuckerburg to help them create a social website for Harvard students.• Began as a dating site for Harvard Students, turned into social networking site for friends• Zuckerburg is still going through legal troubles with those three seniors he supposedly ripped off
  5. 5. Purpose• Originally, it was for dating, but turned into a friend site• Used to share information with the masses• Allows people to "friend" people they know, along with those they do not know.• Allows users to upload pictures and videos• Help advertise for companies by using groups to promote products• Reconnect with old friends
  6. 6. "The Social Network"http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB95KLmpLR4
  7. 7. Content• All content on Facebook is user uploaded, making it extremely interactive• Videos, photos, status updates, groups, and more are all uploaded by the users• People can also upload ads to Facebook for a nominal fee
  8. 8. UsesSchool: Some students may create groups to help each otherwith homework by posting on a group wall.Business: Help advertise new products and let the massesknow in an easier wayHome: Find friends, connect with people, share information,share pictures, etc...
  9. 9. Facebook: The Web 2.0 ToolA web 2.0 tool is something that helps with communication,share information securely and collaborates online.Facebook is perfect for talking and communicating with people,and makes it easy with wall posts, status comments, photocomments, Facebook chat, leaving videos on peoples walls,and inboxing.It also shares information securely because you have completecontrol of how much information people can see, to the pointwhere you can never be found by anyone you dont wantfinding you.All of this takes place on the internet, thus completing thedefinition of a Web 2.0 tool.
  10. 10. Similar SitesMySpace.comTwitter.comBebo.comFriendster.com (Popular primarily in Asia)
  11. 11. ResearchResearch all generally says the same thing: Facebook is one ofthe most popular sites ever. With over 400 million users eachmonth, Facebook is common knowledge to most people intodays society.It is a great tool to help the older generation connect after yearsof silence. It is also used for advertising things for businesses.Bands and artists also use their Facebook profiles to showcasetheir works.
  12. 12. Positives Negatives• Connect with friends • Information can be seen• Share information by all• Promote new products • Some do not know how to• Share pictures, videos, deal with being so open etc.. (internet girls)• Meet new people • Jobs• Promote bands or artists • Colleges• Promote awareness • People do not realize• Plan events everyone that can see• Easily access people and what you post send messages