An introduction to QR codes


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An introduction to QR codes

  1. 1. 1<br />Introduction to QR Codes<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />What are QR codes?<br /><ul><li>Firstly, QR stands for Quick Response.
  3. 3. 2D Barcodes (matrix barcode)
  4. 4. Encodes any type of data (E.g: binary, alphanumeric)
  5. 5. Most common functions used for in UK include:</li></ul>Direct to URL (Web address)<br />Forward user to SMS message with prefilled details<br />Forward user to e-mail with prefilled details<br />Video or music download / link<br />To name but a few! Essentially a QR code can link your smartphone or tablet device to any function it can perform, without you having to do so manually.<br />
  6. 6. 3<br />Why should you care?<br /><ul><li>As awareness of QR codes increases, so does popularity.
  7. 7. Massive increase in adoption of smartphones (which shows no sign of slowing)</li></ul>40% of all phones in US are smartphones (Nielsen)<br />52% of total mobile phone shipments in the UK (IDC)<br /><ul><li>Don’t let your competitors get the ‘edge’, and lead the marketing development for SMEs in your industry.</li></li></ul><li>4<br />Who uses QR Codes?<br />To name but a few!<br />
  8. 8. 5<br />QR Code advantages?<br /><ul><li>User Convenience – QR Codes provide a convenient method of directing users to a website, phone number, promotions, directions or other information.
  9. 9. Environmentally-Friendly – QR Codes can make more efficient use of printed material, thus reducing waste.
  10. 10. Device Independent – QR codes can be read by any device with a QR code reader, so there is no need for special cross-platform development.
  11. 11. Versatile – QR Codes can be integrated into a wide range of marketing materials for just about any purpose, including print based, direct mail and outdoor display.
  12. 12. Measurable - Actions triggered via your QR Codes can be traced with analytics or other tools for precise measurement.
  13. 13. Competitive Differentiation – Because QR Codes have been adopted relatively slowly, those who are among the first to employ them, will set themselves apart as leaders in strategic marketing in their industry.</li></li></ul><li>6<br />What will youneed?<br /><ul><li>QR Code generator to produce your QR Codes (There are lots of free providers online of this online)
  14. 14. An appropriate marketing campaign that can be complimented by the use of QR Codes
  15. 15. Somewhere to display your code (Not online)</li></ul>Only in rare and appropriate places use QR codes online. The point is to take the consumer from the real world, to the digital. E.g: we use QR codes in our Twitter backgrounds offering people a quick and easy way to connect (Link in) on Linkedin.<br />What does your consumer need?<br /><ul><li>Smartphone or tablet device with a built in camera
  16. 16. QR Code reading application (Again there are lots of free providers)</li></li></ul><li>7<br />Get inspired!<br />makes a TV advert you can step into<br />Click to view<br />
  17. 17. 8<br />Get inspired!<br />in New York comes alive!<br />Click to view<br />
  18. 18. 9<br />Before implementing, ask yourself…<br /><ul><li>Does the code work? – don’t assume your code will work. Always test your code and analytics before syndicating it. Especially if using free online tools, some of these have quality issues which can impact upon scanning.
  19. 19. Is the QR pointing appropriately? - the QR code should direct the user to content that complements the material your QR code was displayed on.
  20. 20. Are people going to scan? - your target users may need to be encouraged to scan the QR code. It may be helpful to provide some information about where you are sending the users to. E.g: “Scan here for 25% off your next order…”
  21. 21. Is the QR pointing to somewhere that is mobile friendly? - the person who scans your code will be using a handheld device. Therefore, you'll want to ensure that you direct users to a mobile friendly page. Sending users somewhere that is not formatted for their device will give the wrong impression.
  22. 22. Can I track the results?  - if you are going to use QR codes in marketing campaigns it's important to be able to track the performance of your codes using analytics.</li></li></ul><li>10<br />Some QR Statistics<br />Sources: VentureBeat, comscore, Smart Insights <br />
  23. 23. 11<br />Want to know more?<br />Give us a call<br />(01454 261111)<br />