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Worship Ministry Blueprint Inspire Confernce Presentation


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Developing A Vibrant Worship Culture Whether You’re’ Starting Out or Starting Over
This seminar introduces essential concepts from the Worship Ministry Blueprint for building a vibrant worship culture whether you’re’ starting out or starting over. Includes a free workbook to organize, design and lead your worship ministry.

Core topics include:
1. Biblical Foundations: Building on The Solid Rock
2. Identity: Understanding Your Churches Cultural Context
3. Clarifying Your Vision and Values
4. Developing Ministry Systems
5. Winning at Relationships
6. Setting Goals, Objectives and Projects That Move You Forward
7. Growth: Be A Voice, Not an Echo

Veteran worship pastor and missions instructor Rob Still ( recently helped launch the start-up Contemporary worship service at Hendersonville First United Methodist.

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Worship Ministry Blueprint Inspire Confernce Presentation

  1. 1. Building a VibrantWorship Culture whether you’reStarting Out or Starting Over.With ROB STILL
  2. 2.
  3. 3. • Experience a vibrant, passionate,wholehearted worshiping culture• Lead with greater clarity, confidence and joy• Have your team, your pastor, and yourcongregation all on the same page with acohesive vision, values and strategic plan• Feel organized and anointed!Desired outcomes
  4. 4. 7 KEY ELEMENTSIn this workshop, we’re going to cover• Biblical Foundations• Cultural Context• Ministry Systems• Relationships• Goals & Projects• Growth• Legacy
  5. 5. • THEOLOGY - good or bad ?• PLANNING - relevant to who?• PRODUCTION / “Performance”• 360* RELATIONSHIPS• GREATEST WORSHIP MOVEMENT?Worship MinistryChallenges
  6. 6. • The Age of Overwhelm• The Bible is a big book ....• So many songs and styles - can’t keep up• So many expectations from people• Production - Lots of moving parts• How to stay on top of it all ?Worship MinistryChallenges
  7. 7. Worship changed mylife
  8. 8. Missions ruined mefor the ordinary
  10. 10. Unless the Lord builds the house,the builders labor in vain.Psalm 127:1
  11. 11. • Worship is spiritually formative• We put the words in peoplesmouths• Good theology vs Bad theologyBiblical Foundations ...
  12. 12. BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS• Practical Theology of Worship• 3 Organizing Scriptures• 7 Big Ideas
  13. 13. Theology informs or shapes ourphilosophy of ministry whichdirectly shapes, forms and directsour ministry methodology.Vernon Whaley
  15. 15. “Culture eats vision for lunch”Dick Clark, ExecutiveLeadership Magazine
  16. 16. Culture & Context• Culture is the personality of theorganization• Culture is the most powerful factor• Healthy culture is energizing,attractive
  17. 17. “Culture—not vision or strategy—is the mostpowerful factor in any organization. It determinesthe receptivity of staff and volunteers to new ideas,unleashes or dampens creativity, builds or erodesenthusiasm, and creates a sense of pride or deepdiscouragement about working or being involvedthere.Dr. Samuel ChandCracking the Church Culture Code
  18. 18. “Ultimately, the culture of an organization—particularly in churches and nonprofitorganizations, but also in any organization—shapes individual morale, teamwork,effectiveness, and outcomes. “Dr. Samuel ChandCracking the Church Culture Code
  19. 19. • Leaders shape it - intentionally• Be aware. Be patient.• Be the right kind of personCulture ...
  20. 20. Vision & Values ...
  21. 21. “Without a prophetic vision,the people perish “Proverbs 29:18
  23. 23. An ongoing process that:• Saves• You• Stress• Time• Energy• MoneySystems:
  24. 24. Essential Systems• Service Planning• Production Details• Song Repertoire• Schedule & Prepare Team(s)• Discipling & Equipping
  25. 25. •• Others ?Recommended Resource
  26. 26. Essential Systems•Service Planning - Long Term• Annual Calendar• Preaching Calendar / Lectionary• Place the anchor events first
  27. 27. Essential Systems•Service Planning - Weekly• Planning meeting - early• Creative - songs, transitions• Make adjustments, confirm late
  28. 28. Essential Systems•Production details• Audio set-up• Visuals / lyric projection• Special announcements
  30. 30. RELATIONSHIPSMODULE 4• God• Family• Pastor• Your Team - extended• Congregation
  32. 32. GROWTHMODULE 6
  33. 33. LEGACYMODULE 7
  34. 34.