Outreach for SEO: Is it all about Hustle?


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I presented this at the Distilled #SearchLove conference in New York, November 2011.

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Outreach for SEO: Is it all about Hustle?

  1. 1. Outreach:Is it all about hustle? ROB OUSBEY @RobOusbey
  2. 2. Rob OusbeyVP Operations, Distilled @RobOusbey
  3. 3. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey OUTREACH ≠ LINKBUILDING
  4. 4. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Infographic Guest Posting • Strategy & Project Management • Strategy & Project Management • Idea / Concept • Outreach • Data Analysis • Content Generation • Design Work • Editing • PR • Outreach Linkbuilding isn‟t an activity. It‟s the outcome of a variety of disciplines.
  5. 5. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Great Great concept & execution outreach Great outreach is necessary but not sufficient for success.
  6. 6. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Priorities for Outreach Build Relationships Get Coverage Acquire Links
  7. 7. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey People
  8. 8. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Hustle Get it done. Get it done fast. Get it done no matter what.
  9. 9. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeySmart & Gets Things Done via Joel Spolsky: http://dis.tl/smart-gtd
  10. 10. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Creativity & Ingenuity Internet Savvy & Fluency Curiosity http://www.seomoz.org/blog/what-makes-an-effective-link-builder
  11. 11. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Passion
  12. 12. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Team Building + Recruitment
  13. 13. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyInterviewingSmart & GTD, Enthusiasm: ConversationGTD & Hustle: ‘tell us about a time’ when you got something done though there were policies or other roadblocks in place that made it difficult.Hustle & Ingenuity: ‘tell us about a time’ when you tried something new, and it failed or didn‟t work out.
  14. 14. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyInterviewingCuriosity & Ingenuity: discuss any problem or issue; assess though processCuriosity: what‟s the latest new thing you‟ve learned?Web-fluency & Savviness: The „Internet Test‟
  15. 15. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Processes
  16. 16. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Priorities for Outreach Build Relationships Get Coverage Acquire Links
  17. 17. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Identifying (Blogger) Targets
  18. 18. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Men‟s Fashion Blogs allintitle:list fashion men Rock Climbing Blogs allintitle:"list of" climbing blogs Yoga Blogs “list of” intitle:blogs intitle:yoga People have done the manual work to curate lists of blogs. Google has done the work to rank these lists. Via GroupHigh: http://dis.tl/qeJlSi
  19. 19. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Competitor Analysis • Find good-looking linkbait • See who embedded / linked to it • See who linked to those embeds Via @GeoffKenyon at Distilled: http://dis.tl/outreach-targets
  20. 20. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey FollowerWonk.com
  21. 21. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Niche Directories Processing / Outsourcing www.blogged.com/directory Google Docs / APIs dir.blogflux.comwww.tumblr.com/tagged/your+topic www.mturk.com your-topic.alltop.com www.odesk.com
  22. 22. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey EG: beer.alltop.com
  23. 23. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey EG: beer.alltop.com
  24. 24. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Making Contact
  25. 25. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Dear Blogger: Love, Website A single step approach to outreach leads to getting what you want, or not. Usually, no one ends up happy here.
  26. 26. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Hi John, I’m Sam from LearnToCook.com. We’re running a competition for bloggers to win an iPad and a ‘Learn To Cook’ gift box. Let me know if you’re interested in entering your blog, and I’ll send you all the details. Best wishes, Samantha A shorter introductory email means you can contact more people, but with lower barriers to response it is usually more engaging.
  27. 27. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Dear Blogger: Dear Blogger: Dear Website: Dear Website: Love, Website Love, Website Love, Blogger Love, Blogger A longer conversation – a „multi-step‟ approach – likely brings better results. If there‟s only one change you make to your outreach efforts, do this. It forces you to build relationships.
  28. 28. Rob OusbeyFirst Contact StrategyFor example:• Follow them on Twitter• Comment on their blog• Retweet something of theirs• Tweet at them• Comment again on their blog• Email them
  29. 29. Rob OusbeyFirst Contact Strategy Follow Blog Comment Retweet @ mention EmailJonathan Smith ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓Joseph Bloggs ✓ ✓Annabelle Other ✓Stanley Burrell ✓ ✓
  30. 30. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Objections
  31. 31. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyObjections☺ Would you like to link to MyShop.com?☺ I can‟t right now☺ Would there be a better time?☺ Sure, I‟m traveling at the moment, but I‟ll be back next week.
  32. 32. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyObjections☺ Could you link to our „Computers‟ page?☺ I‟d love to, but I have a relationship with another PC retailer.☺ We also have an „electronics‟ section, which is also awesome.☺ Sure.
  33. 33. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyObjections☺ Can you link to our „Hawaii Vacations‟ page?☺ Sorry, the site has a policy of not linking to commercial content.☺ What about our free „Pacific Travel‟ ebook?☺ I‟d love to.
  34. 34. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyObjections☺ Can you share our „reduce your electricity bill‟ guide with your readers?☺ That looks really cool, but I‟m far too busy at the moment.☺ No problem. If you only have a few seconds, but would like to help, perhaps you could retweet this for me?☺ Retweeted.
  35. 35. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyObjections A few objections will account for a massive proportion of the people you contact. This will take Hustle & Ingenuity.
  36. 36. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Journalists
  37. 37. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyContacting JournalistsContacting the News Desk can be reasonably successful – for news Contacting the journalist is fine – but no one persuades them to write a particular story first timeIf you‟re an expert – plus personable, respectful – you’ll be a useful contact for them to have
  38. 38. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey PRIORITY: Stay on their radar. (But don‟t overdo it.)
  39. 39. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Back to the Process
  40. 40. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Priorities for Outreach Build Relationships Get Coverage Acquire Links
  41. 41. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Know your VIPs Very invested in / big fans of your brand Knew you well when you contacted them Might talk about you regularly on Twitter May already link to your new content Have responded to outreach in the past
  42. 42. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Keep your VIPs Keep in touch Flatter them Give them things that will benefit you Give them anything else you can think of
  43. 43. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Outreach Metrics
  44. 44. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyOutreach MetricsSimplest measure that exists: Unique Linking Domains AcquiredData comes from: Your own success information Tweets, analytics services SEOmoz / OpenSiteExplorer
  45. 45. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbeyOutreach MetricsDerivative metrics, eg: ULDs / hourAllows for work to be broken down by tacticClassifying links gives more detailed information about ROI
  46. 46. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey With No Anchor Text Anchor Text Great Good Average Poor
  47. 47. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey With No Anchor Text Anchor Text Great 3 18 Good 5 Average 16 22 Poor
  48. 48. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey With No Anchor Text Anchor Text Great Good Average Poor
  49. 49. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey With No Anchor Text Anchor Text Great Good Average Poor
  50. 50. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey With No Anchor Text Anchor Text Great Good Average Poor
  51. 51. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey With No Anchor Text Anchor Text Great Good Average Poor
  52. 52. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Tools
  53. 53. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Buzzstream ToutApp FollowerWonk Linkstant
  54. 54. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Linkstant.com – new link alert tool. Downside: built by some amateur hacker. Upside: at least it‟s free.
  55. 55. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Priorities for Outreach Build Relationships Get Coverage Acquire Links
  56. 56. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Look for people with hustle that are smart who can get things done who demonstrate creativity constantly solving problems who are continuously improving with passionate about the brand to get working on Outreach for your brand.
  57. 57. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Create a „multi-step‟ process for your outreach
  58. 58. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Consider how you can improve „first contact‟
  59. 59. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Tabulate objections
  60. 60. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Stay on the radar of the right journalists
  61. 61. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Know your VIPs and do something awesome for them
  62. 62. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Track your metrics Analyze them Iteratively improve them
  63. 63. Rob Ousbey - @RobOusbey Hustle
  64. 64. Thank you! @RobOusbey Rob Ousbey