Classroom procedures


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Classroom procedures

  1. 1. You need to teach procedures for:• Entering the classroom• End of period, class dismissal:• Getting into groups:• When a school-wide announcement is made:• When to use your laptop/netbook:And lots more.• Share in your groups your classroom procedures.
  2. 2. You need a procedure for Entering the classroom:  Getting into groups: Getting to work immediately:  Changing groups: When you are late:  Keeping your End of period, class dismissal: notebook/workbook: Listening to/responding to  Leaving the room during class: questions:  When you need Participating in class help/conferencing: discussions:  Knowing the schedule for the Keeping the room orderly: class: Collecting and distributing  Finding directions for each classroom materials (books, assignment: scissors, glue sticks ):  Handing in work: Indicating whether you  Returning student work: understand: Tuning in to teacher instruction: When you are absent: Working cooperatively:
  3. 3. You need a procedure for Moving about the room: is away being repaired: Going to the library/career centre:  Saving work regularly on the When you finish early: Laptop/Netbook: When asking a question:  Submitting work from the When a school-wide Laptop/Netbook: announcement is made:  Where to sit during surf Responding to a fire drill:  What to do if you don’t have a book Responding to a lockdown: for surf. If the teacher is out of the  Going to the toilet classroom:  Packing up the classroom at the Saying “Thank you”: end of a lesson. When to use your laptop/netbook: Charging your laptop in the classroom: What to do if your Laptop/Netbook is not working during class: What to do with Laptop/Netbook when the teacher is talking: What to do if your Laptop/Netbook
  4. 4. What negative learning behavioursam I seeing so far in my classes?What procedures can I put in placeto address them?Get feedback and ideas from your group