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8 HR Tech Trends That Impact Your HR Role


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  • i don't understand this trends in what sense are u referring to .....
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8 HR Tech Trends That Impact Your HR Role

  1. 1. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart The Future of HR:Technology Trends ThatImpact Your Role in HR
  2. 2. Brought to you by @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartNext-generation outplacement and careermanagement service that combines a uniqueblend of sophisticated technology andconsulting services to help employers withworkforce strategy—and helps displacedemployees with career advancement.
  3. 3. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  5. 5. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartSocial Workforce:Social graph <> Org chartReal time <> EmailSelf organization <> C&C
  6. 6. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartSocial RecruitingSocial Enterprise CollaborationSocial LearningSocial Performance TrackingSocial Work Management
  7. 7. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  8. 8. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartGAMIFICATION
  9. 9. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartGamification is NOT:• Installing foosball, ping pong tables or arcade machines in the office• Letting employees play video games during work hours• Make your HR systems look like games
  10. 10. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart Gamification IS:• Leveraging game mechanics and gaming techniques to engage employees in a fun, challenging and appealing manner to achieve the business objectives of an organization • Habit-forming • Positive behavior rewarding • Addicting • Results driven
  11. 11. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  12. 12. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartMOBILE
  13. 13. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartMOBILE BYOD Location-based technology NFC Location independence
  14. 14. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  15. 15. CLOUD @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  16. 16. CLOUD @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart Lower cost Easier to implement & maintain Faster to deploy & adapt
  17. 17. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  18. 18. MORE, @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartRICHERDATA
  19. 19. MORE, @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartRICHER a.k.a. BIGDATA, but I hate that term, because it meansDATA diddly squat, and I refuse to use it and look like all the other analysts/parrots
  20. 20. MORE, @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart Data abounds, but meaningful data is scarceRICHER Talent analytics = makeDATA better decisions Crowdsourced knowledge Track, measure, report, de cide, repeat
  21. 21. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  22. 22. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartACQUISITIONS
  23. 23. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmartOracle, SalesForce, SAP,IBM all within 1 yearFewer options, but actuallymany more1 platform, not necessarilythe bestStartups rule! ACQUISITIONS
  24. 24. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  26. 26. @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  28. 28. THANK YOU! @RobGarciaSJ @RiseSmart
  29. 29. CHATMORE> 802-5840