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Fly With IBD


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Rob Gallo shares with you a EUCAN initiative started by an employee who lives with IBD who now wants to empower patients and advance healthcare by sharing information about this health issue.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Fly With IBD

  1. 1. FlywithIBD# AEUCAN initiative resultingfromcollaboration betweenPublicAffairs, CorporateCommunications, GlobalProcurement &PatientAdvocacy Groups
  2. 2. Empowerpatients,advancing healthcare C O N T E X T : Theinitiativestartedwith anemployee,whoalso liveswithIBD,whoposted onYammer. Theairline initiative’smaingoalisto encouragecarriersto providebetteroptionsfor IBD/IBSpatients traveling.
  3. 3. Doyouknow? • Around 2.2millionpeople livingwithIBD inEurope (mostcommon formsbeingCrohn’s disease andulcerative colitis). • IBSaffects morethan30millionEuropeans
  4. 4. &thesepeoplefly!
  5. 5. TakedaEUCanaimstoraiseawarenessofthis importantissue&encourageEuropeanairlines toprovidegreaterchoice&detailoningredients ofanyfoodsofferedonflights,tocreateamore positiveexperiencefortravellerslivingwithIBD andIBS. Air travel can be stressfulfor people living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
  6. 6. Notleasttheworryofbeingable toaccessatoiletatshortnotice andthepotentialforcabin pressuretoworsensymptoms Forthesepeople, atrip canbe stressful and causeanxiety. Certainfoodsforatleastsome people,mayimpactonsymptoms. Thereforethefoodservedon flightsisanotherpotentialburden Failuretocomplywiththese restrictionsmayleadtoserious relapsesoftheirdiseasewithsevere healthimpacts.Also,remaining hungryisnotanoptionsincethis mayleadtodiseasesrelapsesaswell
  7. 7. TravelwithIBDalreadyahottopicinsocialmedia Lizzy Barlow 22year oldtravelblogger &Crohnssufferer,UK Jenna Farmer HealthyLifestyleblogger &IBDAdvocate,UK Elisabeth Beyer German-Canadian part-timetravelblogger
  8. 8. FlywithIBD# Why matters. IBD, is a chronic condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Around 3.7 million people live with IBD in Europe (most common forms being Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis). IBS is a chronic gastrointestinal disease that affects more than 30 million Europeans. IBD and IBS are very different diseases but have some similar symptoms. In terms of flying, improved menu options & better toilet-access especially for long haul flights, stand to benefit all persons living with gastrointestinal diseases.
  9. 9. In their diet, there are many restrictions…  Almondmilk  Eggs  Oatmeal  Salmon  Papaya  Pureedbeans  Poultry  Avocado  Rice  Cookedcarrots  Potatoes x Alcohol(mixeddrinks,beer,wine) x Butter,mayonnaise,margarine,oils x Carbonatedbeverages x Coffee,tea,chocolate x Cornhusks x Dairyproducts(iflactoseintolerant) x Fattyfoods(friedfoods) x Foodshighinfiber x Gas-producingfoods(lentils, beans,legumes,cabbage, broccoli,onions) x Nutsandseeds(peanut butterandothernutbutters) x Rawfruits x Rawvegetables x Spicyfoods x Wholegrainsandbran
  10. 10. Tohavea pleasant journey, passengers who suffer from IBDshould:  Bookthenearestseatnexttothetoilets  Informtheflightattendantsabouttheir situationtoknowthattheremightbeaneed foraccesstofirst-classtoiletsincase regulartoiletsareoccupied  Keepmedicines,snacks,drinksand emergencykitundertheseatforeasier accesstothemduringtheflight  Usethetoiletjustbeforetake-off  Usethetoiletjustbeforetheplanestartsits landingprocessbecausetheymighthave toremainseatedforsometime
  11. 11. Strategy/Approach Usecrowd- speaking platforminsupport ofpatientgroups toamplifyone message Createacampaign call toactionthatcanbe supportedbypeople outsidethedirectIBD communityto generategreater exposure Partnerwith Procurement colleagues,influence viaAirline KAMs andPreferred Partnercontracts RaiseAwareness: Co-create andcurate contentusingreallife experiences from patientstoshowthe impactandstress ofair travel onpeopleliving withIBD ! ! ! ! !
  12. 12. Whatare weasking fromairlines?
  13. 13. 1 2 3 4 1# Toprovide greaterdetail oningredients ofanyfood offered onflight online at least48hours priortotheflight. Thiswillallowpatientstoplanandavoidundesirable situations.Furthermore,offeringalternativesshouldbean easysolution–forexample,includingherbalteas alongsidecoffeeorblacktea.Thesearenotsimply ‘customerrequests’butactualmedicalneeds.
  14. 14. 1 2 3 4 2# Foringredients tobelabelled on individual in-flight products andtohave products individually wrapped toavoidcross-contamination,asIBD patientsoftenhaveadditionaltriggersor sensitivities,suchascolor-additives.
  15. 15. 1 2 3 4 3# Toprovide greaterchoice with multiple allergy/intolerance menu options forallIBS/IBDpassengers (e.g.combininglactose-freeandgluten-free options)asthecurrentsolutionprovidedby airlinesdoesnotfitwithpatientneedsfortravel.
  16. 16. 1 2 3 4 4# PremiumTreatment forthose whosuffer fromgastrointestinal disorders both mildandsevere. Anexamplecouldbeanautomatic seatreservationnearWC.
  17. 17. Thunderclap campaign to get key messages trending across platforms.Our aim is for 250 signups • Analysewhichchannelsandwhat typeofcontentwillbethemost effectiveinreachingsympathetic supporterstothecause (messagesormemes) • UseexistingnetworksonTwitter, Facebook,Takedaemployees • IBDthoughtleaders,influencers, patientassociations • Traditionalchannels– editorialtogeneratesignup Thunderclap now live: Sarah Heidrich’s Post: Rob Gallo’s post: