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Augmented reality advertising, loyalty and retail - by {Proof}


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Proof launches DemandProof - a completely new way to advertise, reward and retail via mobile. DemandProof uses a combination of smartphone, GPS and augmented reality to geo-locate ads, loyalty points and virtual products any where, any time.

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Augmented reality advertising, loyalty and retail - by {Proof}

  2. 2. THE PROBLEM Generate sales via mobile Advertise, reward & engage customers Smartphones are now the dominant consumer technology. But no one seems to offer all the benefits of mobile marketing on one platform... { } + + Collect real-time data and insight
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION NOW imagine a solution which uses a smartphone + augmented reality + GPS + mobile payment { } Virtual advertising Virtual rewards Virtual stores
  4. 4. ADVERTISE INSIGHTRETAIL THE PRODUCT # Client branded app/api # Campaign content # Augmented reality # Location enabled rewards # Location enabled products # Push notification # Virtual pop up stores # Mobile payment # App user data # Social media data # Market research surveys # real time insight { } Augmented reality advertising and rewards drives brand engagement. Virtual products and retail space creates a totally new way to sell. All the while we are capturing continuous consumer insight. DEMAND PROOF
  5. 5. THE CAMPAIGN # Virtual clothes lines all over London # New range of jeans in life size augmented reality # Treasure hunt for virtual stores via smartphones { } The ROI Mobile retail sales $$$ Earned media $$$ Facebook shares - ♥♥♥ LONDON
  6. 6. 44(0)203 066 0022 62 EXMOUTH MARKET LONDON EC1R4QE Let’s Talk{ }