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Using WordPress to find clients for your web design or WordPress development business


Published on This is from a talk I gave yesterday at the London WordPress Meetup.

I talk about how you can work out keywords that describe you and what a potential client can type into a search engine to find you and then how you can target those keywords with "buying intent".

I also talk about how you can improve your authority.
Make sure you appear on local searches.
Vary the types and platforms of the content you produce.
Increase you authority.
Help other web designers and developers.
And change the calls to action on your website.

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Using WordPress to find clients for your web design or WordPress development business

  1. 1. Using WordPress to get loads more lovely clients ...
  2. 2. Keyword research Have a look at Google’s Keyword Planner tool Keywords with “buying intent” Searches/month web designer london 590 freelance web developer london 140 wordpress developer new york 10 web designer scarborough 30 ?
  3. 3. Put the keywords with “buying intent” into your home page’s title WordPress > Settings > General and enter the keywords with “buying intent” into your Site Title. Freelance WordPress Developer London | Leslie Othalthwaite
  4. 4. Put these keywords in your blog posts’ titles “The life of a London freelance web designer” “How much freelance WordPress developers charge” “How to plan web design and development projects for corporations”
  5. 5. Make your blog posts specific not general 8 “How to run a business” 4 “How to run a WordPress web design business”
  6. 6. Help other web designers & WordPress developers
  7. 7. Video / YouTube we can vary the type and platform of our content to increase our exposure and authority.
  8. 8. Go local and responsive Some people like to do business locally. If you haven’t got yourself on Google Maps right now, you really should. <a href=”tel:+447762383426”>+44 (0)7762 383 426</a>
  9. 9. Call to action Hire me
  10. 10. Authority Set up Google authorship on your WordPress blog Blog regularly Comment on other blogs Make sure your blog posts can be easily shared on social media Create in-depth profiles on all the major social networks Forge long-term business relationships with other designers and developers
  11. 11. @RobCubbon