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What to expect when you work with stunning digitalmarketing


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How do you work with us

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What to expect when you work with stunning digitalmarketing

  1. 1. What to Expect When You Work with Many people do not know what to expect when then work with an individual or a company. That is why we prepared this document. It outlines what to expect and how is the best way to communicate with our team. At we always work with a signed contract. That contract explains time frames, payment terms, dates project is to be delivered and what is the scope of the project. All projects require a 50% upfront payment to start the project and the remaining balance is due on completion. During the scope of the project we will have many meetings. It is preferred that meetings take place online using a video conferencing package called Zoom. There are many advantages to using online video conferencing solutions: 1. They save transportation time. 2. We can record the session and share the recordings with you. 3. Online conferencing software allows us to share screens, whiteboards and more to make the meetings run efficiently and effectively. We do realize sometimes meetings are best in person. These meetings will be recorded as well using an audio recorder and the meeting recordings will always be provided to our clients. Business Hours Our business hours for fixing any issues are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. The exception is if you have a premium support contract. We do take pre-booked meetings from 9am to 9pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 1pm on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. We are closed on all Canadian Holidays and Over all Canadian Long Weekends.
  2. 2. Booking Time To book time with us, we use an online booking system. It saves going back and forth to book meetings. The link to book time with us is: . This is the only way we book time with our clients and prospective clients. Reporting an Issue or Asking for Help At we require that all requests, incidents or changes be submitted via our help desk ticketing system. This helps us maintain, communicate, process efficiently and not lose track of any requests. We do not take requests via direct email or text message. Please submit your requests to our ticketing system: All requests are responded to within 1 business day. Newsletter We send out a monthly newsletter to all our clients. Sometimes if warranted we will send out a newsletter more often. We use the newsletter to update you on services, issues and more as it pertains to Digital Marketing.