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We're beginning our journey of understanding the possibilities of essential learning

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  • powerpoint-set up show-presenter view 2nd monitor on LCD
    voice recorder from John Evans and 2 AAA batteries
    Slideshare-upload ppt pdf and keynote files robcfisher initx3
    explain that I’m recording the presentation part of this session so I can put it on the net for others on my team to listen too. I’ll turn the recorder off when we begin our discussion
  • Here is our teacher Mr. Grade 7. He’s thinking about this upcoming year and how things are going to go with his students. He starts thinking about curriculum and assessment
  • English Language Arts
    General Outcomes
    1,2,3,4, and 5
  • and science
  • and social studies, people and places in the world
  • He knows the foundation for implementation documents of 1996 for math
    and now he’s contemplating continuing to make the following changes
    that began last year
  • in the number strand
  • yes he’s starting to feel curriculum overload
  • But thats not all-- the arts dance, drama, music and visual arts
  • and physical and health education,
    and human sexuality bc he is a grade K, 2, 5 or 7 teacher
  • he’s thinking about ways to infuse ICT in his classroom with his students
  • He wonders about diversity
    and English as an Additional Language
  • And also Languages - Basic French, and Aboriginal languages,
  • and if applicable German,
  • and other Languages
  • and Hebrew if he teachers any grade 6 students.
  • He’s also thinking about Career development and Sustainable development
  • and he also knows that assessment FOR, AS, and OF learning
    is a key part of his responsibilities
    and a way to help all of his students be successful
  • {pause 5 seconds}
  • It’s an articulation of Why
  • we do this
  • and its an articulation of How
  • to make this more managable for 2 purposes
    for planning for student learning AND
    for planning for reporting with students and parents
  • So we can have conversations
  • with students
  • and with parents
  • Identification of broadly suggested organizational categories for a dual purpose
    Planning for student learning
    Planning for reporting with students and parents
  • To make sense
  • of this!
  • Our project is not intended to give permission to ignore the intended curriculum
  • Content - students attainment of content knowledge outcomes, but not only this
    It is to make the front matter in our curricular documents---to make the front matter-- matter
    to make learning more about the big ideas and higher level thinking and learning and not
    just about aquisition of content and knowledge
  • Process - an inquiry stance and inquiry driven, project based learning
  • Skills -- the skills of critical thinking. Of creative thinking and co-creating.
    Its 21st century skills including communicating and collaborating
  • Were looking for the intersection of these, Content -- skills -- and process,
    to identify what we want students
    to be able to do, and know.
  • The potential benefits of identifying Essential learning
    We improve communication between teachers, students, and parents
    We facilitate planning for teachers
    We help create curricular integration possibilities for teachers

    faciliate - to make easier-not easy!
  • and that is what our Essential Learning project is so far comments/questions?
  • Essential Learning Projectv5c

    1. 1. Essential Learning Project
    2. 2. Date
    3. 3. Date
    4. 4. Date
    5. 5. Date
    6. 6. Date
    7. 7. Date
    8. 8. Date
    9. 9. Date
    10. 10. Date
    11. 11. Date
    12. 12. Date
    13. 13. Date
    14. 14. Date
    15. 15. Date
    16. 16. Date
    17. 17. Date
    18. 18. Date
    19. 19. Date
    20. 20. Date
    21. 21. Date
    22. 22. Date
    23. 23. Date
    24. 24. Date
    25. 25. Date
    26. 26. Date
    27. 27. Date
    28. 28. So what is our Essential Learning project?
    29. 29. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ It’s a articulation of WHY
    30. 30. Date
    31. 31. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ It’s a articulation of HOW
    32. 32. Date
    33. 33. What is the Essential learning?
    34. 34. So we can have conversations
    35. 35. How am I doing?
    36. 36. How is my child doing?
    37. 37. What is the purpose of identifying Essential learning? Dual purpose: •Planning for student learning •Reporting with students and parents
    38. 38. What is the Essential learning? •To make sense
    39. 39. Date
    40. 40. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ What it is not.... ✤ Our project is not permission to ignore or omit the intended curriculum
    41. 41. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ What it possibly is.... Content ✤ students attainment of content knowledge outcomes but not only this
    42. 42. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ What it possibly is.... Process ✤ an inquiry stance / inquiry driven ✤ project based learning
    43. 43. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ What it possibly is.... Skills ✤ critical thinking ✤ creative thinking and co-creating ✤ ‘21st century’ skills ✤ communicating & collaborating
    44. 44. Content Skills Process
    45. 45. So what is our Essential Learning project? ✤ Potential benefits ✤ Improved communication ✤ Planning ✤ Curricular integration
    46. 46. Essential Learning Project
    47. 47. ✤ How can you assist our team? ✤ Please forward any research, videoclips, or other related media to: Rob Fisher
    48. 48. Attributions Photo Credits Tim Caynes Foreverdigital Sharon Pazner