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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Roles and Meetings


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This is a 1 page cheat sheet that outlines the Scaled Agile Framework Roles, Meetings and Deliverables.

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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Roles and Meetings

  1. 1. SAFe Cheat Sheet PortfolioProgramTeam Roles Meetings Deliverables Enterprise Architect Epic Owners Release Train Engineer (RTE) Product Management (Product Manager) System Architect UX System Team Dev Ops Rob Betcher-PMP, CSM & ACP Product Owner SCRUM Master Dev Team Testers 1) Backlog Grooming 2) Sprint Planning 3) Task Planning (Optional) 4) Daily Standup (Daily) 5) Review 6) Retrospective 1) Prioritized Backlog (User Stories) 2) Defects 3) Tasks 4) Burn Down 5) Burn Up (Optional) 6) Defect Log (Optional) 1) Roadmap Planning (Portfolio/Program) 2) Release Planning 3) Product Management (Weekly - Optional) 4) SCRUM of SCRUMs (Daily/ Every Other Day – Optional) 1) Program Backlog (Features) 2) Feature Roadmap (Portfolio/Program) 3) Release Plan / Agile Release Train 4) Release Burn Down (Optional) 5) Release Burn Up (Optional) 1) Roadmap Planning (Portfolio/Program) 2) Budgeting (Optional) 3) Architecture Planning (Optional) 1) Strategic Theme (Optional) 2) Epic Kanban (Business & Architecture) 3) Feature Roadmap (Portfolio/Program) 4) Budgets 5) Portfolio Performance Metrics Lean Agile Leaders