Merging learning and change management sahrp conference october 2013


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Change management and learning presentation for the 2013 SAHRP conference

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  • I spent a lot of time with people helping them figure out why they should be in the session, and not having time to cover the things they were supposed to learn
  • Change Management enters my life
  • The First step---but it does not really speak to That problem of being in a classroom, It feels like a higher level plan .
  • Prosci model widely adapted and used in SASK, in Regina in the govt/crowns
  • Bridge’s Model
  • Roger’s Technology Adoption Curve
  • It Gets people ready to learn
  • My Learning preference
  • Large group discussion of how participants think they can do it.
  • One Question gets 2 answers
  • Simple1 or 2 locations10’s to 100 employeesSmall changeLow RiskGo talk to themDo it againDo it againProvide answersTrainComplex1000’s of employees100’s of locationsLarge changeHigh riskIntegrated change plan Multiple communication channelsComplex blended learningResistance managementProject Management Involvement
  • Merging learning and change management sahrp conference october 2013

    1. 1. Merging Learning and Change Management
    2. 2. Rob Bartlett Senior Consultant Bartlett Learning and Change Consulting
    3. 3. Who I really am
    4. 4. What I do Differently or Better People and Organizations I Help Do things
    5. 5. Agenda How I got here Change models What’s useful for learning Learning model Change management mapped to learning Habits- stronger than change and learning My Process Workshop
    6. 6. Ever Have this happen in a training session?
    7. 7. Before this can be useful
    8. 8. People need to know why.
    9. 9. Change Management enters my reality
    10. 10. What are your experiences with Change Management?
    11. 11. William Bridge: Model of Transitions
    12. 12. Table Discussion: What is the useful bit of these models in a learning context?
    13. 13. Change Management gets people ready to learn
    14. 14. Table Discussion: What model or method drives your learning and how does it map to Change Models?
    15. 15. Before the Learning Event Back on the Job The Learning Event Awareness Desire Knowledge Ability ADKAR Reinforcement Lewin Unfreezing Changing Refreezing Kotter Steps 1-4 Steps 5-6 Steps 7-8
    16. 16. Habit gets in the way of learning and change
    17. 17. How complex is the behaviour you want?
    18. 18. Change management enhances motivation Learning enhances ability What triggers are present?
    19. 19. The change and learning efforts can fail If the environment and triggers don’t accommodate the desired outcomes.
    20. 20. Can you consult for both learning and change management at the same time
    21. 21. Experience Application Reflection Generalization
    22. 22. My Process
    23. 23. Needs assessment is the investigation to get at what the outcome really should be
    24. 24. Questions
    25. 25. What business needs will be met What will people do differently or better Who will see and confirm changes How will results be measured
    26. 26. Source: Cathy Moore
    27. 27. Training may not be the solution Org Systems Compensation Process Support tools Technology Physical environment Culture Inherent ability Competency/Knowledge
    28. 28. Evaluation During the discover phase create an evaluation plan Identify what would you measure and how would you measure it What already exists?
    29. 29. How to design
    30. 30. Delivery Options
    31. 31. Sources of Ideas
    32. 32. Storyboard
    33. 33. Storyboard grows into…
    34. 34. DESIGN CHOICES Type Learner time Development Time Development cost Sustainability Learner access Sustainability Maintenance Solution Efficacy Option 1 Option 2
    35. 35. Change and Learning Map Targeted Employees Behavior Required How the Behaviour is demonstrated Results gained from the performance Link To Business strategy How big of a change? What are the habits? How will managers and sponsors be able to support the change WIIFM WIIF the business Why change What do people need to know? What do they need to do? How will managers be able to support the learning? What will I be able to accomplish, what will my team accomplish? Why Learn
    36. 36. Before the Learning Event Back on the Job The Learning Event Awareness Desire Knowledge Ability ADKAR Reinforcement Lewin Unfreezing Changing Refreezing Kotter Steps 1-4 Steps 5-6 Steps 7-8 What do they need before during and after the learning event?
    37. 37. Where is your change/learning need?
    38. 38. Problem Solving Describe in your table group an upcoming learning/training event that could benefit from Change Management. We’ll look at your solutions, and add to them.
    39. 39. Contact me for any templates or tools you might want.
    40. 40. Resources • ADKAR • Simon Sinek • Will Thalheimer • Habits • • 6D’s • Cathy Moore • Elearning examples •!/robbartlett/learning